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Hello lovelies! We were recently invited to pop along the coast and explore the gorgeous city of Bournemouth – something we instantly jumped at the chance to do after the muddle of May and a need for a quick escape. There’s something so special about a quick, 24 hour break to a city nearby, and it’s something most of us can manage without taking extra time off work, and a good way to explore some of our surrounding areas! Having just finished University, a new sunny seaside town to explore was exactly what I needed. Jack and I explored the city, ate one of the best pizzas we have had in our lives and drank cocktails out of coconut monkeys – a weekend spent quite right if you ask me! The spending money was gifted by Hotels.com, but everything we chose to do there was down to us views are our own.

After having a search through the hotels in Bournemouth, we settled on a lovely central hotel – called Hashtag Bournemouth – close to lots of shops and restaurants and within ten minutes to the beach, but close enough to the outskirts to score some cheap parking. The hotel also had a cinema room which was empty when we checked – which would make the cutest mini-break addition if you were staying for a couple of days. As we were only staying one night and wanted to get a lot of things done the location was perfect, but next time I would definitely stay for a whole weekend; there was a lot more to do than we realised! Without further ado, let’s get into what we got up to…

We arrived a little early for check-in, so headed out for some food. It was a gorgeous sunny day and so we decided to start with some food. Zizzi’s is a chain we already know and love, and when we spotted this Zizzi had a gorgeous outside seating area in the middle of a pretty high-street road we decided to eat here. I opted for a mushroom risotto – I almost always crave pasta over rice but sometimes the urge is just there and you gotta do what you’ve gotta do. (The most random thing I’ve said on this blog I think!) My boyfriend went for a dairy free pizza; Zizzi never disappoints for vegan, dairy and gluten free options.

We wanted to sample a little more of the food Bournemouth had to offer so had a look through some bakery windows, before spotting an incredible selection of cupcakes in one! We decided to go for a selection from this bakery and took them back to the hotel to dig in, check in and get ready to go out and see the beach and town. This bakery is called Huckleberry’s and is well worth a go – to be honest there’s so many bakerys to choose from around here so you’ll be spoilt for choice!

We went for rocky road, lemon meringue, vanilla ice cream, and white chocolate and strawberry cupcakes – intense as heck and just as amazing as you would expect. We had a nap in the hotel – because of course we did, I am an old man and I need it! – and went to meet my sister and her boyfriend to catch up along the sea front.

I adore living in Brighton and right now it is perfect for us long-term, but it was such a nice change lounging on a sandy beach rather than all the pebbles we have over here. We stayed here for a couple of hours and turned Jack into a mermaid hahaha! I hadn’t played with sand for years and years and it was actually a lot of fun. When the weather is good, Bournemouth beach is just perfect – the horizon is beautiful and the colours were almost pastel, they are soo lovely.

You should also definitely have a wander through the parks joining the beach and the town if you visit Bournmouth – they are such a lovely place to walk along, play mini golf and admire the greenery.

The two bars that stood out to us out of all the ones we visited and a whole bunch of research, were The Lost Paradise bar, and a club called Halo – which is in a renovated church. The Lost Paradise was jungle themed and although pricey, the drinks were little works of art. The bar has leaves and flowers all over the walls and ceilings, and you can walk over little bridges to get through the different rooms. Such a novelty and I am here for it in every way. There’s a little dancing area too, but for starting cocktails the room on the right is perfect with the best atmosphere, a big bar and lovely places to sit. The club Halo is absolutely massive and has that young club vibe, very Uni students and people who just turned (or are about to hahaa) 18. We felt like the old people for the first time ever in a club! This being said, the DJs were amazing and the whole renovated church atmosphere felt a bit weird and so cool – worth checking out if you’re after something a little different.

The next day we went for a stroll through the town, had a look in some shops and ate in the BEST PIZZA PLACE. I cannot tell you how much you need to visit this place. It’s called Pizzeria Triangolo and the pizzas are all handmade and woodfired inside. It’s a tiny little place with only three tables and a bar-style seating area, and really doesn’t look a lot from the outside. But my god the pizza was one of the best I have ever eaten, I don’t think I’ll eat anywhere else in Bournemouth next time! The vegan option was also insaneee – I feel like vegan pizzas are often hit and miss, so for it to be so perfect just solidified how much of a gem this place is! Next time we’re in Bournemouth we want to explore more of the surrounding scenery – like Durdle Door and the old Harry rocks, there are so many landmarks and natural beauty to check out in the surrounding areas away from the city too. We just had the loveliest weekend and I can’t wait to see more!

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