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Hello you beauts! We were recently invited along to a gifted boat trip across London – and OBVIOUSLY I jumped at the chance! We invited a few friends along to share the experience and had the loveliest time – so much laughter and a whole new experience for us, so we wanted to share our thoughts and a bunch of pictures with you guys. We’ve always lived within an hours journey to London, and so have visited good few times seeing the sights and trying new things. This being said, I’d personally never been on a boat through London, and after doing it in Essex, York and various places abroad it was definitely on my London bucket list. (And we had the best time!)

GoBoat offers self-drive boat experiences ranging from one hour journeys to four hours. We jumped on the “Emma” boat (AMAZING) for two hours, bringing along some pimms, wine, a picnic and music. (ABBA was of particular significance on this boat trip haha!) The boat is centred around a picnic table so it’s really cute and communal. I was a little worried to drive a boat through London as it looked like hard work, but the lovely team at GoBoat teach you for a while around the dock to check you’re all good to go. Jack got the knack straight away along with some of our friends, but I could never quite crack it (neither could our friend Hannah who almost crashed us at one point hahaa!) It’s because you have to twist the handle and steer in the opposite direction you want to go in. Whilst this seems simple enough a couple of us just couldn’t quite get our heads round that! Luckily the rest of them (and Jack!) were pros so we didn’t have to worry too much – that teaching 5 minutes helped us out a lot.

Within the two hours we drove the boat from Paddington (the dock is right near the train station,) through past little Venice, London Zoo, and Camden – where we turned around and made the journey back. On the ride we saw a couple of other GoBoats stopped along the waterside to enjoy a picnic together which looked like a cute idea, so you don’t have to stay moving the whole time if you don’t want to. As long as you follow certain procedures (driving on the right, giving way in tunnels etc – which are super simple by the way -) you’re pretty much free to take it as you wish which we loved.

It was absolutely pouring when we arrived but luckily as soon as we hopped on board the sun came out and it was nice and warm. I think it could still be a really funny experience in the rain through, it would just be necessary to bring blankets, umbrellas and waterproofs – always always dress for the weather ahaha.

You can book a boat for up to 8 people, and a two hour session costs just over 100 pounds – if you fill up a boat that’s about the price of a cinema ticket each so a really good deal for the time you get. This is definitely one to consider whilst Spring starts heating up and as summers on the way. Keep an eye on the GoBoat social media (@goboatldn) and website as they often also have fab deals.

We finished off in a gorgeous bar called Paddington Pergola – about a ten minute walk away. I feel like generally Paddington wouldn’t be the top of my places to go for nightlife in London, purely because there’s so much to do elsewhere, but if you ever find yourself in the area or having a GoBoat cruise you should definitely check this place out, as it’s just round the corner and so much fun! We had such a lovely day in London and I so can’t wait to return soon. Thank you so much to the team at GoBoat for having us experience such a cool trip!

*This is a collaborative post with Go Boat London

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