Visiting Vegas in Winter | Part 3

Hello you lovely people! Such Vegasness on my blog, I literally have so much to talk about with this holiday and so so many pictures.. this could definitely go on for a while. (I feel like if I were to properly do Vegas justice I would have a 10 part series to be honest!) I have a few more posts all about Vegas on the blog that you should give a peek too – I talk about the deals we found and where we stayed in more detail, along with many more ideas of things you should definitely do when in sin city! On this trip, my best friend and I spent 6ish days exploring in February, and crammed everything possible into our short time. I have also since visited with Jack over summer, so have a some epic ideas of things to do across seasons! Let’s get into what else we did in Vegas

So after getting in at 5AM after a casino, beer pong and karaoke bar night the night before, we spent a lot of this day recovering and eating at the hotel (why not hey?) We felt like this was completely appropriate as we’d also booked a show for this evening and wanted to be on top form for it. We booked la reve which is a water based cirque du soleil show. We weren’t allowed to take pictures throughout as with most shows but if you ever get a chance to see it you so so should! It was held in the Wynn hotel which had so many gorgeous photo spots, fab places to eat and drink and of course another casino. I’m sure I read something about this show touring so hopefully if they’re moving around more people will get a chance to see it too. If you’re not up for one of many strip shows (lool – they do cater for all tastes though haha!), don’t want to pay a huge amount of money on a headliner performer, (although this can absolutely be worth it,) a cirque de soleil show is a fab way to get in a good show and get that whole, Vegas show experience. There was so much going on throughout the entire show! The tricks were insaneee, and it also didn’t feel quite as dangerous as normal cirque du soleil because of all the water underneath – which is perfect for me as I am the definition of a nervous Nelly with some of the mad cirque du soleil acts hahaa. We also ate a random old meal of soup, courgette fries, salad and potato salad between us at the Wynn, and it was so perfect for the not-quite-all-there (verging the end of all time) hangover state (sorry mum!) the night before had caused for us!

I got up early the next day and headed for the high roller – which is apparently the world’s largest viewing wheel. It was a highlight of my trip for sure because I bloody love a good view and got to see so much. City skylines with all the skyscrapers just does something to me! There was no queue and it was fairly empty as I went as soon as it opened – which was great, but I would definitely head back to get a night time view in the future too. One ticket was super cheap but you can also pay extra to have an unlimited bar or a zip line ticket for the lines right nearby. A good tip for this is to go right away when it opens, or at off-peak times. If you do this right you could end up with a pod all to yourself!

After meeting back up with my friend we went for brunch in our hotel at a place called hash house a go-go in the Linq hotel. It was probably the best thing I’d eaten in Vegas on this specific trip, and so perfect if you need a pick-me-up from the night before! I’ve since visited this place again on a different trip, and it has offically made it’s way into my Las Vegas food guide! Although America is notoriously a meaty place, the veggie options were pretty great in most places we ate, so it’s definitely doable without having to do a heap of research as a vegetarian.

From here we headed for downtown Vegas – specifically Fremont Street which absolutely needs to be at the top of your Vegas bucket list. We spent the bulk of our last day exploring here and trying some crazy things. There are casinos, bars and shops along the strip, along with VR experiences, axe throwing and zip lining! They often have concerts in the middle of the street to – including free concerts, like an 80s concert me and Jack managed to zip line over in summer!

We devoured a whole bunch of cocktails, before trying our hand at axe throwing in a little arcade style segment off the strip. You’re allowed to drink whilst axe throwing here (within reason) which although sounds a bit risky – probably is to be honest pals – is SO much fun!! We tried out some different war cries during our throws to get the most power and it. felt. INCREDIBLE!

We also said hell to the yessss at the thought of zip lining over the street – so paid for the sitting zip line (I have since done the superman zip line too and would say it’s worth the extra money!) we spent the whole time crying of laughter, and you get to set off right next to your friend so it’s amazing to do with friends. They have three in a row so we were also blessed to go an amazing woman living her best life!

We headed back to the hotel to try and pack the millions of things we’d bought into our already bursting cases. And boy, this was one of the hardest things to do – a true workout, seriously! I ended up having to bring back a huge extra bag, alongside my massive handbag and suitcase. I’m so surprised we weren’t charged more for all this extra baggage! (We did get a few looks!) United Airlines you are a babe and have enabled my Calvin Klein addiction to grow. I am grateful!

I felt quite crappy the next day, so we checked out as late as possible and went to the Olive Garden again for lunch. It was actually really disappointing this time – I feel like we just made the complete wrong order choice. The breadsticks were incredible though (as they always are!) and I would go back to Olive Garden time and time again purely for them! We had a million starbucks drinks and wandered around a mall on the strip before before heading to the airport.

I literally stole my friends Starbucks purely for the picture – doing it for the gram pals, doing it for the gram. Overall, Vegas was amazing. I feel like I could definitely spend a longer amount of time here and experience even more – especially things like the grand canyon, more surrounding scenery and more shows. I am honestly chuffed to be able to tick this off my bucket list – after a crappy start to the year, what a way to go on! Since this visit I have been again and have more plans to go as soon as possible. Check out our posts on the best things to do in Vegas, eat there, and all the inspiration possible!

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