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Hello explorersaur! Today’s post is a gorgeous little beauty round up; the 2020 Beauty Awards Box from Latest in Beauty. Latest in Beauty have some fab beauty boxes and I’ve always been a particular fan because there are never any strings attached. I’ve subscribed to other alternative boxes in the past and usually find some months coast along with substandard products and just don’t amaze; often with teeny minatures that you’re not always getting a great deal on. You can pick and choose what boxes you get from Latest in Beauty. I’ve bought the Beauty and the Beast box, the vegan box and previous beauty edits and love this whole way to buy. I’m also a sucker for a favourites/beauty heroes round-up as I always want to give the cult products a go – so let’s get into this one!

The box cost about £25, and the box is worth over £100. There are a mixture of full sized and smaller products and it’s a great way to try some new things and stock up on some oldie-but-goodies. Here is the sheet included in the box with the products and the categories they won. Instantly I saw a few favourites in this box including the Nars blusher, Aussie treatment, Hawaiian Tropic suncare, and Bastiste dry shampoo. I use all of these badboys often and completely stand by them, which definitely gave me high hopes for the rest of the box also.

All three of these are smaller sizes – although with the Nars blush a little goes a really long way so I know this will last. The shade is supposed to be a good all-rounder as it’s not too orangey for paler skin tones (hello me,) but still adds life to more tanned tones. It is the cult shade Orgasm and will definitely last all day. I buy minis of the Batiste dry shampoos all the time to travel so have added this to my travel minis drawer – it’s a nice fresh scent, but I do tend to lean towards the more fun options normally! This dry shampoo leaves a little more residue than some others I’ve tried, but it helps add to the volume and texture of the hair at the same time. It’s best for the day before a hair wash and a real gooden!

Here are the main makeup pieces included in the box – including a lipstick, cream blush, mascara and the blush we talked about. The lipstick shade is definitely not a safe bet from our pals and Latest in Beauty (haha!) and I have to say isn’t quite my colour, but the formulation seems really creamy. For a colour like this the wearability is the real test, so we will stay updated after some trials! The brand is called Flower Beauty and this won the place for the best new brand.

I’m not reallyyy a cream blush kinda girl, and this shade is a very orange/coral tone. I think it would be beautiful for darker skin but this one is not a winner for me. A little goes a long way again and it won the award for the best cheek product – maybe I’ll try another shade, maybe! The Eyeko black magic mascara won the best eye product award and it’s a real gooden! It’s one of the most lengthening mascaras I’ve tried and I’m a real fan – the only downside is it can be a little bitty, leaving teeny blobs of mascara and being awkward to tidy makeup up. But if you apply super carefully this will look beautiful, midway between natural and dramatic, super lengthening and last all day.

The hair products in this box are real gems. I’ve tried all of these brands before and know they each have some star products, so I was excited to be testing them all out. The Aussie hair mask is a mini and the perfect travel size to bring away on hot humid holidays (I can dream!) so I’ll be saving it for then. I’ve tried it in the past and it definitely leaves my hair silky soft, hydrated and easy to manage. I usually buy it when it’s on a 3 for 2 offer in Boots – hold out for the offers for sure!

I’ve tried hair oils from got2b before and they really helped manage my hair – especially when living in Florida over summer and baring the humidity and crappy shampoos. (They obviously have some goodens too, but so many of the brands we use here and filled with different crap over there and make your hair really waxy and frizzy – I’d never had frizzy hair in my life before living there!) So I know the brand can be a saviour already. This hair spray is true to it’s name – freeze spray! It holds very well but the payoff for that means quite a rigid finish in the hair – whilst you can brush it out it is much more drying that other hairsprays I’ve tried. I’d say it’s perfect for big nights when you’re willing to go a little further to keep your hair in place, but too often and I can imagine my hair being really unhappy with me! This is a small-ish size. Smaller than full, but way big enough to last and to travel with.

Okay, so something I was instantly intruiged by was the St. Tropez self tan vitamin face gel. This is a small bottle but again, a little definitely goes a long way. The gel smells incredible – nothing like fake tan at all, and really does tan the face evenly. Just be aware of residue left on your hand. This may be fake tan lesson number one, but it’s easy to forget when it smells and looks nothing like fake tan! I will definitely be buying this again as I love to fake tan in the summer but always avoid my face to keep it in good condition. This is the answer friends!

Hawaiian Tropic is definitely my favourite sunblock I’ve tried. It smells incredible and is super moisturising. It sometimes takes a little longer to set in than other sun creams but it’s worth it for that gorgeous branding and scent. I usually buy bulk online when summer rolls around (although we are supposed to use sunblock all year round – I need to remember that!) and this bottle alone is worth over £10 online so a steal to have a full size in the box. The sanctuary spa jelly won the best budget product – love that they included that – and it’s a really unique concept. It’s basically a moisturising gel to use straight out of the shower and leave to set in. It smells lovely and although it won’t be replacing my normal moisturisers it’s a fun little product. It would make a good gift in a full size, perfect for the hotter weather and the brand is really lovely.

The vitamin C serum is from Superdrug, winning the best retailer award. I’m a big fan of Superdrug – especially around Christmas and I’m excited to try this! You’re supposed to use products for around 8 weeks to really see the difference and whether it works for you. As I’m halfway through a different serum I’ll wait to try this but will update down the line! Finally, the Pixi glow tonic is the editor’s pick in the box. An all-round winner, a cult product and really good to brighten up skin. This is not quite full size but again, is really generous and perfect to take travelling. I have enough of these to stock me up for a while now and as I’ve been late to the party and only more recently fallen for it, I’m happy to have stocked up!

Overall I think this box is great value for money. I would definitely recommend checking out Latest in Beauty when you’re feeling a haul but want to save some money; it’s such a great way to try a bunch of new things without a huge price tag. I’m obsessed with the different themes and will keep you updated on others I buy and fall for!

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