Decorating my house for Halloween!

Happy Halloween you Explorersaur-ing pals! For today’s post I’ve decided to share a bunch of Pinterest-worthy decorations, to spread those spooky vibes. I feel like Halloween decorations are generally pretty short lived, and for that reason I quite like to have a mixture of full on tacky trinkets and a few more timeless pieces. For seasons when you have decorations up for a month plus, I get the investment in some real key pieces, but something about Halloween makes me want me to stick up a bunch of kids bunting and shake my ass to the monster mash.

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I’ve been slowly accumulating decorations from a range of (mainly budget) shops this month – including Poundland, B&M bargains, and Amazon. Whilst a bunch of these are cheaper options and really didn’t amount to much, I know I’ll still be getting use out of them for years to come!

Have a watch of the video where I show you everything I bought and the process of decorating!

The Kitchen Table

I don’t know when this even started really, but around every celebration I decorate and fully set up my kitchen table. I put out themed plates and serving bowls, snacks and decorations and usually some sort of bunting. I love the serving plates I’m using this year and those little cardboard treat boxes – Frankenstein and the Pumpkins add so much to this! Most of these pieces were from Poundland or re-used from previous years, and the bunting is from Sainsbury’s (and only cost £2 or so.) I always fold up my bunting to use another time too as generally they keep really well.

One of my favourite additions this year is the decanter on the far left of the table – with the skull top and the spider detail. This was £2 from Poundland (the audacity,) but actually is such a good little find! It’s proper glass and a decent quality, although the skull head scuffed a little – I think on its journey home with me. For £2 though I’m really happy with this – I just wish I bought the other option too! Those felt treat buckets are another fab find, I think I’ll be including them in some sort of catch game for Halloween activities (for my fully grown family by the way hahaha!) as well as using them as pots.

The Living Room

This is the room where we’ll be spending the most time this Halloween, so I wanted to make sure there were lots of fun little features. Something I always think goes a long way is spider webs – they’re usually pretty cheap and can make such a difference to a room, and for any areas that look a little sparse can add a huge impact. I’ve draped this all around the furniture and walls, and tucked some into my pumpkins from Tulleys farm. Until the big day these have been sat here looking cute as heck, but they’ll be carved on Halloween. (Tip: If you’re not going to eat/use the insides yourself, the squirrels, birds and wildlife LOVE this so be sure to leave it outside in the garden or a park!)

The Be Our Ghost bunting was a couple of pounds from B&M and is potentially my favourite addition to this room – other than the pumpkins. I thought it was going to be a teeny bit larger, but actually the size works really well draped here by the bar.

The Hall

The hall just has a couple of additions – the first being a “keep out” wall hanging from last Halloween, draped over my mirror. This is the first thing you really notice when you come in! It’s quite cute over a doorway thanks to the tassels, but I decided to mix it up and put webs around the doorways this year. Jack – being a tall pal – has gotten caught a few times and since pulled the display apart a little hahaha. The BOO hanging was also from Sainsbury’s.. They pulled it out the bag this year!!

I think I’ll leave up the decorations for a few days after Halloween, and then swiftly transition into some Christmas touches. We all need some festivities after this sad old year, so I think some early little features will help spread the joy a little further. The first day of advent is also the 29th of November this year so you know.. More excuses to put up the goods!

Happy Halloween Witches!!

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