What to do in New York | A spontaneous trip Part 2

Hello you lovelies! Check out the New York tab on my blog to see what else we got up to in New York, how we spent our first couple of days here and what we would recommend. I always knew I wanted to visit New York and I am so so glad I did because it’s bloody stunning there – everything moves at a million miles an hour, but you can also take yourself out of it and watch everyone zip and whizz by as you just absorb it all. The buildings are absolutely huge and nothing is done in halves. We’ve all seen the pictures and film features of this city, and seeing it in person brings a new level, and a new dimension to it. It’s so surreal feeling like you already know a place so well but meeting it properly for the first time.

We started our next day with some shopping. Although New York is one of the best cities to shop, there’s so much to do here that you don’t even need to look at a shop to fill the time. With that being said, we loved the idea of getting some shopping in the biggest shopping city in the world, and had aleady spotted some things we wanted to buy the day before. After hitting up a few of the shops that were top of our lists – some of which we’d never visited before (like American Eagle which I just adore the style of,) and some being tourist hotspots and absolute cracks the M&Ms shop, we headed out for some lunch. We had some lunch at a random Italian cafe where you can pick different foods like salads, pastas, rice and stuff, add it to all to a box and then weigh and pay. (Basically a glorified salad bar but so so much better!) It was much more expensive than we had anticipated though and I’ll definitely be scrutinously reading the prices in advance next time! We saved a lot of money on other things we ate this trip thankfully.

After our random day of 24 degree summer, this day was miserable and very rainy, so we decided to get an Uber – they’re so much cheaper than taxis – check out our “how to save money in New York” guide on the blog! – to the Natural History Museum to stay indoors for a while. Although this was on our list to see, I think we really thought of it as a rainy day activity. In hindsight I would say even in the peak of summer, this is worth a visit – even if just for a short while. Compared to the London Natural History Museum (which is worth a visit a million times over,) this place seems more dated and not so immersive and interactive. But with that being said, there are some really gorgeous exhibits and areas to read and learn and explore. There are so many photo spots and even if just for the dinosaurs, (and the to-scale whale model!) I would come and check it out.

We had planned to visit Central Park after this as an entrance it is literally right outside of the museum, but given our winter visit and the unluckily dreary day, we had a short walk around some of the fencing and called an Uber back to the hotel. If we had some more sunshine and more time in the evening I would have pulled through – and next time I’ll be coming back for sure – but this was the evening we had booked…

Anastasia on broadway!! This was absolutely the highlight of my trip, seeing Anastasia the musical on Broadway in New York… wow! We had a look online literally on the morning of the show, to see if we could score any well priced tickets to a show. Seeing a musical in the home of musicals was toppy top of my list and a real must. The whole ambience, buzz and cast were incredible and we just had the most wonderful time ever. There are lots of resellers of tickets online – including just ticket distribution platforms. Have a Google, double check everything is legitimate through reviews and then score some of those amazing deals. We had a few proseccos during the performance so the rest of the night was spent tipsily trying to reenact the show in the hotel with my mum, whilst trying not to wake my dad and sister sleeping in the room!

We were heading home late at night the next day, so decided to extend our check out of the hotel till midday. This was a great move as it allowed us all to have a lie in (to be able to be energised enough to enjoy the final day,) and also sort our bags out without any real rush and stress. After slowly sorting things in the hotel, we decided to go and visit the New York Library. This is of course free to visit, and after being featured on tons of different films and shows is really cool to have a walk around. The architecture is beautiful and it makes for some stunning photos.

Deciding to tick off as many must-see sights as possible, we next headed for Grand Central station. This is just around the corner from the library and so you should do both at once to save yourself some time. From here, we visited the lobby of the Chrysler Building, taking pictures at every stop and turn and admiring all the sights around us. After a spot of lunch, my sister and I decided to get a few more shops in whilst my parents went to see a few more museums. I think in any group holiday, there should be things everyone does together and other times people split off to do the things highest on their list; keep em all happy and don’t make anyone run around for things that aren’t their biggest proprieties. It works for us!

After some sneaky purchases and a nap in the hotel, I decided to have one more walk around the close areas before we needed to head to the airport. My family chilled in the hotel and finished their packing, and I went to see Target for the first time (I wanted to see what all the fuss was about!) and have my last wander. I was tempted to go up the empire state building whilst I could because we hadn’t before, but it was literally shrouded in thick cloud so it would have been a bit disappointing haha! I bought a couple of goodies and then headed to the hotel to join my family and sort my case. I had such a wonderful time in New York and although we didn’t visit due to the best circumstances, it definitely all worked out for the best and I can’t wait to go back again! Have a read of the New York tab to see all our other tips and our New York bucket list!

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