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Boston is an amaaazing city – we only added it to our summer travels to secure a cheap flight back via Italy, as we had a wedding to attend. (The flight from here to Rome only cost around £140 each so we were seriously winning – you can easily spend upwards of 600 pounds for an average flight like this!) This ended up being one of the best last minute decisions to make though as our few days here were magical – Boston is such a stunning city, with so many beautiful parks, greenery, a river and so many gorgeous buildings, architecture and shops.

Both Jack and I could definitely live here – and there haven’t been that many places in the world we’ve been able to say that about! The further you drive out of the main city you start to see the city turning into lovely suburban HUGE houses too, honestly I just want to go back and explore even more. You’re also not too far away from New York in Boston so it would be a great holiday to do both in one – as both are definitely must-see places for us!

I really don’t have a huge amount of pictures to share with you throughout this post, but because we just had such a lovely time over our short trip here I wanted to have a round up of my favourites. Probably the main activity we had planned here was seeing a baseball game at Fenway Park – the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox. I bought these tickets for Jack’s birthday and it was such an experience – such an atmosphere and exactly what we were expecting to be honest. Baseball itself isn’t a particularly thrilling sport in my opinion, but I loved getting a taste of this as it just felt like a ‘proper’ American thing to do. We had fries and beers and went to a pool bar after. Obviously this isn’t a gourmet suggestion (lool!) but the whole experience of eating the stall food at a game at Fenway Park was a bucket list experience for us and one I’d definitely recommend!

Saloniki Greek – Probably the most delicious food we had in Boston was from a gorgeous Greek cafe a short(ish) walk from the airbnb we were staying in. I had halloumi drizzled in olive oil and lemon, and veggie skewers. Normally nothing can beat halloumi and sweet chilli for me – they’re a match made in heaven, but I actually enjoyed this so much! I knew the skewers would be amazing and they did not disappoint, and Jack opted for a meaty wrap which he was also a fan of! They have loads of options to add whatever you want to gyros, (like a naan bready, pitta wrap,) skewers, salads – so many goodies!

Sweetgreen – Right next door is a salad bar which we only grabbed a snack and drink in one day, but it was amazing! You build your own salad bowl with a choice of warm or cold options. They have plenty of meaty things to go for but for us veggies, you can choose mushrooms, tofu, sweet potato, and allll the veggies/rice/pulses you can imagine. The drinks were actually a little too healthy tasting for us (I know that sounds bad haha!) but so good to drink down and get that boost. Definitely a place worth checking out if you’ve eaten too many doughnuts and pizzas. (Which was 90% of our US trip haha.) P.S., on that note, you can also get an ice cream stuffed doughnut just around the corner from both of these places – on the corner of Target.

I-CE-NY Boston – We finally got to try the hand-rolled ice cream you’ve inevitably seen a million times over social media. We decided to choose our own combination, and went for a coconut milk base mixed with crushed oreos, topped with caramel sauce, more oreos and m&ms. (Jack’s intolerant to dairy and other than the m&ms, this was completely vegan.) It was just as good as it sounds – maybe even better! And I loved watching the guy crush and roll all the sheets. Delishhh. You could make a totally vegan one, or go for all the decadence in the world and opt for triple chocolate, chocolate orange, mint, mango – the combinations go on and on, and we really need to go back and try them all to be real with you pals.

Along with these badboys, there are a huge number of pizza places and bakeries dotted all around the city. It’s always a good idea to dart into as many as possible and sample some of the goodies! Boston can get pretty pricey so it can be worth checking out where some of the street food/takeaway places live too. We had a fair amount of fast food to save some money here as we did with a lot of our US travels! I have absolutely no shame in delving into a huge-ass McDonald’s in the home of McDonald’s, sue me! Seriously though, if I had to recommend one thing the absolute most from Boston, it’d be to try that Greek place. Diiivineeee.

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