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Oh hello Explorersaurs! So it’s nearing a month(ish) since I’ve fully turned Vegan, and although there’s a few things I will definitely never miss, there are some things high on my mind… Cheese and chocolate! I have tried some good vegan chocolate so far (hello Galaxy salted caramel Vegan bar!) but I need to find more, I need to find a really good replacement that covers that late night Cadbury niggle, the mid day malteser instinct, the afternoon aero urge. I had a decent as heck perk from my Vodafone contract that gave me 25% off Holland and Barrett plus free delivery, so decided now was as good a time as ever to start the search. Let the hunt… Commence!

(This post isn’t affiliated with any of the brands, as always all opinions are my own.)

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Mummy Meagz Vegan Creme Eggs – 99p

First up, VEGAN creme eggs! Creme eggs are absolutely up there with my all-time favourite chocolate, they might even be the best to be honest, I bloody love them. When I heard a UK based (Yorkshire) brand, Mummy Meagz, created hand made vegan creme eggs I knew I had to try. I had so much faith in fact, that I bought TWELVE haha. I have a Halloween party coming up (just with my instant family – if restrictions allow) and thought they’d be great to add to my table arrangement. You can buy them here for 99p each.

So, after much consideration and a few eggs down, I think these are delicious! Mummy Meagz started this craze with their Easter creme eggs – which features a much runnier centre, I think I like the sound of that more, as these Halloween versions feature a thick green fondant instead. Whilst I’d love to try the other ones I would definitely buy this version again. The outer shell is a dark chocolate – rich and perfectly balanced with the sweet sweet filling. (Seriously, the middle is sugar overload and I LOVE it!!) I can definitely see them being too sweet for some people, and they don’t quite fill the void of the creme egg, however they make a great dent in satisfying the craving.

Overall, I’d rate these a 4 out of 5 – and I can see the runnier, Easter version being a solid five!

Mummy Meagz What’s o-stirring hot chocolate spoon – £1.99

Also from Mummy Meagz I bought two of these hot chocolate, marshmallow spoons. These are not a new development by any means and I’d say for the last two or so years they’ve been everywhere around this time of year. With that being said, the Vegan movement was yet to grab them with all paws, and I’m so happy we have! I haven’t tried these yet as they will be perfect for stocking fillers so I will save them for that, but for the sake of £1.99 per spoon, it’s totally worth it for the pure novelty in my opinion! You can buy them here. How cute would they be in a Christmas Eve box with films, PJs and a Christmas mug!

Deliciously Ella Chocolate caramel cups, and almond butter and salted caramel cups – £1.69

Next up, I’ve been looking for a sweet treat to replace Reese’s peanut butter cups. I never really thought I was into peanut butter, but those butter cups really are a new level of deliciousness. I decided to try the double chocolate caramel cups and almond butter and salted caramel cups from deliciously Ella. Caramel is easy to make Vegan and so I have hope when seeing it as the main ingredient in sweet treats. I bought a whole bunch of these to add to stocking fillers for the Vegan members of my family – who said being Vegan means you have to miss out?! You can buy these for £1.69 full price per pouch – although at the time of writing this they are half price at 84p each! You can buy them here.

Okay, so for the double chocolate caramel cups – they are fab!! They have a little bit of a brownie cross over (Jack said this as he hoovered up the rest of mine, and I totally agree!) They taste more complex than double chocolate with a creamy, thick feeling and different textures in the different levels. The chocolate itself is like a super rich milk chocolate – not quite dark but definitely strong! A 4.5 out of 5 from me, and a solid 5 from Jack; who I think I need to hide the rest from!! These are super cute as well, as they look more handmade and less perfect (in a great way!) in their teeny cupcake-esque cases, which I love!

The almond butter and salted caramel cups rate a little lower for me – a 4 out of 5, maybe a 3.8 or so haha. The salted caramel is absolutely divine and such a delicious gooey treat, but the cups on these are oat based – much less sweet than I was expecting. I would definitely reach for them again, but they just don’t quite compare with the chocolate ones for me.

Doisy & Dam Nuttercups – £1.59

Again on the Reese’s peanut butter cup hunt, I decided to try out these Nuttercups from the brand Doisy & Dam. These are £1.59 each, and seem to come and go on the Holland and Barrett website – odd! But you can view the whole Doisy & Dam range here. They are definitely closer to the Reese’s peanut butter cups than my other options, and are shaped in the perfect cup. I think the dark chocolate is a teeny bit overpowering here, as the almond butter filling packs less flavour than it’s old peanut friend. Either a milk chocolate cup with this filling, or a sweet peanut butter filling with this case and they’d be perfect. I would definitely eat them again though – and absolutely try out more from this brand! I would rate these a happy, standard 3 out of 5.

Jealous Sweets Fizzy friends – £2.49

Okay so how good do these look!? I’m a complete sucker for a fizzy jelly sweet – I’ve grown up as a vegetarian so back in the day always avoided jelly sweets as they almost always had gelatine. Reeeal nasty stuff. I’m in my absolute element now as there are a whole load of vegan jelly sweet options – there was really never a need for gelatine and it does feel so strange to me how ingredients like that are even used when they’re so not necessary to reach the epitome of DELISH, but anyway!… You can buy these for £2.49 per bag here, and they’re really generously sized.

To kick it off, absolute 100% easy 5 out of 5. They are PERFECT. The texture is ever so slightly more jelly than I expected, where sometimes fizzy sweets can be tougher. They are perfectly sour and make you wince just a teeeeny bit, with the bang of the sweetness to follow. The flavours are grapefruit and peach and they smell so incredibly fresh, it’s like pure sweet peach as soon as you open the packet. Absolutely going to be buying these time and time again!!

Mallow Puffs Salted caramel mallows – £3.49

And finally, we have the mallow puffs Vegan coated marshmallows. I didn’t actually know this was even a thing until I was deep into my online Holland and Barrett haul, and I’m so glad I found them. I’m not the most marshmallow-y person on their own, but combine them with chocolate, bake them into cakes, rocky roads, you name it and I think they’re little clouds of heaven. The mallow puffs range includes these salted caramel mallows, and vanilla bean and dark chocolate mallows on the Holland and Barrett site. They are £3.49 a bag and are available here.

These are potentially my favourite find of the whole lot – at the very least up there at the top!! Whilst they’re a little more pricey, you get a decent amount in the bag and they just make the perfect treat. The best way for me to describe them is like a bigger, gooey-er milky bar. The dark chocolate coating is super thin and overpowered by the swetness of the fluffy as heck filling, I think the outside needed to be dark chocolate here too, because of how very sweet the middle is. The salted caramel flavour is brought through really well in the marshmallow too. I will most definitely be buying these A LOT. Perhaps I’ll stalk the brand and wait for an offer, only to stock up on THEM ALL.

So that’s it for my little round-up, Vegan chocolate haul! Let me know if there’s anything else I should try in this area of if there’s anything on this list you’ll be trying for yourself. Have a watch of my video to see my reactions and I’ll see you real soon pals!

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