Visiting a Pumpkin Patch | Tulley’s Farm, Crawley 2020

Hello Explorersaurs! We’re getting all kinds of Autumnal today with a little round-up of Tulley’s Farm – a pumpkin patch based in Crawley, South of London. (Near Gatwick!) It seems like everyone and their sister are visiting Pumpkin farms this Autumn and to be honest I am ALL FOR IT. All those pictures full of orange and green popping up on Instagram – come at me! (Follow me on Instagram here @emmasivess – let me know you’ve come from this blog and I’ll be following back!) I visited a smaller pumpkin farm last year, before all the Covid dramas and had such a good time so knew I wanted to do the same again. I’ve talked about pumpkin patches as a great October activity here in my “what to do in Autumn 2020” post, they really are such a crack, and as they’re all based outside they’re one of the things we can still do safely at the moment – as long as we’re careful.

So Tulley’s Farm is currently taking bookings to visit the patch – where an adult ticket costs £2 to secure a timed entry. (You’re not hurried along when you’re inside which is fab – but also means the earlier slots are normally less busy.) You can see whether there are lots of tickets remaining for each slot, not many, or if it’s booked up – so generally if you go for a slot with lots of tickets left you will get less people. If you could make it on a week day you’ll also have a lot less people around.

The patch itself here is really cool – as with the patch we visited last year, there were a few different food stands and places to grab a drink. There were actually loads of options, tons of seating and a whole bunch of tables to sit around – so it was super simple to keep a distance. This particular place has food stands at both the beginning and the end of the patch, (it’s a one-way system) so if one spot looks busy you can go elsewhere. Not a huge amount of Vegan options but a good Veggie and standard selection.

The main downside to this place was the section for pumpkin picking itself – sooo many gorgeous photo spots and a decent sized pumpkin field, but most of the pumpkins were a little more standard than the place we’d been before. (Last year we visited a place called “Pumpkin Picking Patch” in Sompting, and they also have sites all around the UK.) The previous site was full of so many different colours and varieties we hadn’t seen before, and I think were actually grown on the field you pick from, where other farms often just take them all to a field for people to walk around in and take from. With that being said, the lack of variety the field offered was made up for with huge crates filled with a massive array of gourds, pumpkins and other veggies at the end near the check-out. (See the picture below!) Whilst they may not have been grown there it was pretty handy just picking the best ones out.

Overall we bought 8 pumpkins – a couple of really big ones, a few medium and ones a few little. It cost £20 in total which is pretty standard for pumpking picking as you’re paying for the novelty and experience more than anything. We’d expected it to be a little more as there are size charts dotted around, so £20 was great for us.

But is it safe?

As with everything we’re talking about at the moment, it’s important to consider whether or not a place is worth going due to Covid. We found this to be pretty good on our visit – we managed to go on a week day so a little less busy already, but there was plenty of space for people to keep a distance – all the tables were moved apart etc. Most people seemed to have a level head about them which is usually the main factor I’ve seen – sometimes you can be in the most open space but there will still be crazies getting way too close. I guess that sort of thing can really happen anywhere, so as long as you’re cautious I would say you’ll be fine here during this crazy Covid time!

What else they offer:

Normally Tulley’s have a giant scare maze – well actually a collection of looooads of different scare mazes, set up like a festival with food stands ad drinks available all around. We’ve yet to go here but the atmosphere and set-up looks really amazing and we’d love to visit when it is safe. Tulley’s are not letting us down though, as they also offer a drive-in cinema, where you can entirely social distance and watch films on a massive outdoor screen from the comfort of your own car. Another activity way up our Autumn to-do list (read that here!) and so cool they offer this. This is on the same farm but just a little further down the road from the pumpkin patch. We have just recently visited this and had the best time! Read all about it here!

Tulley’s are also offering an escape room this year. We’ve yet to see all the details but I’d imagine it’s one household per go – which is personally our favourite way to do an escape room as it’s always so funny being with people you know, not worried to be a fool or mess up. (Although given our track record Jack and I would never complete one when it’s just the two of us haha!)

Overall, definitely worth the money and definitely worth a trip. If you’re looking to get the most unique funky pumpkins ever, maybe have a look at what other farms are offering. But if you’re going for some good photos, a bit of bants and to pick a pumpkin baby for the spooky season, Tulley’s probably has all you need!

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