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Okay to start, LA has some incredible things to see, bucket list things to tick off like the Santa Monica pier and beach, along with the walk of fame and some incredible food. For us though, we’d hyped up Los Angeles so much in our heads before visiting that it definitely had big boots to fill. Out of all of our stops this summer, LA was probably the most disappointing – but I guess that’s partially due to having been so excited for it in the first place? Who knows! Some of it was just how faaar you have to travel to get around anywhere, it’s so spaced out that without a car or a private driver it’s just hard to fit much in without loads of time there, and there were a lot of “wrong turns”. You’d be in a bustling, centre-feeling part of the city, and turn a corner and see a lot of people doing substances. (Trying to safe-word a tad haha!) With this being said, we would definitely go back! Perhaps with a car, a little more planning and a slightly different mind set. I’m going to post a “things to watch out for” style post to make the most out of your trip to LA – so have a search for that if it’s something you’d be interested in!

With all of that positivity being said, (I’m sorry hahaha I just had to be truthful and get it out,) we did some of my favourite things of the summer in LA – including the funniest creepy circus themed escape room. It was just me and Jack alone in a circus themed freak-show escape room – we had just had some shots to get us hyped for it and it was both incredible and impossible! (Yes, we were extremely bad and did not make it out!) Food-wise, there are some really incredible places to eat throughout Los Angeles, including the boujiest smashed avocado around every corner and all kinds of healthier/vegan alternatives. They have something for every diet you can think of which was miles away from some of the other places we visited in America. For instance, there were some great options in Vegas but had to do a decent search beforehand to not be stuck with the one veggie option, whereas in LA there are options everywhere!

Red O Taste of Mexico – After that introduction, you wouldn’t expect my LA food highlight to be a bowl of nachos would you? But I can’t actually explain how amazing these were!! Since coming back from LA we’ve actually had nachos on a monthly (or so) occassion, always trying to perfect them like how perfect these were. We’ve not quite cracked it yet, but I will keep you updated if we manage haha. They were soo fresh, full of black beans, the most beautiful homemade sauces and jalapenos. Paired with some delicious cocktails it was overall a fab meal and an epic snack. This was on Santa Monica beach so we also had some stunning scenery and got a bunch of half priced happy hour deals. After getting sufficiently tipsy we went to play in muscle beach – we had it all to ourselves at that point and it was so funny! (I have literally zero arm strength which is now confirmed.)

Grand Central Market in LA – We grabbed some food here which was all soooo good. It’s basically a huge collection of different street food vendors – from Italian to Chinese, to cocktails to ice cream – you can get so much here! It is the most perfect spot to mix and match everything, fancy a bit of this and a bit of that? This where to be. To be honest with you, I could happily spend a whole day here sampling all the different foods and cocktails and just consuming the day away haha. I had a veggie pesto pasta loaded with extra tomatoes and greens, and we both shared a hand stretched wood-fired pizza which was made on the spot. Absolutely incredible! Jack also had a chicken rice meal, which he said was good but not a patch on how lovely the pizza was. Reliving this place as I’m typing this all out makes me want to go back there just to have it all again!

Okay so I know this is the lifetime delicacy and you’re probably blown away… 😉 But the Dominos in America is beautiful, it’s artwork I am TELLING YOU! If you like your fast food, it’s definitely one to try out. The US Dominos also have a whole bunch of deals, so if you order to your hotel/air bnb you can save a lot of money from eating out all the time. These branches have cookie swirled brownies and I can wholeheartedly tell you this is the best sweet thing I ate in my whole 3 months in America, probably one of the best things to ever have entered my mouth. They also have cheesy stuffed garlic bread which is amaaaaazing. Their dips include pizza sauce which should always be a thing absolutely everywhere, but their creamy sauces aren’t quite as good as ours. I can get over that 9937678262 times over thanks to those brownie/cookies. (Brookies as Jack has lovingly called them haha.)

Go Greek – Also along the Santa Monica seafront, there was a make-your-own frozen yoghurt place. These bad boys were fairly expensive, but oh-so tasty – you pay per weight so it just depends how much you get. They let you sample all the yoghurt flavours for free first so you can choose your base – I went for chocolate and strawberry, and Jack opted for a vegan chocolate version. They also have seasonal options which change all the time which is so cute! I chose to add chocolate chips, kiwi and strawberries as my toppings and, although avoiding Dairy, Jack added a bunch of chocolate and some fruit too. This shop is gorgeously air conditioned which is definitely needed in the humid summers, and also have a cute outdoor seating area and nice toilets for customers. (Which you’ll come to realise is so important when hopping around LA – you’ll end up buying random foods just to use toilets everywhere as everything is so far apart. May as well make it a good one!)

We also really enjoyed trying out everything our local supermarket had to offer. As we were staying in an airbnb we had our own lovely kitchen area, and we were right near a super cheap, discount grocery store – winning! We bought a lot of our food and drinks here, including the yummiest cakes! I love seeing supermarkets whenever I’m abroad as I just love how different they are and how many new things there are to offer – I don’t even know why hahaha.

The best sweet snack we had here was wafflejack (obviously jack had to get it as soon as he saw his name haha. They have a bunch of options including savoury waffles, (one was stuffed with mac and cheese!!) a whole load of toppings, and pots of waffle pieces – which is what we went for. We chose to have a pot of broken up waffle topped with a bucket-load of nutella. As healthy and delicious as it sounds!

Some true banging food highlights! Keep a peeper peeping for my Boston food highlights if you’re after a bit of the ole food p.o.r.n.


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