Keeping yourself busy during self isolation

Hello lovelies! It’s been a loong time since I’ve had the spare moments to update this lovely little corner of the internet. It’s so weird that times like this, with all the stress and nervousness about the future also enables you to find some time and reconnect with things you love. It feels a little like the world has stopped going at 1000 miles an hour, and we can take a step back, do our part and build towards something better.

As with most of you, I’ve been social distancing(/locked up with my cat and favourite person) for almost two weeks now. I’ve chosen to take an extra day off of work for the foreseeable future to have a little more me time and sanity whilst we’re all locked away. I find it strange that the place I normally see as my relaxing zone is now also my place of work – you’ll definitely finding me hopping around every room in my house trying to get comfy, usually with Disney plus on in the background! (On that note – SO worth it, and deffo give the lady and the tramp a go – tears, such tears!)

From my time at home so far I wanted to compile a list of things to keep you busy – if you have anything to add I would love to hear! I feel like as this could really be lasting a while it’s good to get as many ideas and tips together as possible!

  • Physical distancing, not social distancing. I saw a post shared a little while ago which just put it so well! Although we need to keep that physical space, I feel like it’s a more important time than ever to stay in contact and up to date with people. Me and my boyfriends family had a full evening on HouseParty app (free and so worth a download,) – it’s like a group skype where you can also play games. My favourite was the drawing one – in turns your phone tells you what to draw and the rest of the viewers have to guess your masterpiece in real time. I’ll definitely be doing the same with my family very soon, share some memes with your friends and let people know you’re thinking of them. To be honest I think I’ve been more in contact with everyone since this whole thing has happened!
  • Relax and revive – I wear makeup most (every) days when I’m out and about, I just feel my best and I love the whole process of doing my face, watching a Youtube video and taking that time alone. With that being said, I’m not feeling the need to put £££’s of makeup on when I’m sitting in all day, and I’m loving being able to give my skin a little more breathing time; and taking that time to work on skincare and face masks some more. With other commitments and things to do impossible now, we can take longer baths, and take some time to just switch everything off for a while.
  • Invest in something fun! On the complete other hand haha – I’ve been able to play my first games for god knows how long! Me and Jack invested in a Nintendo switch and some games – Layton’s Mystery Journey and Luigi’s Mansion are my favourites so far. We timed this really well as they’re all selling out now with a hugee demand, but it’s so worth investing in something exciting to fill out that time. There’s a bunch of online games you can buy without having to even order in – all the Sims games are online now and that’s just really what I signed up for to be honest.
  • Cook more – eat well, spend some time to write down everything you have in your cupboards and see if you really need to go to the shop. There’s so much you can do with what you already have and it’ll help keep everyone safe to do this. There are sites like Super Cook that will let you add all the ingredients you have, and will show you all the delishhh meals you can make with what you already have. (You can also just type what can I make with what’s in my fridge into Google to see loads of sites offering this!) On that note, why not try growing your own veggies? Obviously this would take a long time to see results, but I think this whole thing can help teach us to be less dependent and do some more for ourselves.
  • Tick off those house jobs you’ve been meaning to do – why not redecorate! So far I’ve gone through every single thing in our kitchen and had a proper clear out of mugs, equipment and old herbs and spices etc. I’ve got a big pile of things I’ll be listing on eBay now for when it’s all a little more normal and I’ll be able to get to the post office more easily (although they are remaining open for now!) Everything has a place and it’s so nice knowing it’s all sorted through and in-date, (I went through my medicines and some things like throat sweets were waaaay out haha!) We’ve also been slowly sorting out the garden and are planning things we can plant and a little fire pit area to make!
  • Games – puzzles, board games, card games. If you’re with your family, friends, or partners, get competitive! I love a good game, and we’ve already got some bangers like scrawl (soo funny!), cards against humanity – Disney and Harry Potter style, and we just bought a game called Throw Throw Burrito. This badboy is SO good, it mixes together a card game where you have to collect groups, with DODGEBALL where you throw the burritos at each other – so funny!
  • Get creative – make a scrap book, organise all your photos and put down the memories. Hopefully this whole thing will be over sooner than we think, but I feel like this is a great way to realise how much their is to push forward for – to follow the rules and allow these memories to be made all over again. My favourite site for printing out photos is Lalalab – you can print straight from your phone, your Instagram feed or your computer. You can get Polaroid-style prints, photo strips like you’d get from photo booths and bunch of sizes. I just ordered myself a big pin board that I’ve been wanting to get forever, and I’ll be arranging all my pictures and a biggg array of pins (I just seem to inadvertently collect them haha!) on there.
  • Write down your goals – everything you want to do. Even if this is a step goal, exercise, wanting to cook from scratch, having a spring clean, watching some Netflix series’ or setting in some time to read. Make a list of the things that make you smile and make sure you tick off a few a day. A quarantine bucket list!
  • Help your neighbours – one good thing out of all of this is definitely a sense of community. I’ve seen people helping each other out more than ever. I feel like – at least in England – at least down South maybe? (Haha.) We definitely do not know our neighbours as much as we should for people that spend their time so close to us. We might not know if our neighbours have many people to help them out, so letting them know you’re there if needed and vice versa is really important. I just think it makes you happier knowing the people next door to you are looked after too!
  • Make a freedom bucket list – whilst we’re all stuck inside I feel like it’s good to have things to look forward to on the other side. I’m going to be compiling all the things I’d love to do when free and work towards that. Some things are small like going to the cinema again, sitting on Brighton beach and watching the sunset, whilst others are bigger dreams like finally booking a holiday to Tropical Islands in Berlin. (Look it up, this place looks TOO good!!)

I’m going to round this up there, it really could go on forever! I hope we continue to get some good out of everything going on – feeling a little more zen in the home, healing the earth, appreciating people, our health services and little things we take for granted more. I’m going to be posting on my blog twice a week again from April – so keep an eye out if you’re interested!

Until next time xxx

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