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Back with a celebration!! If you know me you’ll know I adore any excuse to celebrate, eat good food and get creative. Earlier in lockdown I decided to throw a Pokemon party/afternoon tea for my boyfriend Jack and I, (I know, that’s a LOT of food for two people!) so I thought I’d share everything with you today. If you haven’t already, you can check out my all time favourite afternoon tea creation so far – my Harry Potter afternoon tea, here. This Pokemon afternoon tea would be perfect for a kids party, or just wanting to relive your childhood and have a laugh.


  • There were a couple of reasons I decided to make this afternoon tea Pokemon themed, first of all, it was always Jack’s childhood thing – he and his brothers had all the games and cards and really enjoyed it, and obviously we jumped on the Pokemon Go hype when that all kicked off. Another reason was the amount of Pokemon-esque things we already had in the house; I love to make use of the things we already have for times like this and so Pokemon was a natural go-to for us. We had the giant Eevee toy from Winter Wonderland in London where Jack absolutely smashed a fairground game, and the Charmander was a little stocking filler I bought for Jack one Christmas (it’s from Build a Bear.)

I used bunting we already owned and I had previously made the doughnut wall in the back for a Uni leaving party. I abso-bloody-lutely love that! I also have a bunch of cake stands and props I’ve collected over time so made use of these to tier the cakes and make everything pretty. I laid out some of our paper plates and napkins (although had my eye on these Pokemon ones!) and bought this balloon from Amazon which was really well priced and a great addition. The black snack cards were just made out of black card and shiny pens – I always have this lying around as it is soo handy for any sort of celebration, and just fun to get creative! You can get black card here for a few pounds, and shiny/metallic pens here.

What we ate:

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As I wanted to make a magnificent selection but there were only two of us feasting, I decided to make most things freezable/things we could pick at later down the line. I kept the boxes for the little cakes left out and most things were easy to stick in the fridge. Saying that, you’d probably be disgusted at the amount of food we ate this night haha!

We had a selection of sandwiches – homemade egg mayo and cheese and salad – some also had quorn slices in. Egg mayo is always a winning option as it’s easy to scale up without any more effort – for a big party it’s super simple and also bloody delicious. I had planned to make some pokemon cupcakes but after evaluating the amount I had already arranged, I decided to leave these out. They could be really fun to make though so they’re on the list of my upcoming baking escapades! Keep an eye on the blog if this is something you’d be interested in. (And if they never show, they probably turned out awful haha!)

I found the pokemon baby bell idea on pinterest and honestly fell in love! They were so easy to make as you just tear off half of the red wax to leave the base for the pokeball. Next I cut out some thin strips of my black card, used a metallic pen to colour the button in the middle and stuck everything together with double sided sticky tape. I left out some other snacks like veggie sausage rolls, olives, cheese, chocolate and crisps and dips (all the real winners,) I promise we’re healthier than this sometimes!! If you were doing a party like this of your own it’s a good money saver to get some cheaper snacks, lay them out or put them in bowls and label some snack cards themed to the party – like I did above. If you buy all the novelty snacks you’ll end up spending 10x the price (or more!) so jazzing it up creatively is usually the best way to go – I find!

One thing that I loooved the addition of was the pokemon fizzy drinks. I had bought a whole bunch of Japanese candy from a new shop I’d discovered (Tofu Cute), that lays out all the dietary information of the stock. Take a look at my trying Japanese sweets YouTube video here if you’re interested!

Pokemon games ideas:

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Throughout my planning I stumbled into a load of really fab game ideas for Pokemon parties, we didn’t do a huge amount as we made our afternoon tea pretty boozy and played lots of games throughout the night(!) but I thought I’d list off some of the inspiration I found.

First up, pokemon gifts can be great to make games out of – and is an activity in itself unwrapping and discovering what goodies you have. I bought Jack some pokemon cards to remind him of the old times, and a little pokeball figure with some more cards in. (And me, I am a gift, the gift is me.)

Guess the Pokemon – type this into Google or Youtube and you’ll be spoilt for choice. There are some videos or online printable pages (or just use a screen,) that black out the pokemon and you have to work out what one it is. There are also emoji pokemon games where the emojis make up the pokemon name. Add in prizes (or shots) and you’ve got a winner!

Pin the tail on the Charmander (or similar.) There are loads of versions of this you can buy online – like this one from Etsy – or you can print off a Charmander picture, a picture of his flame tail and add some bluetac. Blindfold players and spin them round and then let see who pins the tail the closest. On that note, you can get pokemon/pokeball pinatas!

Catch the pokeball! Grab some white ping pong balls and a cap or two, and colour the balls half red, with the black stripe down the middle. You can use any marker pens to do this, just make sure you leave them with enough time to dry properly. The aim is to catch the balls in the hats as you’re all moving around.

Do you have any to add? Keep an eye on the blog for more themed afternoon teas and I will see you soon!

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