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Hello you beauts!! So obviously travel and holidays feels so far away right now (sadness indeed) – and rightfully so of course. However, if you are a travelholic like me, I’m betting you’ll find some sort of peace and excitement being able to plan for the future. The whole of the travel industry is being well and truly smashed in the face repeatedly right now, and obviously we can’t quite judge how it’ll be when things start opening up again and free movement starts to make a return. But with all that being said, we can dream and wonder about the wander in the world. Bookmark this post to have all the tips ready when you need them!

I’ve been to Vegas twice now – once with my best friend (no planning even came into this really which I love, we were just like, shall we go to Vegas? Yes, yes we should, and went – amazing,) and once with my boyfriend, where we went on a road trip across America. Both were so much fun – and I can absolutely recommend going to Vegas with friends and other halves as there is sooo much to do for everyone. I love Vegas, I honestly think I could live there – which I feel like is pretty special as it would be a bit much for most people 24/7 I’m sure haha! I love it so much that I search it up a LOT and have discovered some seriously good deals – and some things that are just worth forking out a little extra for!

I went to Vegas from London, flights and hotel included for 5 days, for £400 per person. (Two of us were going.) If that’s not the dealiest deal you’ve heard of then I probably can’t help you. 😉 It really does not need to be crazy expensive as I bet you’ll be thinking it has to be, and there are some tricks to save a bucket load of money when you’re out there too. I thought I would just share what I’ve learned with you all in a blog post as to be honest, you just have to go Vegas, and that’s that!

  • Firstly, one of the best ways I’ve found seeing any holidays cheapest dates is to start with Skyscanner. (I’m betting most of you will have heard of this, but in a nutshell it is a flight comparison website that searches the internet for all the best flight deals.) If you’re flying from London, always put London ANY as the departure airport, and then heading to Vegas. Although we all have our ideal airports to fly from, if you knew you could save £200+ by driving an extra hour in a car to a different London airport, it’s probably worth knowing, right?

    To find the best deal here, don’t choose your dates, click the option for the cheapest month and see what comes up. Obviously Vegas has it’s peak seasons – I’ve been in February and in August/September and liked both for different reasons. It’s still plenty hot in February, but the pool parties won’t be open. Have a look at the weather for the cheapest months and see if that’s worth the price for you. Honestly though, Vegas never ever stops so no matter what time of the year you go, you’ll have a great time, there will still be headliners and club nights and so much going on. I really don’t think there’s a bad month to go! Although summer is stunning and busier, you might have a limit to how hot or how busy it gets, so there really are upsides to everything. (Also, you cannot do the grand canyon properly in 40 degree heat YOU WILL DIE, so you know, consider it all hahaha.) If you really want to go to Vegas and you’re on a budget, I would go for the cheapest month as you won’t regret it and will save money for something else worth splashing on!
  • Now you’ve found the cheapest dates to go, you don’t necessarily have to book through Skyscanner. I mainly use this to see the price trends, but often find holidays will be cheaper to buy flights and hotels from the same company. Although it’s good to shop around everywhere, I almost always use Expedia to find the best deals – Expedia also have student discounts and a really good loyalty scheme to get money off future holidays. They are also a Nectar partner so you’re collecting points there on holidays too. For me, it tends to have the best deals and the best benefits, a lot of the time. Search for those cheap ass dates you found for flights and hotel on Expedia and you start to get a picture of your overall base cost. Lots of the time hotels will have flash sales and deals too.

    If you’re on a budget, don’t overthink location too much. (One of the only times I will ever say this haha.) Almost all of the hotels are along the main strip – one HUGE straight road that starts to bend just at the top. There are things to do across this whole road and casinos/clubs along the way. The road is way too long to be able to see all of Vegas on foot anyway, so if you want to explore you’ll have to hop in cabs at some point – more on that later. Look at the reviews and do some research, but there are hundreds of really lovely hotels there, all surrounded by loads of things to do!
  • An important tip for holiday searching is to browse in incognito mode, a private browser, or remember to constantly remove your cookies. When websites are tracking your holiday searches, they will up the price when you come back to look as they know you’ll be more likely to book. So long as you don’t let them track you, you should find the best deal!
  • From this, you should have secured a badass deal to fly and stay in Vegas, now I have some more tips! Ubers are super cheap here, but you have to be extra vigilant in the US. So long as you’re in a group – or not alone – just double checking the license plate of every taxi and looking at the ratings for the drivers will suffice. We didn’t have one bad taxi driver on either of my holidays here, and we got a lot! But do always check and read the signals. Ubers are significantly cheaper than taxis out here and a good way to save money!
  • Look up places to eat before heading out to Vegas. There are so many little bakeries and cafes that are really well priced, and there is sooo much food to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice! It’s worth having a look at Tripadvisor for places to eat near your hotel and plans to do. When we wanted something quick for on-the-go we stopped at Mcdonald’s one too many times hahaa. But there are always last minute options like this too. I would say it’s so worth having a boujie meal in a well rated restaurant though, they have some goodens!
  • If you’re doing what I imagine you’ll be doing in Vegas, it is well worth having a think about where you’ll be drinking. Drinking can easily be the thing that drains your bank balance – pre drinking is KEYYY and finding the deals are so important. When we were in club Omnia (so much fun and so worth going to, a lot of the headliners perform here and the chandelier is HUGE and moves around to the music. But, drinks were almost $30 each here which IS PAINFUL! – And also not an outlier in Vegas.) So do some thinking before, a lot of bars near big club venues have $20 entry for all you can drink open bars for a few hours before, so if that’s your scene, do that!! (Responsibly of course 😉 but to be honest, even if you only wanted two glasses of wine or something, you’d literally save money going somewhere to pre rather than buying them at the event venue!)

    With this point, loads of bars have bottomless brunches – we found some places with nachos and cocktails and loads of different themes. These can easily cost $30 a head, but it’s something you can hugely make the most of and save money down the line. If you’re playing on machines or gambling you can get free drinks, but obviously be cautious AF about how much you’re spending. We asked a guy who worked at the casino how you actually do some of the machines (rookies haha!) but he just told us he wouldn’t advise it at all, you’re not going to win. So funny! But so true, they can be so much fun but I’d never spend more than I can afford to lose. I remember winning like twelve dollars on the big wheel and being BUZZED for so long hahaha.
  • If you want to spend some of your time here shopping, I cannot recommend the designer outlets enough. The discounts here are sooo good – me and my friend had to bring back huge extra bags back with us as we just couldn’t help but buy it all! I stocked up on enough Calvin Klein underwear to last me forever, and when I went with my boyfriend he bought a gorgeous jacket and jumper which were the tiniest portion of their RRP. I love a bargain and LOVE a shop, and these places are so worth the time! They’re generally a little drive outside of the main area – 15 minutes or so, but you won’t be disappointed if this is your thing!
  • See if there are any cheaper ways to do the things you want! This sounds obvious, but to put it in context, one thing we wanted to do was go up the Stratosphere tower. It has the most beautiful views of the whole city and is well worth the trip. You can pay $20 or so each to head up here and bask in the view, but if you book a table for the cocktail bar you can go up for free to get to your reservation, and you don’t have a minimum amount to spend up there – you could essentially go up for free and get a bottle of water. (Although I would say this is one of the things worth spending a bit on, have some cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere! Although outrageously expensive, you’ve probably saved a lot of money elsewhere by now!) Me and my boyfriend went to the restaurant up here with the slow revolving platform, and got to see the stunning views and have the most delicious meal! The most expensive dinner of our entire lives, but such an incredible experience that I don’t regret one bit! If you do eat up here, make sure you wait a little longer for a window view as it is so so worth it! The very top is open air and has some mental rides which are also the most adrenaline inducing YES for Vegas!
  • On this note, there are a few things which are entirely worth the price! I would definitely recommend going to see a show as they are so beautiful – some cirque du soleil acts like I’ve never seen, including acts in revolving water pools and all sorts of crazy shiz. If there is a headliner you’d love to see – book tickets to the show!! We saw Martin Garrix and it was really such an incredible night! One thing that will hurt your soul about this, is girls pay about half the price to boys. We can all guess why that is, but when your boyfriend has to pay double what you do it is silly!

Okay so I feel like this is already crazily long! There really is SOO much I can tell you about Vegas and recommend to you, I’m sure I’ll be writing more in depth posts like this in the future! But it may be worth bookmarking this post for your future tips and travels! I hope you enjoyed.

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  • Kate

    6th August 2020 at 9:50 am

    I LOVE all the pictures you include! And such a detailed post ☺️ ✈️

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