Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! | Visiting Vegas in Winter | Part 2

Hello you absolute beauts! Welcome to FABULOUS Las Vegas! Be sure to check out all our Vegas posts on what to do, eat and see there – there is a lot to talk about and we have all the best round-up ideas for you here on the blog. In early Feb me and a gorgeous friend of mine hopped off to Vegas after finding a great deal, and had the fricken best time ever. A whole lot of exploring, zip lining, axe throwing, club crawling, casino cruising, it was just great. I’ve split the write-up of this trip into three as there is sooo much, possibly too much, to talk about! Let’s get into part two.

Following from part one, we spent the second full day waking up after heavyyy (and incredible) night, nursing some pounding heads. With six days to explore Vegas we didn’t want to fall at the first hurdle, so started exploring soon after getting up. The street above was a little strip literally right outside of our hotel, and was amazing to visit midday and earlier as it’s pretty deserted at this time – especially in winter.

We’d eyed up sprinkles cupcakes the night before and I just could not wait to try one – I’d heard so many things and seen so many pictures so I knew it was on my list! We decided to go for the Sprinkles ATM machine purely for the novelty. If you can get a cupcake out of a pink vending machine you probably should!! I had a vanilla cupcake and my friend went for red velvet.

We went for a wander in the opposite direction to the day before, and bumped into the Venice area after just a little while walking. After being to the real Venice this was really cool to see – how they’ve recreated a lot of the best buildings and art. The rialto bridge and the clock tower were so cute, Vegas is another world, it’s like a giant drunken theme park and I am here for it. It had also just been Chinese New Year when we were here so there was also a whole bunch of decorations and celebrations which was cute. (Including a fireworks display we saw from our hotel – love love love.)

We explored, did some shopping (I basically passed out from complete knackeredness with the time difference and walking,) and headed to the Hard Rock Café for dinner. After looking over everything on the menu and needing just about 99% of it, we both settled for a macaroni (since Vegas mac and cheese is all we can think about, we had a LOT over our time here haha!) and zonked out yet for the night after much food and exploring.

We knew we wanted the next day to be a big one, so we headed out early to the Las Vegas sign for a big ol’ photoshoot! There was a fairly long queue by the time we arrived but I actually really liked the fact everyone was queuing as it meant we could get pictures just of us, not with a hundred other tourists in the shot! It was bloody freezing though as it was right next to airport on fairly open ground so really windy! But it was 100% worth it over all. We did some more shopping – we literally added in some shopping at least once a day – the Vegas deals and shops and amazing and so worth checking out if that’s your thing, and headed to iHOP for a HUUUUUUUUUGE American brunch. (Every meal of the day in one really because it was bloody massive.) It was intense and amazing, a heart attack on a plate and every bit worth it, the. best.

I always love something sweet, but whenever I go for sweet food I literally crave salt – so of course I got both. We shared a huge stack of birthday cake pancakes, and I went for fries and onion rings too. Looking at these pancakes now is honestly getting me so excited, I neeeed them again. Ihop is well worth trying out in America!

After food we were just around the corner from a designer outlet (oh yikes more shopping,) so headed in to see the deals. The deals here are incredible and so much better than the outlets we’ve seen in the UK. Due to this, and a probably shopping addition, we bought so much here. Calvin Klein underwear sets worked out to be at least half the price you’d pay in the UK – I just wish I bought more really. It was called the ‘Las Vegas south premium outlets’; if you’re ever in Vegas and want a bargain you should definitely factor it in. It’s a short Uber drive from the main strip for sure but it’s so worth it. We headed in relatively early so we could check out the casino and bars on this night.

You better bet if there’s an option to drink a slushie cocktail from a zebra hoof I’m going to – look how happy I am hahah! This was from the casino in the Linq hotel where we stayed on this trip. It’s a great hotel if you’re on an affordable trip to Vegas but still want to be in the middle of everything and have loads to do on your door step. Like this alcoholic slushie bar, now that is a niiiice slushie bar.

We tried going on the slot machines but honestly it was so confusing, I had no idea what was going on and it just ate all our dollars haha! We saw a woman win a $150ish dollars near us and she was so happy which was cute to see. (And fuelled our betting hunger hahahaha.) Everyone that lives in Vegas says it’s not worth the gamble – which I guess we already knew, but I feel like we spent enough to try it out and have a laugh but not too much to be hugely out of pocket. The big spinning wheel was our favourite for sure, and I won $12 at one point, I was thrilled hahaha! Whilst it’s obviously important for everyone to be aware when gambling, I think it’s worth setting aside some money for the experience alone! A lot of the casinos here will serve you free alcohol if you’re gambling too, so you win you lose!

It ended up being the most random night ever, we met some lovely people, played beer pong in an Irish bar at the Linq hotel, and ended up in a karaoke bar until 5AM, amaaazing. I have absolutely no recollection what this karaoke bar was called, but I’m pretty sure it was both a Chinese restaurant and a karaoke bar rolled into one with private rooms and room service of drinks. How strange and amazing is that? When in Vegas! Search the Vegas tab for all the other tips, tricks and things to do!

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