Las Vegas Babyyy | Visiting Vegas in Winter | Part 1

Hello my beauts! If you follow me on Instagram (you should! @emmasivess and @explorersaur), you probably saw a few sneak peeks of my trip to Vegas, and I could not waaait to show you everything I got up to! After spending a week in Vegas – and since visiting all over again for another week, I have so many things I want to share with you. There are a few things you absolutely have to see, eat and do if you’re in Vegas yourself! Check out the Vegas tab on the blog for a full round up and some badboy guides to help you plan your trip. Honestly, this was such huge bucket list material for me and it felt so surreal being surrounded by things I’ve seen a million times over in pictures and movies – it seriously didn’t disappoint. I would a million percent recommend you go if it’s something you’ve lusted over for years too. I’ve heard a few times people saying places like New York and Vegas never quite match up to how it was in their heads, but I feel like if you seriously immerse yourself into it, it can definitely match up to those standards – or do even better like it did for us!

A lovely sweet soul of a friend I’d met at Uni hopped on a plane with me to Vegas, because I had found us the most ridiculous deal on Expedia. If you’ve followed me for a while for you’ll know 1 – how much I bloody lovely travelling, taking holidays and experiencing new things, and 2 – that I spend 90% of my free time looking for travel deals online. And I’m bloody good at it! Return flights to America – especially as far as Vegas can easily set you back £600, and we booked return flights and the hotel – which was a gorgeous central option, for just over £400 each. (Winning pals, winning.) I have a post all about how to book your holiday to Vegas on a budget so check that out on the Vegas tab of the blog if you’d like to see a step by step guide! You do have to pay city tax in Vegas and also resort fees at our hotel, but it still worked out to be a great deal overall.

We had a decent timed morning flight but my god, the traffic was nasty on the way there and we ended up rushing so much which was a huge stress! The flight wasn’t too bad though and was luckily fairly empty, so we had a seat between us on the plane and managed to nap, eat and drink a lot of the free food that our flight offeres, and watched all the new flight movies – 100% the best part of a long haul flight right! (My favourite thing I watched on this flight was good ol’ Disney – it’s either that or straight up horror films for me hahah. I saw SmallFoot which was actually great and just gave me vibes!) We had a changeover in San Francisco which was another rush but finally, after a million hours of travelling, we were in vegas!

We stayed in the Linq hotel and casino which was really lovely – such a good affordable hotel. In the summer it’s gorgeous pool is open, and it’s super central and around lots of bars and restaurants. We were super close to loads of places worth checking out in this hotel – including a beer pong bar, the Linq eye, great food and drinks, zip lining, cupcake ATM and right near the Paris and Venice areas of Vegas. With that being said everything is fairly easy to get to in Vegas with Ubers and lots of clustered areas along the main strip. No matter where you stay you couldn’t be in walking distance from everything and would definitely need to get Ubers at some point, but we really enjoyed it here. We ordered food on the first night from Olive Garden – the first time I have tried their breadsticks and oh. my. I am never going back! We thought we might go out for drinks on this night as it was only late evening Vegas time, but after so much travelling we zonked the hell out as soon as we’d eaten!

The next day we woke up fairly early with the jet lag and went exploring. I guess we left the hotel about 9AMish, and when we first went out the streets were basically empty – which was a really nice way to first get the full effect of Vegas for its architecture; seeing all the gorgeousness of the buildings and novelties but without too much hustle where you feel rushed and crammed. Touristy Vegas is basically built across one long strip, and as you go along you bump into the novelties of different themed areas – Paris, New York, Egypt, Venice, Rome, it’s really cool.

We walked just under 20,000 steps this day (which is more than I do in a month I swear hahahaha,) and saw so much! As we walked along we looked at all the different areas, and did a hell of a lot of shopping along the way. I hadn’t expected it to be a hugely shopping holiday but was a little taken back by all the brands there are to offer, and all the crazy discount outlets! It would have been rude not to!

We had a McDonald’s for lunch (such culture hahah,) it’s a good way to save money when you need something quick and cheap here though – check out my Vegas food guide for all the tips. After food, we bumped into a cheeky club crawl rep. We had literally been talking in the morning about not trusting club reps because of course they’re trying to get you into their clubs so aren’t going to tell you any downsides or if somewhere else is really the best place to go, and so we wanted to do some research first. This guy was selling a club crawl – the Vegas equivalent of a pub crawl I guess, which we were all ears to hearing about. He told us the night would start with two bars – where you could buy an open bar for about $20-$30 which is amaaazing as Vegas can obviously be pricey – and then the crawl moves to supposedly the biggest club in the Vegas, followed by another club where the backstreet boys were performing that night. (All kinds of banter and just amaaazing.)

So we did it. Of course we did it! The crawl started at a bar literally outside of our hotel which was great as it allowed for me to take aaaages getting ready, I just had one of those nights where nothing quite looked right or went right. After that though we joined the bar crawl downstairs, got our wrist bands and started having some drinks. It makes me smile how much people loosen up when you jump from bar to bar, it’s a tad awkward in the beginning, but by the end of bar two you all have your best friends for the night. After this bar, everything was a decent walking distance away and we barely had to wait in queues between bars and clubs which was great. You’re first given a nickname tag at random – I originally picked out “bubble butt” and just though oh hell no I don’t want to wear that tag all night and most importantly I absolutely do not have the butt to sport such a claim! So went in again and got Double Trouble #2 (I never found my number one though, heartbreak.) My friend picked out dream girl, fitting hahaha.

The main club was called Omnea and had a moving chandelier to the music which is just fricken cool isn’t it? I wouldn’t pay a huge amount of money on entry here alone but they have a lot of great headliner acts – I saw Martin Garrix here on my next visit with Jack and it was so fun! If you’re here for the booze, DEFINITELY pre drink whatever you want beforehand, it cost $11 for a small beer ffs ahahhaa. We did move onto the last club on the crawl but left before Backstreet Boys made an appearance – which did break my heart a bit, but next time!

We visited Vegas over the Chinese new year so got to see some great performances, fireworks from our hotel window and some epic decorations across different hotels and malls. Vegas do eveything to the max, so if you could ever time your trip there over a national event, you would definitely be able to see some amazing extras!! Take a peek at what else we got to in our Winter holiday to Vegas and check out the guides on the Vegas tab on the blog!

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