The best advent calendars of 2020 (That don’t cost hundreds of pounds because.. really?)

Hey Explorersaurs!! Today’s post is all about the best advent calendars available in 2020 – ones that all cost under £60. I know some of the ones that’ll set you back hundreds have a huge saving, but I personally feel that when you’re spending that much money it still makes sense to choose every individual product. When it comes to beauty calendars, our shade preferences, skin care needs and general tastes make it hard for one calendar to suit every person, and a lot of my friends feel the same. There’s something SO very fun about having a little surprise gift every day, but it’s not really realistic for us to spend hundreds on this when Christmas comes with so many costs. I have some Christmas budgeting posts and free Christmas resources posts in the pipeline – so keep an eye out for those!

Let’s get into CHRISMIZZLE

Holland and Barrett beauty calendar – £40:

25 days of BADASS vegan beauty goodies – for £40. Shop here! This keeps coming in and out of stock as it’s so high in demand and such a good deal; worth £170 in products. If it’s out of stock when you look, you can just join the email list to be notified when it’s back. I feel like £40 is a good alternative to get your hands on some little gems, whilst still saving most of the money on the standard calendars for other things – presents, decorations, the Christmas tree – heck, even a Christmas food shop! There are 14 full sized products here and 11 minis – with everything being totally vegan and cruelty free. This year particularly I have discovered the Holland and Barrett vegan beauty range (see my posts here and here,) and I’m so impressed – I’ve found some brands I’ll absolutely be buying time and time again, and so many are included in this calendar! As with all of them, you can check out the full list of products on the calendar page. I personally prefer a surprise but have a quick sneak peek to check it’s worth the spend – and on this one we’ve struck gold!

Joe and Sephs popcorn calendar – £25:

A gorgeous alternative to the standard chocolate calendar – full of little pouches of popcorn! These calendars cost £25 each, (there are three variations,) you can shop here. The three options are: vegan popcorn calendar, tipsy popcorn calendar, and the standard gourmet popcorn calendar. I jumped straight into the Vegan one, and my mum also has one ready at home! They are a little pricey for a food calendar, but Joe and Sephs popcorn is seriously gourmet and the perfect little splurge if you want something special but not to spend £££.

Flavours include olive oil, sea salt and black pepper, coconut and cacao, salted caramel, toffee apple and cinnamon, salted maple, orange chocolate, dark chocolate, and strawberry caramel. The boozey version includes eggnog, caramel macchiato and whiskey, gin and tonic, espresso martini, pale ale, mojito, margarita, and more. So many fun new flavours that I’ll bet a lot of us haven’t tried yet, and I’ve yet to eat a flavour from Joe and Sephs that I didn’t love!

Degustabox – £34.99:

Another foodie calendar, I’ve worked with Degustabox a few times in the past and really enjoyed using their products. They are essentially a subscription box where you get a selection of food delivered monthly; usually in different themes such as places around the world. The advent calendar is a one-off, so you don’t have to sign up to anything to order. It costs £34.99 and has a value of £50 when all products are bought separately – you can shop here. I know this isn’t the biggest saving of all, but for a selection of Christmas goodies all wrapped up in a surprise, this is a fab way to try something new! I pre ordered this a while ago and wasn’t Vegan at the time – so I’m sure a huge amount of these products I’ll be giving to Jack or family and friends, but it’ll still be fun to open every day! I’m planning to do Vlogmas over on my YouTube channel Explorersaur, so have a watch of those to see what we get in our calendars every day! (Plus to see all the Crimbo FEELS.)

ASOS Beauty – £35:

Twelve days of some epic brands in this one – ten are full sized and two are minis. The boxes are printed with soy ink, making them totally recyclable, and the calendar itself is made to be easily reusable – so one to stash away and stuff with chocolate in coming years! This includes the Nars Laguna bronzer, sand and sky pink clay mask, pillow spray and faux lashes. Available here.

Origins Beauty – £50:

The priciest so far but such a goodie – Origins skincare make some of the best products I have EVER tried, all vegan and so pretty. As a high-end skincare brand, this calendar comes with 12 decently sized minis of their hero products for £50 – you can buy it here. Origins also make some great stocking filler mini sets, so one to consider for gifting! (Keep an eye out for my gift guides around the corner on that note.)

The Body Shop calendar – £50:

The Body Shop calendars always make it on the best calendar lists! They usually have different tiers, with the cheapest starting at £50 – you can see them all here. The cheapest versions include mainly smaller sized products with a few fillery days (hair ties, hair slides and bath gloves,) with that being said it’s still generally worth the spend – as the majority are really gorgeous products in decent sizes. These are always perfect to save up and take on travels throughout the year.

Amazon Beauty – £60:

24 days of full-sized products a few deluxe samples, the Amazon calendar includes brands like This Works, Elemis, Nip & Fab, elf, Real Techniques and 3ina/Mina. It has a lovely selection of skincare and makeup products and is a good way to try out some new hero products. I love when you see a good few favourites in the selection as, you can start to see if it’s worth the price tag for you, but you can also assume the quality of the other products will be comparable – you might find a new love!

M&S 12 days of beauty – £20 (with a £30 spend elsewhere in store):

If you spend £30 on clothing, home and beauty at M&, this calendar is only £20 (down from the £70 RRP.) It’s so easy to spend that on the goodies at M&S – their Christmas decorations give me life! I have to say this calendar is not a patch on their previous few years – they usually have a mixture of brands as with some of the other marketplace calendars like Asos and Amazon. This year they have 12 days of their autograph collection; I wonder if they’ll also produce one comparable to previous years, but no word yet! With that being said, this one is even cheaper at £20 and it still has a good value. As these are mainly makeup products definitely check to see the shades are something you would wear before committing.

Disney ladies sock calendar – £30:

This calendar sparks joy from within! It includes 12 days of Christmas Disney socks and I just don’t think there is anything better really is there! Working out at £2.50 a pair, this is a fab gift to give a Disney lover to give yourself a grin every day. One that you can obviously reuse for a long ole time so a cracker indeed. Would you do the first 12 days, every other day, or another way of opening? I think every other day in December is a great way to open the 12 day calendars, but I also don’t really know if I have that much self restraint… hmm. You can shop it here AND the Harry Potter version here.

Pringles Advent Calendar – £12.99

Another fun calendar that’s a little different from your standard chocolate calendar (which to be honest we all really do need in addition to these!) is the Pringles calendar. You can choose between 12 or 24 days, and you’ll receive a little stack of crisps behind each day. Buy this one here – currently on offer!

A last little tip before signing off on this one – have a look at Wowcher and Groupon to see if you can save money on any of the calendars you’re after. Most of the high end or exclusive ones don’t find their way on discount sites like these, but you’d be surprised at home many do come on here – sometimes for half price or more money off!!

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