What to do in Tuscany | Italian Road Trip | Part 3

Tuscany was the third stop on our Italian road trip – the loveliest way to spend a summer! Tuscany perhaps, maybe, probably(!) stole our very top place out of everywhere we visited this summer. It was a wonderfully relaxing stop in the middle of bustling cities, getting away in the country and being able to immerse yourself in nature and natural beauty. We also had some amazing times at our other stops – Venice, Florence and Rome, so be sure to read up on those on the blog if it’s something you’re interested in! Our Tuscan villa was the loveliest air bnb, in a teeny tiny village with one restaurant, a couple of houses, and endless hills surrounding us. We had picked up a car in Florence and so headed over to Tuscany is this – a cute little Fiat 500, perfect for getting around the cities in Italy, but perhaps if you were just visiting Tuscany it would be worth having something a little beefier – at least in the sense of the tyres.. Because.. Err.. I blew one of our tyres over a pothole. Anyway!! Let’s get into what happened in Tuscany, and what we absolutely think you should give a go too!

First up, the drive from Florence was ridiculous. Just insanely beautiful! If you visit Tuscany it makes a lot of sense to fly into Florence and hire a car from there, and by Joe that drive over has some of the best views we’ve ever seen! As you leave Florence, you see it from above in the hills on the way out. The whole entire city with the heart of the Duomo standing proudly in the middle. All the white and orange glistening in the sunshine took our breath away, we had to stop numerous times to take it all in. I bet it’s just as wonderful all lit up at night too. As you drive more into Tuscany you start to leave civilisation behind, being surrounded by fields, hills and earthy tones. We played some great music and had the best vibes driving along here. We both agree it is one of the best drives we’ve ever done and is still, years on, one of the most special memories to us! We checked in to a gorgeous air bnb – we booked this one if you’re interested – and then stocked up on all the food possible and 5798896 bottles of wine at the nearest supermarket. If you stock up enough you could easily spend a week in a villa here just eating, drinking, sitting in the pool and nature, having the most relaxing time of your life!

Our apartment had gorgeously tall ceilings, access to a pool (shared by the small complex but we only saw it used once so it’s basically all yours,) and the most beautiful terrace. On the first night we made some food, well and truly chilled out and watched the sunset whilst drinking far too much wine. (Seriously Jack should never let me have so much again.)

After a slow start the next day we headed off an hour or so down the road to some hot springs we’d found when searching things to do here online. It was absolutely boiling so the thought of being in warm water sounded slightly off putting, but when we got there we realised it was more like a heated swimming pool – the good temperature to sit in rather than being hit by a chill! We visited the Saturina hot springs; as we arrived a tad later than planned they were crammed full of people, I think these would be extra special to visit early on and I’d happily wake up at a silly time next time to be able to have them all to ourselves. These springs are completely naturally formed and heated and have lots of different layers and waterfalls which was fun to explore. It’s by no means dangerous – it’s not deep and the current isn’t not strong at all. In some areas you can feel yourself getting slightly pulled along with the water but we found it really calming and relaxing. It’s worth bringing water shoes because there are lots of little stones which are really uncomfortable to walk on, I guess that’s the main problem with these naturally formed places. With water shoes, the world’s your oyster! This place is free to visit and we will be returning for sure.

We would have loved to sit in a Tuscan restaurant on the way back but found nothing was really open, so started to drive back to the apartment instead. This is where me being an absolute bellend managed to blow up the cars’ tyre on a pothole. The roads in Tuscany are very often uneven and you need to be extra alert, next time we’ll get a beefier car, and I might delegate most of the driving to Jack! Jack changed the tyre for the spare in the car, and within a couple of days we’d had a replacement put on by a garage. We watched another beautiful sunset on our last evening here and settled down to head to Rome the next day. Have a read of the Italy tab to see what else we did and everything we would recommend!

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