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I feel like I am chief celebrator, party-er of all occasions. So what do you do when there’s not a birthday or event coming round the corner? Make your own obviously! I love a good afternoon tea and everything themed, so I decided to invite my family over to Brighton and create my own Harry Potter themed afternoon tea. I feel like with Harry Potter, firstly, everyone loves it, but there’s also sooo much room to get creative and theme the food, decorate, and have little games. I feel this this would also make the best birthday surprise for a Harry Potter lover too. I thought I’d share a round-up of all the grub with you – I also have the star of the show (the sorting hat butterbeer cupcakes recipe) up on my blog so definitely check that out if you’re interested!

I knew I wanted to have a cheeky little sorting hat ceremony as an activity, where at random, people will be sorted into a Hogwarts house. I decided to incorporate this with food (obviously!) so made up these cupcakes. I filled the middle of the cakes with coloured buttercream, either blue, red, green or yellow to represent the houses, and then swirled a whole load of butterbeer buttercream on top – topped with salted caramel and harry potter cake toppers. I also made an actual sorting hat with out of things I already had – newspapers cardboard and a flour-based paper mache recipe I found on Google. I just bought some brown paint to finish it off. I used two pieces of cardboard for the hat, and paper mached that iconic sorting hat shape around it. It’s definitely a botch job but I feel like you can tell what it is, and it’s cute in it’s own way! Everyone put the hat on, chose a cake and cut into them to discover what house they belonged to for the day.

I also made some dairy free brownies and vegan rocky roads – my little sister (and me to be fair!) have a whole bunch of intolerances, but both of these sweet treats really don’t need dairy to be ridiculously delicious! I also laid out some sweets from the harry potter studios that I’d bought online, and I bought a chocolate frog mould from amazon to create my own cute little froggies!

For the rest of the afternoon tea, we had some mini pizzas, cheese bites, sandwiches, wraps, and a cheesey-grilled-veg homemade macaroni to accompany the ridiculous amount of sugar-overload! The drinks were orange J20’s, with a pumpkin juice label I printed at home, cut out and stuck on with photo squares. (Little double sided sticky squares.) I also bought some Harry Potter Funko Pop mystery figures for everyone – because who doesn’t love presents and surprises!?

For more decoration, I dotted harry potter trinkets I already owned around – like the wands we have from visiting the Harry Potter studios a few too many times, a quidditch set, and homemade “have you seen this wizard” (/witch) bunting. Totally overboard and therefore fricken amaze. I love random themes like this and have since done a Pokemon Party – Jack’s favourite childhood show, and a prison party featuring a drinking game, themed cocktails (hello Machine Gin Kelly and Smuggler’s Rum), dodgeball and orange jumpsuits! I think there’s something so very special about making a day out of interests and having some fun with it; especially when the world is feeling turbulent like lockdown times in 2020. Have a look at the lifestyle section of this blog to see what other afternoon teas and themed parties we’ve been having!

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