What to do in Rome | Italian road trip | Part 4

Rome was the last major part of our Italian road trip. We included Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome and Naples – but thanks to me accidentally blowing up the cars tyre in Tuscany (thankfully Jack is much more of a handyman than me!) we had to spend an extra day in Rome to get it all sorted. This meant we didn’t get to see Naples in all its glory; but it’s on the list to return to for sure, as we got to see the most beautiful night time city views from our hotel. Rome on the other hand.. Ahh Rome. We’ve now been three times between us and absolutely adore this city. There are absolutely things you need to do, and some things worth skipping. I think in such a big city this bound to happen! Due to this, we’re writing up everything we got up to today so you can get an insight into what to add to your bucket list!

We got to Rome at about midday, so checked straight into our hotel. This was one of the loveliest hotels in our whole trip! The ceilings were super high and everything was decorated perfectly. It also had the best air con which was completely needed over what felt like the hottest summer ever. We were staying just a 5 minute walk from Vatican City, and were super close to the underground tube so it was easy to get around. In our opinion, the tube is a much better way to get around the city than the buses or other transport – but a cheaper option than taxis. Have a look at our Rome tips and tricks guide on the blog if you’re interested in hearing more – but it’s worth checking out to get the speediest ways to travel around.

As were so close to Vatican City, we started our first day here with a stroll exploring the area and going to see St. Peter’s Basilica. This is a renaissance style church that is just extravagant and regal in every way. We bought tickets to explore around the inside, and climb to the very top to get a view over the Vatican and more of Rome at large. The tickets were fairly cheap and it’s so worth seeing – as it technically allows you to see a whole different country! (The Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, separate from the rest of Rome and bordered off in about a 2×2 mile radius – which I have just discovered is one eighth the size of Central Park in New York whilst fact checking ahah. That’s pretty cool to see right!) Even without this fact, the views alone are really stunning and it’s a beautiful area.

We then headed back to the main city to visit the Trevi fountain. This was the first time we’d both seen this, even though we had visited Rome before. Whilst it’s absolutely stunning it’s of course a tourist hotspot – we think it makes a lot of sense to see this as early as possible or even later on in the night to be able to have it all to yourself. I think this goes for a lot of tourist hotspots – I believe they’re touristy for a reason and so really are stunning and worth seeing, however if you have the option to get up a couple of hours early and have it all to yourself, you should! We had some wine, ate some food and bought a couple of little gifts. We did also try and go to the most beautiful looking rooftop bar we’d noticed online, but it was fully booked, (or so they said, we reckon we weren’t high class enough for the place hahahaha, we are who we are!) so we headed for a chilled night at the hotel instead.

The next day was crappy, rainy and just a bit dreary, but because we didn’t have a huge amount of days in Rome we headed out to tick some more off our lists. Whilst it was sometimes quite chilly walking around in the rain (and we had to pay an extortionate amount of money on an umbrella), it also meant we got to battle a lot of the crowds in some of the busiest places! We went to the Colosseum, which was actually a really cool experience visiting during the storm. You could hear the rumbles from the thunder and lightning and it all felt very dramatic! I’ve mentioned before on my blog, I’m not the biggest fan of the Colosseum. I think it can be hard to take your mind away from everything that happened there – a lot of needless deaths and torture, unkind treatment of animals and people, it’s just a weird atmosphere if you really think about it! For history’s sake it is worth seeing, you just might get a weird epiphany like I’ve had both times visiting!

We ate some food at a local burger bar (delicioussss – check out our Rome food guide for all the best places to go!) and headed to the Palatine – which was a less depressing atmosphere than the Colosseum (lool!) and all the ruins were really beautiful. It was still raining throughout our walk here so the umbrella became a good investment as everything is outside, and it also meant the whole place was a lot less busy. We were in a lot of areas of the ruins all by ourselves!

With the rain not stopping the obligatory Italian activity, we decided to grab some more ice cream! I discovered Snickers ice cream in a few of the gelato bars in Rome, and I can safely say it’s my favourite ice cream ever now! So. Damn. Good!

After wandering around some of the streets of Rome, we topped the wet wet day off with a Deliveroo takeaway delivered to the hotel. We chose two different places so shared a pizza (which was absolutely stunning,) and a Wok to Walk noodle pot.

The next day we had to wait around to get the tyre changed on the car (shifty eyes*) – Jack had changed the tyre to the temporary one when I managed to blow it up in Tuscany, but it wouldn’t have been safe to make the whole drive to Naples with the temporary tyre on. Luckily the place we found said they would be able to sort it the same day, so we left the car with them and headed off to visit the shops of Rome, revisit the Trevi fountain, eat more snickers ice cream and see little cobbled back-streets. All the important things of course!! We also went for a Hard Rock Cafe lunch (all I’m talking about is food now I really need to stop!) and I had the most massive plate of nachos. Nachos are life itself.

The rest of our evening consisted of a long old drive down to Naples, where we didn’t fully get to enjoy our surroundings thanks to the car drama. We’d only booked a hotel for one night here so chose a cheap and cheerful looking one near the airport. It really was scary though I am convinced the room was haunted. It was very much like the American Horror Story Hotel series! There were two silver linings here, in the form of three euro pizza round the corner from our hotel. This was soo tasty and real proper Italian stuff, the man even made mine into a heart shape which is either very creepy or absolutely adorable. I think I’m leaning towards the latter hahahhaa. We spent the night here sat on the roof of the hotel overlooking the whole of Naples lit up at night which was just so beautiful! You could see the moon reflecting on the sea, and the entirety of the city lit up so it really was a lovely end to the trip.

Our whole Italian road trip was really something special, as tiring as it was at times, I would go back and do another in a heartbeat. You get to see so much and make so so many memories. It’s also a lot cheaper than going on a week long holiday to each individual place! Bucket list tickers, this is something you should look into! Have a look at the rest of the blog for tips on how to plan your road trip, how we planned ours and more guides and rambles!!

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