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Oh hello again you beautiful thing you! Today’s post is all about a gorgeous new perfume brand I have discovered and am just loving! We’re going to talk about Sniph* – a perfume discovery subscription. In a nutshell, you can take a personality test to discover the range of fragrances to best suit you; this includes where you want to wear the fragrances (home, work, out-out etc,) and the sort of fragrances you love and look for. Your first box will come with the perfume holder, and for £14 each month you are sent an interchangeable scent tube that you just slot in and can take anywhere with you.

It’s a really lovely way to try out some new smells, and I am genuinely so impressed with the quality! If you’re interested in trying this subscription out for yourself, you can head to the Sniph website and use my code “EMMASIVESS25” for 25% off your order.

All the packages are letter box sized, which is perfect for working life or if you’re often out and about (pre and post quarantine at least!) The perfume itself is the perfect size to travel with and so long lasting. I’ve always been a fragrance addict, but never found girls perfumes last well – whereas boys fragrance seems to stay on their clothes all the way up until they’re washed – why is that!? Luckily for us Sniph have created smells that last beautiful well – finally!

Before getting my first box, I did wonder how it would go. Ordering perfume off the internet obviously seems tricky as there’s not a trial option, but the sizes of these badboys make them perfect to trial and mix up – and then you can feedback, highlight your favourites and choose to buy a full sized one if you’d like. With this being said, oh my! The perfumes are so perfect for me! I have been sent Calé and Etat Libre D’orange – both come with a scent card to tell you all about the fragrances. They have so many layers to them, evolving with time. Both are very feminine and sophisticated, I feel like I’m ready to go to an event with these on. (Just need somewhere to go now ahaa!) I will definitely be buying Calé in the full sized version as soon as possible!

The bottles are 8ml and you get a new one monthly – with the aim to last a whole month (which they really do even with re-spritzing a lot some days!) The idea is to spend the same amount over a year as you would on a full sized perfume, with wear every single day.

You should have a crack at the scent test here to see what you’re assigned based on all your choices! If you choose to get a subscription make sure to use my code to save some of that cashola – EMMASIVESS25. Thanks for reading beauts!

Until next time xxx

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