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Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is a cheeky round up of our recent trip to the Tulleys Haunted Cinema – a drive-in cinema based in Crawley (South of London,) in the UK. I recently posted about our trip to the pumpkin patch here on Tulleys farm – you can read that here. Since we had a cracker of a time we decided to come back for this! Due to the rubbish-ness of this year, I really wanted to give something brand new a go! So when I saw we’d be able to visit this cinema totally contact-free and experience something new and exciting, we booked right away.

Watch our YouTube video on the night!

What we booked and how the night was:

We really wanted to see something scary for Halloween, but when we got round to booking, most of the scary films at decent times were all sold out – so book as early as possible if this is something you’d like to do! There were some later viewings left but we decided we didn’t really want to watch a film at midnight as we’d just be shattered, so after looking at the options left we settled for World War Z. We’d both seen this film before but knew it was bloody brilliant so were more than happy to see it again.

We chose the middle premium ticket option (see the section below!) and the entrance option for 9.20PM. They have three entrance times distributed to make sure they keep traffic flow steady. 9.20PM was the earliest entrance time, and the film was set to start at 10. When we arrived we joined the queue to get the speakers – all drive in and you never have to leave your car, unless you need the toilet. In this queue some spooky looking actor people came to stare at us in our car which was both hilarious and awkward as hell! I love this little addition though as it makes everything a little more halloween-y. They also walk around the cars all parked up before the movie begins.

The speaker set you’re given is really fab – the sound quality is great and they are perfectly synced to the film. This is the only thing you need to collect from the event staff, but you have the option to get food delivered to your car also. You are told your parking spot which is fairly simple to find, given a couple of flyers with info and the toilet map, and then you just pull up and settle in.

On the point of the food; it is really quite yummy! They have quite a small range available for vegans, a few for veggies and an extensive standard menu. Although I didn’t get loads of options to choose from I really enjoyed what I did eat – and Jack loved his burger! The general vibe is burger, chips, snacks and sweet things, and you order it all from your phone. We’d definitely recommend getting food, but bringing all your own drinks and any other snacks so you’re not paying a premium on everything. We both said how perfect a pizza takeaway option would be for this set up – help a brother out Tulleys!

Would we recommend?

For a safe, fun, and different activity to try this Autumn, we would definitely recommend the Drive-In Cinema! Other than the speaker you don’t have to get close to anyone so it’s a great safer option for an activity that still gets you out of the house. The prices are really quite expensive so this is the main downside, but you can save money by bringing your own food and choosing the cheaper tier options. Everything is well looked after with great toilets in a proper block (watch the video to see these!) they had a really strong smell of bleach but to be honest if they’re being constantly cleaned and scoured I’m all for that!

If you do go you should absolutely bring everything you might need – you’re just in your car so it’s super easy to pack for EVERYTHING. We bought a few different fizzy drinks, water, sweets and snacks, and then blankets and fluffy socks so we could recline the seats fully and relax. Blankets were a great idea and to be honest, you could go all out and grab some pillows too! If it’s a pouring day it may be worth bringing some wellies as the floor can get a little muddy and you wouldn’t want to tread this all into your car!

Prices and availability

The ticket options are:

  • Premium £60
  • Middle Premium £55
  • Middle Sides £50
  • Wing View £45
  • Central Rear £45
  • Rear free style (for large vehicles) £45

All options have a £2 booking fee added. We chose the middle premium as we’d never done it before and wanted to get a great view. Unfortunately we had a bloody RANGE ROVER park in front of us, the tallest car out of literally everything around. (Sad face,) but we moved our car to straddle a couple of spaces and managed to see on the most-part. I definitely think they should have a limit to who can park where as a Range Rover in front of my short car was not ideal. As it’s so expensive they should have precautions against this really.With that being said we would still return, but I think if this happened again I’d ask the staff to let us move to a new space.

The food is also highly priced – but you’d get this from any cinema really. As you have the option to bring your own food I don’t really think of this as a negative. What I would say is to bring your own drinks and snacks as it pains me to think of paying a huge amount for something you could have easily got elsewhere – but as you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get a hot burger then and there, the £8 price tag here is more doable for me. Chips are around £4 for a decent portion, and popcorn is also around £4. The popcorn is not warm and freshly popped like the cinema so I would recommend bringing your own of this too – most supermarkets sell them super cheap!

Availability is dependent – there were quite a few free spaces on our film, but a lot of the horrors at the most ideal times sell out super quickly this time of year. If you’re looking at going I’d book as soon as you’re set on a film to avoid disappointment, All the information is available on their website here.

What else is on

You can also visit the Pumpkin Picking Patch here at Tulleys farm – we had a really good time here! Read all about what we got up to here so you can decide whether it’s right for you.

You can also book a few different versions of escape rooms – ranging in difficulty and advised age ranges. Due to Covid they are only accepting one group at a time – it will cost £60 for a group of two, £84 for three, £104 for four and so on. We haven’t been to this specific escape room so cannot say how it is – but it looks like a whale of a time, and given the other two sections of Tulleys this Autumn are so enjoyable I’m sure it’s a real cracker!

Have a read of Autumn activities/days out ideas post to see what else you can get up to this season!

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