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With so much rich, vibrant colour surrounding Marrakech, it’s understandable you’d want to take as many snaps as you can! There are a few rules when taking pictures in Marrakech and Morocco as a whole – mainly never taking pictures of other people and their immediate property. People find it disrespectful if you take pictures of their things (stalls etc,) and will often demand money if you do. Friends of ours have also experienced people putting things on them (such as live snakes,) in order to try and demand money for a photo. It can be very awkward but so long as you’re aware, you can avoid all of this and take some stunning memories. Take a look at our tips in Morocco post to hear more, and let’s get into it!

The desert

First up, on the outskirts of Marrakech you will find the Agafay desert. There are other deserts in the country that can be just as (if not more!) beautiful, but this is a great one you can easily fit in on your trip to Marrakech. There are a huge amount of tours you can find online – we booked ours on Expedia and went quad biking. We would not recommend a camel riding tour – as sweet as they look – as they are often very mistreated. Have a look at our tips in Morocco post to hear more and always travel kind. We saw more relaxed clothing rules in the desert so it’s a great place to get in shots in different outfits.

Gardens and Riads

You are absolutely spoilt for choice for gardens and riads here in Marrakech. There are so so many to choose from and you should try and fit in a few! A good few hotels you can stay at are riads and will provide the best backdrops 24/7. For day visits, we went to the Menara Garden, (the above three pictures) Le Jardin Majorelle, and Le Jardin Secret. (The Majorelle and Secret garden pictures are on respective lines below.) They are all so worth seeing and the loveliest places to relax with a book, a bite to eat, and a drink and to lounge and chat with friends. They were immersed in colour, palms and succulents and make for great photo spots.


Markets here are entirely filled with colour – and the loveliest stalls selling spices, trinkets, clothes and more. There are more rules when you’re here though – as people often take offence when you take pictures of their property. As long as you ask first you’ll be fine – some people may ask for money or expect you to buy something so be aware of that. Whilst it can be overwhelming there are also some lovely people on these stalls too. We found if you take open shots of markets people would be fine, it just can’t be obviously aimed at one individual or their property without asking first.

Walkways and backstreets

Okay so obviously do some research and keep wits about you, but some of the alleys and walkways just outside of the markets (you don’t need to go far out at all,) are completely empty and absolutely stunning. The architecture of these buildings is so obviously Moroccan and makes for lovely photos.

Ouzoud Waterfalls and other tours

We didn’t quite have the time to visit the Ouzoud waterfalls, but they are a few hours on a tour outside of the city and look absolutely stunning!! You can hike around the falls and see monkeys in their natural habitat. We will be going here in the future!! Have a look at the other tours on offer as some of the nature in Morocco is just unbeatable, including canyons, valleys and waterfalls.


Marrakech has a range of ruins and gorgeous architecture. Namely:

  • El Badi Palace
  • The Saadian Tombs
  • Medrasa Ben Youssef
  • Bahia Palace


A last little tip is to take pictures in restaurants. Usually there will be far less rules than elsewhere and most restaurants are a little more lenient about what you wear also. (Although it’s always a good idea to wear floaty clothes and be respectful.) Many restaurants here have some stunning views, and who doesn’t want to see a bunch of food and a cocktail in the picture? Yaaas please. Have a look on tripadvisor for the most grammable restaurants, our fabourite was Entrepotes, but we have a huge list we’d love to see in the future.

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