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Hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about Holland and Barrett beauty – admittedly somewhere I hadn’t considered shopping at for beauty products before. Before this year I’d really thought of the brand as the destination for vitamins and healthy snacks! But I’ve now discovered they are bad-ass pals for all the Vegan chocolate and sweets you could want (see my post all about that here,) and so so much more. Earlier in the year I was invited to the launch of their newly refurbed Chelmsford store, in Essex – my family live here so it was perfect. I was taken around the shop and given some generous vouchers to try out some of the beauty products; sweet souls. (This post wasn’t a requirement of our collaboration and as always, all opinions are my own!)

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the shop – I’m really hoping they open sustainable stores around the country as we definitely need one in Brighton! The whole store is running with less emissions and cutting down on waste, as well as offering some great sustainable brands. Oh we love a sustainable flagship. The store is also fitted with touch-free heat sensors to keep everyone safe, and masks are currently required at all times. Let’s get into the goodies I chose!

UpCircle skincare
I’ve talked about this recently on my new sustainable brand finds post, and I’m really such a big fan of this brand! UpCircle products are made from repurposed coffee beans, are all natural, vegan, cruelty free and handmade in the UK. I mean what a bunch of legends. I’ve been using the Face Scrub floral blend for a while now – it’s almost all used up – and I’m converted. The scrub is really gentle and safe for sensitive skin, but does a great job and buffing away all the dead skin. The mix of oils and shea butter leaves your skin feeling so hydrated after scrubbing which is so special for a product like this! The bottle costs £12.99 and lasts a decent amount of time – combined with all the goodness the company stands for I think it’s a huge bargain!

Okay so this brand is fairly pricey – so much so that I have an internal battle about buying again because I have adored using my product, but y’know, girl’s gotta eat. Whamisa is an organic korean skincare brand, cruelty free and so cute – they even have braille on their packaging! I trialled the organic flowers toner; the refreshing option. I have to admit a huge part of me is sold through the packaging alone, I seriously love that vibe and the thick, quality frosted glass bottle. The toner itself was really great and I’ve definitely felt my skin improve since using this up. As it’s a toner you do use a decent amount though so it get’s used up fairly quickly compared to the other products – it’s really lovely, but for £33.90 per bottle you either want to be a splurgy pal, or to get this as a gift or something. (Hey, Christmas is round the corner!) This would make a stunning Christmas present.

I chose to try the resurfacing mask from VitaSkin, which is a new mask-type type for me, it doesn’t dry on the skin and it’s a very jelly-like texture, a little goes a long way. (I’ll definitely be keeping it in my skincare routine!) VitaSkin is vegan and cruelty free and is a Holland and Barrett owned range. This product uses carrot seed oil, vitamins and retinol. You just apply to clean skin and wait for ten minutes before rinsing it off – I use it very rarely, once every two weeks or so on a deeper skincare day. My pores especially look much better after using this mask, and at £15 I think it’s a great deal. I’ve seen this in offers on the Holland and Barrett site – as low as half price – so keep an eye out on the deals!

Beauty Kitchen
This company are (vegan and cruelty free of course!) making real movements in the body care industry! The steer away from excess plastics, and you can return empty products for free to be fully recycled. Most of their products are encased in metal and have such a luxury feel to them. They’re also creating moisturisers (skin shields) which are anti bacterial, good for all skin types and helping to fight the virus. I’ve yet to try this one but LOVE this idea and will be giving it ago! I chose the organic vegan body cream in the scent Botanic Bliss – which is enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, rosemary, may chang (no idea on that one) and eucalyptus. With all those goodies, it surprisingly smells mainly of lemon, and lemon alone. It’s a nice scent still but not really what I was after, so I’ll be going for a different scent next time. That being said the brand is so lovely and the products feel super luxurious so I know I’ll be coming back. They cost around £8 per bottle for most products, and also sell hand soaps, body wash and hair care.

This brand is another vegan, cruelty free, UK made skincare company. They are super affordable so a really good one to watch if you’re on a budget, and Holland and Barrett often run offers so you can get them even cheaper. I’ve trialled out three products; the ginger boost moisturiser (£8.50), the zinc pca serum (£9), and the caffeine eye serum (£6.50). The moisturiser is a great morning option – especially for oily skin as it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave any type of residue. I’ve really enjoyed using the serum so far, it’s a nice plumping added step to my skin care, probably the least rave-worthy of the three I’ve tried but I’d happily buy this again – especially on an offer! Finally, the eye serum has been a massive help for me. We have all had some hard times this year, and combined with the fact I am a serious cry baby (literally haha!), this serum has been amazing for tear stained puffy eyes. It’s incredibly soothing and a thick, almost jelly like texture in a roll-on tube, so really takes it’s time to get to work. This makes it best for evening use, or when leaving a little extra time in a morning routine to check it all sinks in – not one to use in a rush but definitely a winner in my eyes!

Native Unearthed Deodorant
The last thing I bought was this natural deodorant – I was told by numerous people at the shop it was the best of the natural deodorant bunch and it smells delicious! I only recently found out about the scaries in normal deodorants.. Did you know they have aluminium and tons of added ingredients that you would just never knowingly put on your skin? I think it’s mad how some products just get away with having so many strange additives when it’s really not necessary. Natural deodorants generally use baking soda as the main ingredient to stop the sweat smell – which is obviously an ingredient we often use in baking. If it’s good enough to put in our bodies, I think it’s pretty safe to put on the outside of our bodies! Natural deodorants really do work and I am 100% converted now – I will never go back to the generic options. I have recently become even more obsessed with Wild Deodorant – which includes biodegradable bamboo packaging and the cutest reusable containers. The Native deodorant is around the same price as a Wild refill for 17 more grams of product, so it’s a little better of a deal and still one to try out!

*This post features gifted products but as always, all opinions are my own.

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  • hellohandicraftmarket

    5th November 2020 at 4:22 am

    I love Korean brands, they always have super useful and good quality things, but if I believe you, sometimes the budget for skin care is a little tight.The proposal to return empty products is an amazing proposal!I love it! Thanks for sharing. I have a blog of handmade products in case you like to visit me.Love- Gala- https://handicraft.market/

  • Natalya Amour

    5th November 2020 at 6:24 am

    So many great products!


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