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How to practice wellness and self care! + GIVEAWAY

Hello you lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer wellness – things you should be doing to celebrate and love yourself. It’s amazing how many people statistically really find fault in themselves – their body, traits and various aspects. Studies have shown that this leads to a worsened quality of life and it’s just […]

New rules date ideas! Summer 2021 + GIVEAWAY!

Hello lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer date ideas now we have a set of new Covid rules. Obv being safe is still an absolute priority and so lots of us are going to hold off international travel and some more risky activities. Walk before you can run of all I reckon! With […]

Green travel list – how much it costs to visit each country!

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is about the green travel list – and how much it costs to visit each country this summer! The government recently released the “green list.” This is essentially a list of the countries we will able to travel to. Some of which require a vaccine passport and some a negative […]

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