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Hello you gorgeous creatures! In December me and some of my family attended a meal in the Great Hall in the Harry Potter Studios, based in Watford, London. We bloody love Harry Potter and have been here loads of times before, but never been lucky enough to attend one of the events! We actually even came to the studios before they opened to the public through a work perk of my mums so this place really is a home away from home for us – because Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

Normally a meal in Hogwarts for one of the event nights will set you back a couple of hundred pounds, but the night we attended was the launch of the Wizarding World Gold Subscription – which is a Harry Potter app with a bunch of perks. My sister signed up and managed to snag four of us tickets for free – and considering you have an epic private night and get a free wand at the end this was well and truly winning.

We waited for quite a while to get in, but thanks to that cool and groovy dragon and decor in the waiting bit it wasn’t too bad. I won’t give any spoilers for the pre-loading sections in case you haven’t been and want to, but after the section before the great hall we were met with Warwick Davis – the man who plays Mr Flitwick and the Goblin bank teller. This was such a cool surprise and later in the night we got a picture with him which I shall cherish my friends hahaha.

Back to the meal though, after being introduced by Warwick, we entered the great hall through those big iconic doors, and were greeted with the most beautiful view of Hogwarts all decked out for Christmas with the yule ball layout, and tables adorning the whole of the floor. We checked what table we would be sat at and hopped over to our area.

Between us we had the vegetarian and vegan meals – two courses were served at the tables in the Great Hall and dessert was served at platform nine and three quarters after doing some of the tour. The vegan starter was a pear salad with vegan feta – I tried a bit of my sisters and it was so soo tasty (I liked this the best actually!), and the vegetarian starter was a soup. It said ravoili something on the menu so it was funny to be greeted with just one bit of ravioli in the middle, but even so it was still delicious! The mains were the same between us, a mushroom pastry thing. It was very tasty but also the most mushrooms I’d ever eaten in one haha.

The tables were also set up adorably with little crackers and a free pin of the great hall doors, the serving staff were also lovely!

We then carried on with the rest of the tour, stopping at platform nine and three quarters for dessert and getting a snap with Warwick. The dessert options were Christmas pudding, chocolate orange mousse (sadly this wasn’t vegetarian as it sounded amazing,) and a biscuity thing.

It was my first time seeing Gringotts and I was blown away by how great everything looked, I absolutely love this area and I’m so happy I’ve finally seen it!

After the tour we chose our wands in the gift shop – I went for Mr Flitwick’s in honour of meeting him and I love it, me and boyfriend have quite the collection now haha – we want them all! I just love this place and I feel so lucky for having the chance to have a meal in the great hall and really taking our time there without being ushered through for the next batch of people. I can’t wait to go back again!

Have you been to the Harry Potter studios?

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