Climbing the O2 | Up at the O2 | Is it hard? Do you need to be fit to climb the O2?

Today’s post is a little round up about something you should definitely do if you live in or around London, or are visiting the city! We should all absolutely climb the O2! I went with my family, boyfriend and some friends for a sunset walk on top of the O2, and it was so bloody fun. You can buy tickets from their website with a quick Google, and depending on the time of year and what experience you choose, tickets are really reasonably priced. Prices range from around £28 per person depending on your day and time; we paid slightly more for the sunset experience.

We happened to go when it was quite cloudy so there wasn’t much sunset – but it was really pretty seeing London in daylight, to all lit up at night. We’ve said this a few times here on Explorersaur before, but there’s really something magical about seeing different cities liven up and glow as everything gets darker. The climb starts with sitting through a safety video and brief, and then getting kitted up in the climbing clothes. These include little clips to attach to the metal pole as you climb and depending on the weather are full body suits and jackets or relatively thin gilets – which we had. They have sizes for everyone but if you want more information check out their website. We saw people from all walks of life on all shapes and sizes on our climb!

It was a tense wait in the briefing room. (Funniest photo of my life feat. Jack and my sister!) Seriously, nothing to worry about you just might zone out like these chumps.

After being briefed and dressed up, we headed up some stairs and onto the first platform where you climb the O2. This section is literally two stories or so and very easy! Head to the end of the post to hear about the details and if you need to be physically fit to climb the O2. (As a heads up, you really don’t! But read on for the details.)

You’re not allowed to take any pictures on the way up so I grabbed this from Google to show you the walk – there are about three different sections on the way up, all at different gradients. (The first on the way up and last on the way down, are much steeper than the others, which can be really funny!) They’re about 30 degrees gradient, it’s not much more than climbing up a steep hill and doesn’t feel any more strenuous – you’re also allowed to take your time and we never once felt rushed through any part. There is a gap between groups climbing also so you don’t need to worry about people getting too close. Feel free to hang around to be the last group to climb up if needed – but it will mean getting slightly less time at the top. The texture of the floor is quite springy like a trampoline – to replicate the surface of the O2. This makes climbing very easy in the sense the floor is completely even and not a strain on you at all, but can also be slightly weird to get used to as it’s not a normal hard surface.

Overall I really wouldn’t say the climb is hard at all. So long as you’d be happy to walk up some hills there’s nothing to worry about – all the staff are so lovely and the experience and view is worth it in a heart beat. You can Google walk-throughs online if you’d like to be extra careful, but I really would recommend this to anyone that gets the chance to go!

The view is absolutely breath taking up at the top, where you get to see so much of London’s skyline. You can look around and recognise so many iconic buildings. I would definitely recommend going on the sunset walk so you get to see the view both lit up in daylight, and then lighting the sky up as it gets all dark. It really is gorgeous and I will definitely go again – I’d like to try some different time slots to see that view in as many ways as possible – but I do know sunset will remain top of my list!

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