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In the summer of 2019 – June to August with a month of travel added onto the end, I worked in Disneyworld in Florida. Before heading out, I applied online through a company called Yummy Jobs, and after a set of three interviews was offered a role in an attractions position. This was one of my joint top choices of job role so I was thrilled! (You can have a read about all the positions internationals can work in Disney on my blog! Have a look at the Disney tab!) I ended up working as an astronaut all summer in the Mission Space ride in Epcot.. (more on that to come…) And after two months working in Florida’s tornado season, my boyfriend Jack flew out to meet me and we travelled across Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Boston – before heading home via Italy. Obviously there’s going to be a whollleeee lot of things to talk about on all of those topics and I’m so excited for that, but for now this what my summer looked like as a whole.

I moved to Florida on the 15th of June 2019 – the day before my birthday. I applied for the role in Disney when I was in a bit of a bad place in 2018 and wanted something to look forward to. Now everything is totally fine thankfully, but looking back – I’m so glad those down days pushed me to make the most random, and one of the most rewarding decisions ever. The application process was fairly strung out, over a fairly detailed online application and two in-person interview stages; one in Essex and one in London. I’ll have a full post about these stages at some point so you can get some more detail, and get tips on how to get through if you’d love to work there yourself. Essentially you apply for the first stage in June, a whole year before the program, and don’t find out if you’re on your way there until December of that year. (6 months before your flying out date would be.)

Working in an attractions role was one of my top choices, as I wanted to be a part of the main event in Disney, a strong reason why it’s so highly thought of. People come from all over to experience all the rides and themes and I loved the thought of being in the middle of all that – I thought it would be a really fun environment! After securing my attractions role, my theme park and ride were randomly allocated to me. Some rides have requirements such as having extremely good English – for example the more safety conscious rides that require a lot of communication. I was given the ride Mission Space which falls into that criteria. Mission Space was built with the help of Nasa to simulate a rocket launch – with a green (easy) side where you fly around the earth, and an orange more intense side – where you fly to Mars. It basically works like a huge-ass gravitron ride where you sit in a little capsule that spins in a big flat loop to create g-forces. Sooo many people throw up on this ride as it’s so spinny – another job role (custodial staff) clean that up, but it stops the process of the ride for a while as it is all sorted out. It’s intesne!

My outfit was hilarious and epic (pure astronaut onesie,) and most of the people I worked with were really nice. Some of the positions in that role required waiting for the ride to run it’s course, so it was important to be with good people! Most of the guests we had were also lovely; I have a bajillion good and bad guest stories that I’ve jotted down into a notebook which I’m sure will make a feature here on the blog soon! Subscribe to make sure you see it.

When you’re working in an attractions role you rotate across the whole ride, so you get to see every aspect of it. That would include greeting guests as they came in, working on fast pass admission, being in “mission control” – the tower operating panel where you monitor all of the computing and processes for the ride, along with grouping people into their ride capsules, and bringing people into the ride/strapping them in. There were probably about 20 different positions you could be throughout the ride, and I worked the fireworks shifts most weeks where essentially you just rope off an area at park close – but you get to see a nice view of the fireworks. I really enjoyed the fact you would rotate around the positions as it kept things interesting and helped the day go a little faster. (Other than those 12 hour days I worked – nothing could make them feel particularly fast!)

Our housing whilst at Disney is a whole story in itself, it was really not ideal and as I’ve said a couple of times already, there were cockroaches, ants, and it wasn’t cleaned when we moved in. (There were pubes all over the bathroom and in some cupboards loool ffs.) The tap water also poisoned me after about a week to the point where I was really unwell, and although my room mate was one of the loveliest girls I’ve met, I found it hard (I think we all did really,) to share a room the whole entire time – sometimes you just need your own space. It was a lovely break from the apartment in general when my family came to visit for a while, and when my boyfriend came out and we got to jump into travelling.

As a super quick insight into our travels as I’m conscious of this post getting way too long, Jack and I stayed in Florida for a couple of weeks so I got to show him all the parks (including Universal and Harry Potter – yaaas,) and Florida at large – like Nasa and Cocoa beach which we loved. After this we headed to Vegas for 10 days or so. This was honestly one of my favourite experiences ever! I’d already been to Vegas earlier in the year with a friend, (more on Vegas elsewhere on my blog!) and it was so good getting to experience it in a different dynamic with my boyfriend also. I find Las Vegas maaagical, SO MUCH FUN, and also surprisingly safe. I think as it’s so touristy, as long as you keep your wits about you it feels safer than every other American city I’ve visited! We did axe throwing, went to a Martin Garrix concert, zip lined over a Vanilla Ice concert, flew in a helicopter, has the most beautiful dinner in the sky and just so much gooood stuff!!! I could go back again and again to be honest – it’s such a happy place for me!

After Vegas we headed to LA – which we found the most disappointing. I think this was partially because I was so excited to see it and it was maybe built up in my head too much, but it’s sooo spaced out so you really need a car or ideally a personal driver (lottery win anyone?) to get around, but then on the flip side the traffic is awful and it takes you so so long to get anywhere. Hollywood is really cool and we adored seeing the walk of fame. There’s a lot I can say about LA – there definitely were some amazing points but I guess it was just the least thrilling out of all our stops. I would definitely consider going back in the future though, preferably being absolutely minted and being able to actually do things there.

Our last US stop was Boston – which we actually only added to get cheap flights to Italy as we had a wedding to go to there. I’m sooo glad we added it just for that reason, because I was honestly surprised with how stunning Boston is! There’s not necessarily as much to do as a tourist than with some of our other cities, but it’s just so beautiful; gorgeous parks, great food and drinks, and the famous baseball stadium Fenway Park. I bought us tickets here for Jack’s birthday, and seeing a live baseball game between the Red Sox and New York Yankees was an amazing experience – although honestly I’m shook at how long the games last, hours upon hours! We left after a few hours and headed out for some more drinks and pool.

As always Italy on the way back was stunning, after our road trip here last year Italy definitely has a piece of my heart and going back is always so heart-warming. I’m excited to share with you guys some more details of working abroad, and everything we really got up to! There are plenty of travel guides, food guides and inspiration on it’s way to you, so subscribe and keep an eye out!

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