Visiting Kent | The perfect autumnal cabin break

Hello beauts! Me and my boyfriend Jack recently went on the most beautiful little weekend break to a cabin in Kent through airbnb – there are some serious gems on there for real. We went just after fireworks night which meant we got to see the village fireworks show right from the gorgeous cabin garden, enjoyed the local pubs, our own little hot tub, and we explored Margate and Leeds Castle nearby!

I wanted to write a little round-up post on what we got up to as usual. I bloody LOVE travelling, and after being back from 3 months in America for two months, I’m more than ready to be out exploring again! I’ve also started to vlog a lot of our adventures so I’m hoping to get these videos up within the next few weeks. (I’ll link them here on my blog when I do in case you’re interested.) I’d really love to do this more alongside my blog as I just think it’s a fab way to relive the best memories! Without further ado – here is our weekend…

We arrived on a Friday around three (after raiding Tesco on the way for wine a bucket load of ready meals hahaha.) We knew we had a kitchenette with a microwave – turned out there was a hob too but we didn’t realise – so we stocked up on all kinds of holiday food. AKA doughnuts and pasta and bread!

When we arrived we got cosy in the cabin, worked the underfloor heating (which was bloody needed -) it was basically minus when we arrived! We ate some lunch (an absolute bucket load of food) and watched bad teacher on Netflix. Honestly it was such a lovely start to the little break, just relaxing and feeling zen AF in the cabin atmosphere!

We spent the rest of the evening having lots of wine, playing games, and watching the fireworks. We didn’t realise they’d even be on that weekend so it was a lovely surprise – and honestly it was a serious show! It must have lasted for about 20 minutes, and everything was perfectly timed to music and so well done. It took me right back to my fireworks shifts at Disneyworld over the summer and gave me all sorts of emotions! After our evening antics we spent a few hours in the hot tub and headed to bed. The bed is in the little upstairs floor of the cabin, with a low ceiling and a huge window directly over the bed. Hearing the rain patter away at the window was just lovely.

The next day had the foggiest start, which gave me such autumn vibes! (Winter vibes to be honest I can’t WAIT for Christmas!) We had a slow start after a late night and watched another film whilst eating the rest of our doughnuts and some sandwiches, and then headed to Margate for a day trip.

It was about an hours drive to the little seaside town of Margate. I’d heard about it a lot throughout the last few years and really wanted to visit – although I must say I think it’s best suited to summer when you can truly appreciate the pretty beach and harbour. It was a little smaller than we expected and a whole bunch of shops had been permanently shut throughout the town so it looked a little bare.

We visited the shell grotto – about a 15 minute walk from the town (and that far back you find yourself literally in a purely residential area, it is pretty teeny!) but the grotto was beautiful! It’s super old and was first discovered in 1830-something – no one knows why it was built or exactly when, but shells cover all the walls of underground tunnels, and pictures are made from them all. There are lots of sea creature patterns and one wall even has a phallus symbol which is amazing (probably shouldn’t use the normal word there to delist my site or something hahah!) The tunnels lead to a main room where seances have been held, it’s all pretty weird and wonderful and was definitely worth seeing!

We wandered around looking for a place to eat dinner for a while but mainly saw cafes and closed shops – we had a google for chain Italians restaurants and Nandos seeing as they’d be open and a safe bet, but there wasn’t anything like that in Margate. As we didn’t want to leave just yet we continued to wander and found a teeny tiny Italian restaurant called L’Olivo, the menu looked good so we waited around wandering until it opened. I am SO glad we did. If you’re ever in Margate you have to eat here! There are only 6 tables inside and you have to pay cash so it’s all a little basic, but the food was honestly incredible! They had lots of veggie and vegan options and it was amaaaazing; we would definitely go back here.

Leeds Castle was right around the corner from our Airbnb, and there happened to be a Christmas stock preview soiree on the night we were staying there. (We really did time this break right!) We decided to head over to see what Christmassy things they had because to be honest, I want all the Christmas I can get in life. We were not disappointed! They had an array of gorgeous Christmas decorations, we sampled some gins and met the cutest owl called Coco from their Falconry section. We also got some fab deals and ended up getting a goodie bag for being one of the first 50 customers. So much goodness and such a great shout going here.

By this point we’d been out most of the day, so we headed back to the cabin and had the cosiest night.

The next day was so pretty and bright, it was lovely! We spend the whole day actually exploring Leeds Castle (as opposed to the shop visit the night before,) and it was so so worth it. Apparently I’ve visited Leeds Castle as a child (I honestly don’t remember a thing about it,) but the grounds are stunning and there’s lots of things to do there.

We walked around the autumn feels and headed for a Sunday lunch – paninis and cakes from a restaurant overlooking the castle. After this we entered the maze on-site – it’s a fricken kids maze but it honestly took us about an hour to get through! So much harder than we realised and so so funny!

Next we played mini golf – I never quite realised how bad I am to be honest! But it was really fun, one of my balls went in a little moat and Jack got it out for me as a true legend – AND THEN SLIPPED IN THE WATER FFS HAHAHA. I absolutely CRIED of laughter and it was my favourite memory from the whole trip bless his angel heart and soppy leg.

After exploring more of the castle we headed home to Brighton ready for the week ahead. It was just the cutest weekend and I can’t wait to do some more UK breaks. I think it’s so easy for people to work all year to save up for one two-week holiday in the year, but little breaks like this can be super cheap and make so many good memories. I always love to see new places and when you just don’t have the time or the funds, this can be the way to do it!

Have you been to Kent?
Until next time beauts xxx

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