Autumn activities | All the things you can still do in lockdown!

Hello Explorersaurs! I hope you’re all feeling especially spooky and ready for the Halloween feels that are coming thick and fast!! I’m personally really happy it’s now Autumn and we can move on to wintery celebrations soon – a summer on lockdown seems like there’s a lot to be missed out on, but for some reason Autumn seems easier to handle. I guess a whole bunch of the fun – for us at least – is getting all kinds of cosy, spending time at home and getting crafty, and generally doing this that can actually still go ahead right now. Because of this I’ve put together a list of all the things you can still do this Autumn – let me know if you have anything to add!

Watch the video where I talk through all these ideas here:

What to do this Autumn:

  • Bake – Have a look at Pinterest and get creative! There are soo many gorgeous ideas for baked goodies online, I’ve recently made these vegan triple chocolate cookies which absolutely gave me life. I think there’s nothing better than a house filled with that warm, brownie baking smell, it sparks emotions my friends. Follow my Pinterest here if you want a round-up of seasonal baking ideas – I’m always pinning and would love to see you there!
  • Cosy up with blankets and films – Another fab part of this time of year. Turn your phone off, get cosied up with cushions, blankets and your cat. (If you don’t have a cat, get a cat and repeat the steps.) Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus and Now TV have all been bringing the goods lately. If you have some time on your hands, start a free trial of one you don’t have for some new goodness – even if you don’t continue it there’s something fun about having a whole bunch of newness to watch. Otherwise, google the best horrors, romcoms or whatever genre you fancy to see everything available. There are often soo many options on there that just don’t get shown to us – so Google is really handy for round-ups. I’ve just written up a whole post about all the best creepy films you should watch this Autumn – ranging from Creeps Majeeps kiddo friendly films, to absolutely terrifying; have a look at that post here!
  • Visit a pumpkin patch – Thankfully pumpkin patches are pretty much all outside, so most of them are still running this cyear. Some places have stricter limits of how many people can attend, and some are ticketing time slots to keep this in control. Just have a look at the ones near you and book in a visit to get your pumpkin fix. Honestly, such an epic photo opp and such a good way to get some different pumpkins. Last year we got some white, blue-grey pumpkins in loads of different shapes and sizes. You’ll still save some money getting the cheapest supermarket carving pumpkins, but even just for the experience and Autumn vibes of a pumpkin patch, you won’t regret it!
  • Go to a drive in cinema – Another thing still running that can easily be socially distanced is drive in cinemas. You simply roll up in your car, park where they tell you and tune your radio into their frequency so the sound plays through your car speakers. You don’t even have to leave the car so it’s such a brilliant way to get out and about, try something different but also stay safe. Just have a Google of Drive in Cinemas in the UK/near your location and you’ll find something!
  • Visit garden centres – Another group of places that have stood the test of corona are garden centres. Whilst you still obviously need to evaluate the risks in your area, they are often large, open and have outdoor spaces. The ones near us really regulate the amount of customers too which is good to see. A lot of garden centres have some really special Autumn and Christmas displays so it’s a really good way to feel festive. Maybe even take the plunge and go to one a little further out to experience something new!
  • Fall walks – A beautiful upside of this time of year is the crisp, crunchy-leaved-walks you can take. Even in the busiest of cities, there are often large park spaces that make the perfect backdrop for an Autumn walk.
  • Have a cinema night – If you can’t get out, take some time to have a cinema night at home. Rent a film on Sky or Amazon Prime that has been on your watch list for a while. Turn your phones off, order a deliveroo or get some fab snacks in, and make it a proper event. It can make such a difference when you really take the time to make it feel special and different from normal TV scrolling. You can even arrange your sofa or move the TV a little to make it a proper set up.
  • Carve and decorate pumpkins – Whether or not you visit a pumpkin patch, add a couple of £1 pumpkins to your weekly food shop and get creative. Google different pumpkin ideas and try something a little different. My all-time favourite pumpkin so far was where I made a bunch of trees look like an eerie forest around the pumpkin. With so much carved out it didn’t last a huge amount of time, but it was really something special!
  • Go to animal sanctuaries – A place that needs us more than ever right now is animal sanctuaries. There are so many dotted all around the country (and world really,) that often rely hugely on donations, visitors and people buying from their cafes and shops. As they’re also generally all outside and in open spaces, it’s easy to keep distance from other people. Visit those lovely fur and feathered babies and do something that makes such a massive difference.
  • Dress up, have a party – Whether or not we can go to large events or have people round our houses for parties, why not still celebrate? Dress up with your partner, your family, whoever, and play some Halloween games! Stick on the monster mash and get crazy hahaha.
  • Decorate – Again, whether or not many people will get to see it, decorate your house or your front door step. There are still so many goodies you can buy online whether or not you can get to shops. Amazon has been a real saviour for decorations for me this year! Even getting a few £1 spider web packs and going a bit crazy really helps set the scene and feel like you’re doing something a bit different. It can be hard to be in the same walls every day, so adding different little touches can make a world of difference.
  • Tick off an autumn thing you’ve never done before – Try something new! Whether that’s creating (or eating!) a pumpkin pie for the first time, trying apple bobbing, visiting a pumpkin patch or drive in cinema, an orchard or whatever else. There are so many things to try and often doing something a little different leaves the best memories!

Do you have anything to add? Have an EPIC Halloween pals and brothers!!

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