Our first pandemic break in the UK – Kent Cabin – £50 discount off airbnb

It’s been such a strange year for us holiday hunters, so after doing a whole bunch of research and visiting the loveliest little cabin, we have some tips and a GORGEOUS cabin to show you. Jack’s birthday was creeping around the corner, so following months on end without a break, I decided to book something special for his birthday. Going abroad did cross my mind and can be done right now following some rules in some destinations, but it seemed so much more up in the air and obviously a lot more risky. Friends of mine have booked abroad and been cancelled on last minute, and there is more of a risk of infection as you travel etc.

With a cabin like this badboy, we had the option to drive all the way there and so not cross paths with anyone. You can also book this cabin with complete self check-in to be totally isolated. There are enhanced cleaning procedures across loads of airbnb’s, and there were loads of cleaning products out for us to top up and get peace of mind.

Check out our video on what we got up to in the cabin:

Featuring tree top climbing, lots of food, lots of cocktails, a wood-fired hot tub and fires all round.

Get £50 off your first airbnb booking

Airbnb have a whole bunch of options across the UK (and internationally) that are one of the safest ways to have a break right now. Whilst it’s always a good idea to take precautions and clean when you arrive, sanitise etc, there are so many options where you don’t have to see any other people and can completely isolate – including with your own front doors and little slices of land. (This is not a sponsored post.) The discount is for your first booking on airbnb, but you can create a new account on the website in order to still get the discount. Thank me later!

Get £50 off here!

About Our Cabin

We chose to look for cabins about a one to one and a half hour drive from our home in Brighton. A good enough distance to feel like you’re exploring, but close enough for a mini break without having to travel crazily far. I had a cheeky peek at Google maps and searched the forests on either side of Brighton to look for a nice place to stay. In the end I was looking at the New Forest on the West and Kent forests on the East – one of Jack’s presents was actually a cabin I booked with some of our closest friends for later in the year, so decided to head to Kent. You can view the exact cabin we booked this time here.

I booked us in for two nights – with the full day in the middle being Jack’s birthday. I was totally taken in by the cutest little gypsy-esque cabin set in the middle of the secluded garden, with a wood-fired Japanese hot tub – that uses completely natural clean water pumped by the on-site borehole and heated up purely by burning logs. There is an outdoor kitchen, outdoor shower and toilet (with indoor options too!) fires dotted all around and plenty of spaces to lounge and relax.

The inside of the cabin was cosy and small, in the perfect way. The toilet options are in separate buildings so it was just one room with a decent double bed, log burner and desk/shelves. There is a heater in the room but on our break this happened to be broken, so we used the log burner. This was such a lovely experience though and always warmed up the cabin in seconds! It became a sauna very quickly haha – a little wood goes a long way here. You reach the cabin through some steps on the outside as it is on wheels (that are stuck still!) and elevated! On the first night we jumped in the hot tub, had lots of food and drinks by the fire, and then cosied in bed to watch a film on the iPad I had brought along with us. We snacked away and it was the loveliest, cosiest vibes!!

The outdoor kitchen is one of my favourite features here! I’ve never experienced anything like it and it looks gorgeous set in the middle of the grounds. There are a good amount of cutlery and plates, but we brought some paper plates and cups with us to save on some of the washing up which was really handy to have. There is a hob in this island, but you can also cook over the grate on the fire. We don’t get to do this often at all (if ever!) so made the most of cooking over the fire. You can put the pots and pans on the fire and cook that way, but we also brought some pre-made meals wrapped in foil to cook over the fire. The best of the bunch were pizza sandwiches/pizza pies. We made pizza sauce with tomato puree and a bunch of herbs, and added grated mozzarella all over the top. We sandwiched this together, wrapped in foil and cooked ever so slightly open over the fire for 10 minutes or so. It. was. divine! Check out the video above to see how expertly they turned out. Bloody beautiful!

On this point, we’ve collated a decent list with things you absolutely need to remember on a cabin/woods holiday so keep an eye on the blog and travel tips sections to see what we’d recommend! Some things we were thrilled to have brought with us, and there were a couple of things we kicked ourselves for forgetting!!

We both tried the outdoor shower just to experience it – and it was a bloody CHILLY experience! Jack really enjoyed it and was much warmer than me (he always is!) but prone to the cold, there was no amount of heat from that water that could counteract the chills of the air outside! As the cabin heats up super quickly with the fire burning it was easy to jump in there to warm up quickly afterwards though. We chose to use the indoor toilet most of the time (apart from midnight pee dashes) which was just next door and easy to get to.

The hot tub added to the atmosphere soo much, and we’d never tried the traditional fire heated way to lounge in one before. As the water is all natural, it was a tiny bit swampy on the second day, so I would recommend a serious scrub before getting in the first time, and being careful not to get any leaves etc in it. The smell of the wood smoke billowing away out of the chimney with the steam coming off the water was really lovely. I need one of these badboys in my life!

We were based super close to Leeds Castle so decided to go tree top climbing for Jack’s birthday followed by a pub. There are a good few pubs in the area with the Dirty Habit pub also selling the most delicious food. They are definitely walk-able (with loads of gorgeous walking routes in the area,) but we decided to drive to them to enjoy the camp as much as possible.

We would definitely recommend checking out this cabin if you’re in the area or after something similar – so relaxing and such a lovely way to be surrounded by nature. Airbnb have so many to offer around the country and we will be checking more out this year so keep an eye out for those! Have a look at the travel section here on Explorersaur to see how to get the most out of your UK holiday, how to travel during the pandemic, and all of our top tips!

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