Creepy Halloween films to watch in October | Ranging from creeps majeeps to TERRIFYING!

Oh hello Explorersaur pals!! Today’s post is such a fun one, a round-up list, the master-list if you will, all about the films you absolutely definitely completely entirely need to watch in October! They range from creepy kiddo films (oh hello the Corpse Bride,) to terrifying films that will have you shook, keep you up at night and make you cuddle your cats for some comfort. Now that’s my kind of vibe!

I’ve listed out all these badboy goodies, with a brief overview of the films and what to expect. There are absolutely no spoilers included in this list but enough to give you an idea and make the move to find out more yourselves! Enjoy my witches.

Watch me talk through the flims here!

Epic and kiddo safe:

  • Monster House – A cartoon master piece with an actual creepy as heck storyline. Basically, the house is alive – possessed if you will. Without any spoilers, a group of kids are trying to get to the bottom of it and prove something is going on. Without much help from police and the scary man who owns the house, they venture out trying to get to the bottom of the mystery and see what’s going on.
  • The Corpse Bride – This film has a piece of my SOUL. A Tim Burton masterpiece with a creepy, dark-illustrated cartoon, following a man who inadvertently asks a corpse to marry him. He is taken to the underworld and is trying to get back to his normality, and really, not marry the corpse, but his betrothed alive-lady. This has recently been added to Netflix and you’d be silly to give it a miss!
  • The Nightmare before Christmas – The Tim Burton ORIGINAL – Jack Skellington, the basic king of Halloweentown is looking for meaning, looking for more. He finds the portal to Christmasland, where his purpose is sparked, and he wants a piece of this. He brings ideas back to his town to try and convince his people of Christmas – and kidnap Santa Claus. A Halloween/Christmas film in one, in my opinion, and a true banger!
  • Coraline – Again, a kiddo film with a really sinister story! Coraline’s parents have relocated the family, and she’s not happy about it! She is looking for adventure, and finds a teeny little door in her new house, taking her to some sort of parallel universe. Here she finds her other mother, other neighbours, and other family – all with button eyes. Everything is magical, filled with adventure, yet she discovers the previous children who lived in her house have gone missing. She is told she can stay there forever to live this magical life, with one catch, she has to sew the buttons onto her eyes. Everything takes a dark turn, and, well, watch to find out!
  • Hocus Pocus – Believe it or not, I’ve only gotten round to viewing this Halloween classic this year! With an epic cast, three witches are hung in Salem or their witchery – and being blamed for the missing children in the area. (And you find out quite quickly, they absolutely did do it!) Sucking the life from kids to restore their youth. They create a spell that means in the future, they can be brought back to life with a spell and continue their dark magic. This happens in a more modern day Salem, and the people who brought them back have to fight to win.
  • Goosebumps – A more recent watch for me too! Goosebumps stars Jack Black and since has had some epic sequels released. An author has to keep his books all locked up, otherwise the characters in his books will be released – creepy characters that will cause a whole bunch of havoc. Of course, they get released, and our cast work to trap them all back in the books and save their town.
  • The Haunted Mansion – What a banger. This film absolutely deserves more credit and should definitely be watched this time of year. I have loved this for years and always watch it a few times a year! Starring Eddie Murphy as an estate agent, his family enter a giant mansion he is hoping to sell. Little knowing his wife is the exact replica of a lady who had died here before, someone needed to help break the curse of the mansion and free all the spirits. This film is followed through oh-so-well, with so many complex characters, scenes and twists.

Teen family favourites:

  • October Kiss – This little gem was released on Netflix a year or so again, and I’ve since watched it a good handful of times! Hallmark has some very cheesey, feel-good movies and this one is absolutely fitting! A lady starts a job as a nanny for a widowed family, with a dad who works too much and kids who hate the Halloween time of year, as it reminds them of their mum who loved the season. The nanny works to bring the family together, and all the Autumnal scenes and settings, and relationships along the way makes this one so easy to watch and enjoy. Don’t expect A-class acting, (coming from me hahaha,) but do expect a bloody good time.
  • Harvest Moon – Another Hallmark gem, this film absolutely falls in line with a slightly budget production that will still make you feel all the feels. A rich girl discovers her dad – and source of her money – has lost it all. All that’s left is a pumpkin farm in her name, so she sets out there with hopes of selling it on and getting some money back. Of course when she is there, you are taken on a journey of the farm, the family running the farm and the town.
  • Practical Magic – A banger that has lasted the test of time. Everyone who’s seen this film would agree it’s a cracker and always comes back – whether that’s years apart or more often, it’s one to enjoy time and time again. A young Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman star as sisters with magical powers, trying to live in the world with sometimes dark magic and curses. Sandra’s character made a spell as a young girl to only fall in love with a very specific man – one brown eye, one blue, all his likes and dislikes listed. This curse means any other man she tries to be with could die, and she is trying to lift this curse now as a grown woman.
  • Harry Potter – Do I need to say anything on this one? Really? If you haven’t watched Harry Potter yet, you bloody should. There is a reason it has so much hype. Sometimes when you’ve not been a part of something for so long, it can be hard to make that move to catch up. (Totally feel this with Game of Thrones,) but usually I think there is so much hype for a reason, and Harry Potter deserves your time! As a completely magical, sometimes very dark and emotionally driven series of films, this is perfect for this time of year!! As a complete Harry Potter obsessive myself, I think you should take a look at the Harry Potter posts on this blog – visiting the studios, going for a meal in the Great Hall of Hogwarts, and Harry Potter afternoon teas! So many goodies – all available here to read. (Read them! 😉 )

Scary out of ten – will make you watch your back:

  • The Haunting of Bly Manor – Me and Jack binged this series in a weekend – after becoming soo obsessed with the Haunting of Hill House. I’ve put this series in this segment of the post, as it really isn’t as scary as Hill House. It had extremely big boots to fill and was still an emotional journey with so many clever twists and turns. For me, this series was really a whole bunch of sadness and I’m still not entirely sure how I feel, but I would definitely recommend you taking the journey yourself as it really is worth a watch!!
  • Ma – Such a CRACKER! This is kind of in that teen-screams genre, where you follow younger people around, aren’t necessarily hugely emotionally invested in the characters, but bloody love where the story is going. In a nutshell, a group of teens are looking to get some booze and have a whale of time. They’re asking strangers walking by the shop, and a lady decides to buy them the booze. After they drive away, she says she isn’t comfortable with them going and drinking out on the streets, and they can come and drink in her basement (creeeeeepy lady) instead. The group, being classic horror-movie teens, take up the offer and go drinking at hers. Shiz happens, it gets real, and it’s worth a view!
  • Countdown – This film is on Amazon Prime video at the moment and is a really clever storyline. There is an app that tells you the exact time you will die – down to the second. Of course, not believing it to be real, a group of friends download this app. Most of the group have 30+ years and are laughing and joking, but one girl sees she has only 4 hours left. This really creeps her out but she brushes it off as a joke and continues on with the night – only to die at that exact second that evening. From here, our main character has downloaded the app and sees she has not much time left, knowing the fate to be true, she is in hunt of the app’s origin, and how to stop this untimely fate.
  • Final Destination – Kind of a jokey horror but always worth a watch for me! I must have seen all of the final destination films ten times over – they’re just super easy watching and really clever – especially for the time they were launched. They are pretty gory but very cartoon-gore style, so it’s not really enough to turn a tummy. (Unless it is weak, be warned here haha!) Essentially, all films in this series start with our main character having a premonition of a catastrophic event killing everyone around them – one of which being a rollercoaster de-railing, one being a plane crash, a bridge collapsing – there are a lot to choose from. After making a big fuss (well duh,) about this, the group around them do not follow through with whatever event they were about to. Only to discover it was in fact true. From here, the group starts to die in order of how they would in the premonition – and they are in a bid to stop this chain and live their lives.
  • Ready or Not – This is a fab one -very jumpy, tense and sometimes a little silly. Ready or Not follows a newly wed couple – our girl is marrying into a very rich family who have a weird tradition of playing a game on the wedding night with the whole family, that this box chooses at random. Previous people tell the group they got chess, and other standard games. Our girl pulls the card out for hide and seek. Soon we discover this card means the whole family have to track her down and sacrifice her, in order to keep the good fortune of the family – eeek city pals, eeek city.
  • The Shining – An old school classic that just needs to be added to your horror repertoire. The Shining follows a family of three who move to a desolate hotel, where the dad is working on writing his book. We discover this hotel is haunted and a whole bunch of weird shit goes down, leading to the dad slowly going craaaazy. At this point we are following the mother and son, hoping for their escape.
  • Jaws – A classicy-McGee indeed. Jaws looks at a seaside town that has been ravaged by a shark, wanting his next tasty old meal. After discovering people have been eaten and killed by the shark, the town leaders decide to keep the news secret so as not to spoil tourism season where they make so much money. This is obviously a baaad plan, and our shark comes back for more, and it is brilliant. (The film, not the chomping people part hahaha!)
  • The Visit – This film is about two siblings who go to visit their estranged grandparents, who they have never met due to their mum falling out with them. They film the journey in hopes of creating a little documentary on their time, only to find out the grandparents are bloody weird and creepy as hell.
  • The Box – I can soo imagine this becoming a classic – and I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about it until I saw it tucked away in the horror section of Amazon. Cameron Diaz stars in this film, where a creepy old dude knocks at their house with a proposition from his boss – with absolutely no relation to them before now. He tells her, if you press the button in this box, you will receive a million dollars – and shows the money so it’s all legit. The catch, is someone you do not know will die. In need of money, the couple debate what to do and shit. goes. down.

These bad b*tches will KEEP YOU UP AT NIGHT:

  • The Haunting of Hill House – Honestly just in a league of its own. Hill House has all the fear and scares with some seriously menacing characters, but also follows through with such a deep, rich storyline that really makes you feel the feels for the characters. It builds texture, develops people and brings so many things to light along the way. Essentially, a huge family home was bought in order to sell on and make some money, in the process, a couple and their four children move into the house. Three of the children experience paranormal and downright terrifying experiences, and one doesn’t believe in them. The mother takes her own life due to these experiences and how they make her think, but the boy who never believed grows on to write a novel on the house. The story follows them as older people, flashing back to their younger experiences, and climaxes where they can’t always avoid the call of the house. It’s hard to explain without telling you everything to be honest, but if you want some scares and an emotional roller coaster, this is an investment so worth your time.
  • Dead Silence – This film is based around ventriloquist dolls, and an old woman who used to run a huge show with them. After blaming the disappearance of a boy from the town on her, the dolls seem to go on to haunt people for generations.
  • American Horror Story – So many epic series all within their own right to watch. My favourites include Coven – where a school for witches has some sinister, sometimes downright gruesome scenes, with clever twists. Freak Show is perfect for Halloween with so many eerie themes throughout and some really stomach-turning characters.
  • The Conjuring – This one is absolutely full of jumps and some horrifying characters. A family move into a haunted house and Ed and Lorraine Warren come to help – well, try. A part of the Annabelle series and if you want to go all out, Google the best order and watch them to see the journey unfold.
  • The Nun – Linked to the above, the Nun is a part of the Annabelle series and potentially the scariest to me. It is based in castle-esque setting, where Nuns in training can take their vows and worship. Of course, it’s haunted to heck and there are soo many jumps!
  • Sinister – This one is one of my all-time favourites! I just think the storyline is so very clever, and there are so many massive events throughout that teach you so much. It’s a hard one to explain with no spoilers – and one I especially wouldn’t want to give any out in as you really have to see for yourself. Essentially, a family moves to a new house. They move around a lot because the dad is a true crime investigator – all for the sake of his books, to get clout, fame and money. Little does his wife and family know, they’ve moved to the exact house a family’s mass murder happened – where everyone but one little girl was killed. And she was never found. A mix of paranormal, unexpected turns and clever scenes make this one such a winner for all horror lovers.
  • The Boy – This film follows a lady who has moved over to England from America, she is obviously trying to get away from something in her past, but at this stage we are just not sure what. She takes a Nanny position in an English manor, looking after a young boy. Yet when she arrives she finds the boy is actually a doll – thinking it’s a joke, she questions the couple, who tell her it is very serious. Thinking it’s really f*ing weird, but also knowing she actually is getting paid to look after a doll, she continues the position. Sooo much happens and you’ll be kept on the edge of your seat for sure.
  • US – Such a fantastic film filled with the most amazing cast of any film ever. All these actors are bloody brilliant and sell the story so well, I’m not sure I’ve ever been so invested. The film starts at night, with a scene of a couple and their daughter at a fairground by a beach. A storm is rolling in over the water and the little girl wanders off in awe of it. As she is standing at the beach edge, watching the storm, she turns to see a house of mirrors. She enters (all the while you’re screaming don’t bloody go in, come onnnnnnn!) and the creeps start. Props pop out in the hall and she is visibly getting a little more on edge, after getting lost and seeing her dim reflection in the gloomy room, she turns to see one reflection facing the other way. It is the back of her head. (Oh hellll no.) You see the girl get absolutely terrified, and the film cuts to her as a grown up with her own family, back at that same beach town. Everything feels odd to her, and you just know something is going on. This film is tense, clever, jumpy, INtense in so many parts, and you’re really rooting for the main family. If you do anything this October, watch this film!!

What do you think of this bucket list? Are there any films you’re burning to add yourself? I bloomin love sitting and getting all creepy to some horror films, so this is the time. to. SHINE. Until next time!

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