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OOooooh another food blog – writing these up actually makes my stomach grumble up a storm haha! As a part of our US road trip across Florida, LA Boston, and Vegas, here we have the Vegas installment. Vegas YEAH BABY. I am a full on Vegas lover, I’ve been twice in a year and I can safely say it is magical. I have just so much to say on this place, it really does hold a place in my heart. There is so much to do, so much to see, and it feels surprisingly safe – safer than everywhere else I’ve been to in America so far in fact, in the city at least. I know I’ll be back here again and I cannot wait! Vegas is obviously well known for it’s nightlife, but slowly over the years the food scene here is becoming unrivalled, with so many top chegs opening branches here. There are absolutely countless places to choose from – to be honest you wouldn’t be able to fit it all in if you tried! But there are definitely some places well worth checking out. Without further ado, here’s what I stuffed in my face this summer in Vegas!

The Strat Vegas – Let’s start on a hiiiigh. Me and my boyfriend had the most incredible meal – probably of our lives – in the Stratosphere restaurant in Vegas. On the 109th floor, we enjoyed a meal to the sunset and the view of the city lights starting up for the night. You’re not rushed along at all (which is bloody good because it is the most expensive place we’ve ever eaten!!) but it meant we got to see the city in daylight, sunset, and lit up like a fire at night. Between us we ate a caprese salad which was pretty good, a side of fries, Jack had a chicken meal, a big ole bread bucket and dessert. The dessert was baked Alaska – ice cream coated in fresh meringue and berries. SOoOo good I can’t even explain, I’d always thought of this as the boujiest dessert in the world because of the sims – you needed the highest possible cooking skill to make that bitch up. We also had a bottle of prosecco with the meal which was ridiculously expensive but made it all feel even more luxurious. Overall we spent a total of around 200 dollars for the everything here. PAINFULLY expensive but honestly worth it, so so worth it. The whole atmosphere was stunning! This was one of the most magical experiences of my life, and in celebration of Jack’s birthday so just why TF not! (We had a lot of takeout cheap food to make up for this splurge too – which is quite necessary in Vegas as a lot of things are pretty pricey!)

Black Tap Burgers and Beer – The Venetian Vegas – Try the RIDICULOUS cake milkshakes at the Venetian resort in Vegas – you can get them which full on cake slices on top, churros, cookies – there’s even a Vegan version of the cake shake! They’re just over $15 each so absolutely ridiculous, but you get the whole experience here. You can also most definitely share one of these – and the cake slice on top!

Coca-Cola store Vegas – One of the funniest things we did over the entire summer was coca-cola tasting in Vegas. You get a whole bunch of drinks that the coke brand sells across the world on two different trays, including cokes and fruit-based fanta drinks. The building itself is a huge-ass coke bottle shaped building which is completely insta-worthy. Vegas is just mad isn’t it, it would actually be weird not to find a massive coke along the strip to be be honest. Some of these drinks were quite delicious but there were a few that we really didn’t like, and one particular satan-juice named Beverly. I have an amazing video of Jack trying this and fully wretching, I will have to convince him to let me share it one day as it’s just the best thing I’ve seen. This apparently is a fairly well known drink for how vile it is – originally made to taste like bitter alcohol without being alcoholic (literally why.) But regardless of how much we genuinely wretched over it (loool,) we had such a good time trying everything out!

Hash-house-a-go-go at the Linq hotel – The first time I went to Vegas I stayed at the Linq and stumbled across an escalator going to a mysterious hidden place called the Hash House. Weed being legal in Vegas just made me assume it was some sort of weed shop – both my friend and I thought this actually! We were just drinking on our Vegas escapades so didn’t take much notice, only for it to be recommended as the best breakfast place later in our holiday. Who know we were literally sleeping on top of such mastery haha! After realising a hash is basically a breakfast skillet full of all kinds of deliciousness, I’ve since come back to this place and think about it often! I chose the eggs and veggies skillet – featuring mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, artichokes and herby potatoes, so so so so good. I actually think about this a lot hahaha – I’ve even tried to recreate my own a few times since.

I ate way more mac and cheese this summer than I’d like to admit! One of my favourites was the Hard Rock Cafes version featuring chunky ciabatta garlic bread – I just love the hard rock vibe and sitting next to singers clothes, how weird is that? And who thought of that?! Just amazing hahaa. There are loads of brilliant pasta places across Vegas for that matter. One we didn’t get to visit that was really high on our list – it was just a little further out than made sense for our day, was a pasta stuffed sandwich place. A pasta sandwich? Yes please oh please my carby king. Next time! There are loads of weird and wonderful creations across Vegas, if you want to try a risky combo, now’s the time to do it! (Although pasta and bread could never be risky it’s just a win is it not?)

Jack turned 26 whilst we were in Vegas, so for his birthday breakfast I ordered a ton of sandwiches, breakfast muffins and cupcakes – I mean that’s just the way to do a birthday morning and you just can’t fight it! Uber eats is absolutely BANGING in Vegas and you can try soo many foods, and save some money from eating out all the time! My goodness, these cupcakes were incredible! My favourite was easily the cookie dough cupcake, with fresh cookie dough and a cookie crisp breakfast cereal piece on top! Jack like the double chocolate ones the best – call anything chocolate and it’ll instantly be his favourite! It’s definitely worth getting some deliveries in hotels – most hotels have a pick up point too so it’s really easy to arrange. This is especially important for those hangover mornings you just need to eat in bed!

A good few of our snacks here were in the form of freshly made pizza slices from different vendors. This was on a cheeky pit stop in a Las Vegas mall and ooooh they were so yummy!!! There are pizza places dotted everywhere, and although I’ve yet to find the best one ever in Vegas, they are still all super tasty in their own way and perfect for a pit stop! I love how huge American pizza slices are too, if you ask for a slice it’s basically a mini pizza – they way it should be everywhere really.

There are also a couple of Sprinkles cupcake shops and ATM machines in Vegas – which is such a cool experience in itself, definitely try the cupcake machine if you get the chance. I went for a vanilla cupcakes – vanilla sponge, frosting, and sprinkles (basic bitch who?) and my friend went for the red velvet. I’ve never had so much icing on a cake and OH I am HERE for this.

The healthiest post you’ve seen I’m aware! We did eat some healthy stuff I promise! (Not really.) This ice cream was devoured in the Italian/Venice section of Vegas. It was candyfloss flavoured which I’m afraid sounded better than it tasted, but it wasn’t bad, and made some good ass shots! My boyfriend got a fruit sorbet which was AMAZINGG, and there were a whole bunch of yummy other flavours to choose from. Vegas also has a huge amount of ice cream shops that make your ice cream look like a flower in a cone (that’s a win,) and rolled ice cream.

Have you heard of the cheesecake factory? (Any American’s reading this will think I’m mad, of course I hear!) I’d only heard of this on the big bang theory before coming to America, possibly seeing a couple of Instagram posts along the way. As soon as I got to America I realised they’re absolutely everywhere and they’re absolutely DIVINE. I tried the birthday cake cheesecake after much debate and a chat with the lady serving me because there was TOO much gorgeousness to choose from. It was super creamy, sooo colourful and pretty damn good. Considering it cost a tenner it was one of the more expensive desserts I’ve had, and it was actually enough calories to almost last an entire day hahaha. But I ate it over a few days as a partial dessert each time, they’re massive slices so they can last if you let them. (Although they absolutely do not have to. Oh I just need one now – damnit!

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