Recreating date nights in isolation!

Hey beauts! After a few weeks in isolation now, I wanted to pool together a bunch of ideas me and my boyfriend have had to keep a little normality. Although I’ve labelled this as “date nights” the ideas will definitely work across whoever you live with – even being alone. (Always here for a chat if anyone is alone at this time and wants to – I can be a funny fucker sometimes. 😉 Just message me on Instagram @emmasivess). Let’s get into some inspiration!

Homemade veggie burgers! (With a lemon and herb glaze mmmmmm)
  • Have a themed night – when it became more and more likely for social distancing to stay around for a while, I wanted to do something special to take away from the sadness. I had a look on Amazon for a couple of outfits and then basically made a bunch of things up like games and food with what we already had. One idea I had was a boozy Mario night where we played Mario Kart, dressed up and had some themed food and games, In the end I settled for a prison themed night – it seemed quite fitting with quarantine and the outfits cracked me up so I just went for it! I surprised Jack one weekend day and threw his onesie at him, told him he was arrested and needed to come with me right away. I labelled some of the toys we’ve accumulated inmate names, and made a snakes and ladders-esque game on the floor. You rolled a dice, moved up to that card on the floor, and did whatever task it told you to do. We had a really good night and I’d definitely like to do something like this again!
  • Cinema nights are one of the easiest things to recreate and so much fun! Gather a bunch of your favourite snacks, make some microwave popcorn and rent a new film for a night. If you have sky you can rent a new film for 24 hours for just a few pounds. Along with this option, you can do the same on Amazon on any device/smart TV – so grab the snacks and get watching! We recently watched Jumanji 2 and it was definitely a welcome slice of normality!
  • I sooo miss being able to have meals out! Although obviously with the quarantine rules you can’t just go out for ingredients to make a specific meal… essential trips and all that jazz. But as I’ve mentioned before, you should definitely have a look at sites like Super Cook or just Google “what can I make with what’s in my fridge” – these sites let you list every ingredient, spice and just any food you have. They then show you all the recipes and food inspiration you can make with those things! Such a winner. I finally used a tin of kidney beans I’ve had for 37683538 years (still in date though, they’ll outlive us all!) making some veggie burgers which were actually so so tasty!
  • When you are on an essential food shopping trip, be sure to pick up a little disposable barbecue (if you don’t already have one!) Put down a blanket in the garden, cook some veggie skewers, burgers and whatever you want for a cute little picnic – such a nice way to start enjoying this warm weather when we’re stuck inside most of the time! We’re looking at buying a little more garden furniture too where possible, as it looks like this summer is going to be mainly locked up!
  • Plan and build something together – if there’s been something niggling away to create/do for a while I feel like now is most definitely the time! Whether that’s building a garden shed or painting a wall that’s been needing some love for a while (mine right now!) I feel like it’s good to do soul satisfying things right now that niggle away at you on a normal day, because we have the time to do them now.
  • Be a kid!! Make a den or a fort with your sofa cushions, duvets or sheets, and whatever you find, stick up a laptop and watch a film in there, add some fairy lights and pull up some cards or monopoly. I feel like doing (and enjoying!) things that we’d never normally do, is a good way to build some positivity around a really shitty time.

Stay safe lovelies! Until next time xxx

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