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Oh hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a few new changes I’ve made in a bid to become more sustainable,* looking at self care. Today we’re talking about deodorant, skincare, shaving and feminine care – all from groovy AF new, mainly small companies that give that feel-good vibe to be supporting. I’ve recently become more and more aware of sustainability and how much every day brands effect the environment, animal welfare and more. I guess it’s easy to see some products stacked on shelves and not think about that whole path, but actually it’s pretty damn important if you care about those little fur babies/the planet/yourself. I’m making a slow but sure move as there is still so much to learn, but for my post today I’m talking about all the brilliant new brands I’ve been trying out that I’d totally recommend – including with some cheeky discount codes!

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Wild Deodorant

First up is one I am completely and utterly forever sold with. I mean all the badboys we’re talking through today really are all amazing, but the Wild deodorant company have definitely changed the way I think about deodorant. Before Wild, I hadn’t really thought about deodorant in any detail to be honest. It was just something I topped up on every month – usually buying whatever was on offer.

I’ve been much more conscious of sustainability lately, but also discovering how many of our every day products have a pretty shady production line. It’s kind of sad how many products we don’t even realise contribute to deforestation, animal cruelty etc. It’s not something I ever want to think about in all honestly as it just keeps me up at night – but, when a company so easily makes a transition enjoyable and kind, you know you’re onto a winner. Wild Deodorants are all 100% natural, sustainable, have compostable packaging, are vegan and cruelty free. As they are also natural they are free from the nasties in every-day deodorant we’re spraying onto our skin. (I just found out that most mainstream deodorants have aluminium in them wtf!)

The main question most of us will have when looking at that checklist is: okay, that’s all great and well, but do they actually work? I mean, a deodorant made from plants, can it? Well after having used it for over a month now and having just bought my refills – yes it absolutely does. I know we are all different and it’s of course something you have to try out for yourself to know, but for me this works just as well – if not better than other deodorants I’ve tried. Just slide it on in the morning and you’re good to go. So far I have used the coconut dreams scent which is lovely – it’s very muted and you don’t really smell it at all when it’s on, but it’s fab. Other scents include: rose, mint, orange zest and bergamot. They also do limited edition seasonal scents (I just bought toffee apple because yes, I definitely do want to smell like a toffee apple!) You just pop the refills into your reusable case and you’re good to go.

You can buy a starter kit with 3 refills for £25, or join the subscription service for £12 – you can choose how often you have deodorant shipped to you here. I’d say for me, a refill lasts just over a month. I wholeheartedly recommend this company, but I do think it’s a good idea to trial a product out first without committing to more – you can cancel your subscription at any time though so whatever you’d prefer.

You can sign up for a one off order or a subscription here. You can also use my code EMMAS10 for money off your order!

UpCircle Skincare

Thanks to Holland and Barrett – one of my new fave places to shop kind beauty brands and great snacks (hello Vegan chocolate haul!) I’ve been trying out a face scrub from UpCircle. UpCircle are (get ready for this list, it’s a long one!) natural, vegan, cruelty free, organic, sustainable, handmade in the UK, repurposed, and fight waste. (And more and more and more.) They have a huuuge range of beauty products from cleansers, scrubs, moisturisers, eye cream, face masks, serums and toners. They have raving reviews all over and whilst I am absolutely going to try more out, all I can speak for today is the coffee face scrub.

After speaking with a skincare advisor earlier in the year at a Holland and Barrett store, I settled for the Coffee Face Scrub with Floral Oils. It costs £12.99 for a 100ml tube and a little really goes a long way – so considering all the other added benefits of shopping kind I think this is a great deal! I don’t have sensitive skin, but this product is perfectly formulated for those of us with skin concerns, buffing away the dry and older skin softly. This is also blended with shea butter and oils, which leaves the skin feeling super moisturised after you’ve had a scrub.

I just really adore the branding and the ethos, I think this is such a good one to support if you want to try out some new skincare of gift your loved ones something special this year!

You can shop the range here – I don’t have a personal discount code for you, but you can get 10% off your first order on the site through the pop-up. We love a bargain over here!


Estrid reached out to me through Instagram to see if I wanted to trial out one of their vegan razors, and you can bet to the lords I absolutely did. I didn’t know razors were not vegan before this to be honest (the gel border to the razor often contains something from piggies I think – do some googling if you are curious!) but I’m so glad I know I have a completely cruelty free one now. I also adore the ethos of this brand as they’re basically there for anyone that wants to shave, if you want to shave. They don’t promote shaving to be sexy but self-choice, self-worth and a variety of models, that’s something I can be on board with.

The razor itself is super weighty, which feels so luxurious and makes using it a charm. The razor heads have a vegan gel strip to make shaving smooth and simple and it really does just that – it shaves super close to the root and you feel smooth and silky; I also haven’t had any shaving rash since switching so that’s always a bonus!

It costs £7.95 for free delivery with the basic starter kit – your choice of razor colour (they have pink, grey, orange, yellow, or a purple-y blue), a wall holder and two razor heads. You can subscribe for a blade refill every one, two, or three months – and pause or cancel at any time.

You can shop here – and use the code EQUALITY for a percentage of the sale to be donated to charity – cute!!


Another cracker, Ohne are pulling us through every month with a 100% organic tampon subscription service. You can pick how many tampons you need, applicators or not, how high in absorbency you need them – in whatever mix suits you, and how often you’d like them delivered. The branding is unapologetic and so very cool – so many brands kind of shy away from the details, but not our pals at Ohne.

Did you know, so many generic tampons are bleached!? I mean how odd is that, it’s such a sensitive area and should be treated naturally – in my opinion! I love this message and all the branding! They also offer CBD oils to help cramping which is a god-send to me, that’s the sort of shiz I need in my life. You just drop a little on your stomach or lower back and it’s supposed to work wonders – I’ll report back when I’ve fully had the chance to trial this.

You can check Ohne out here, and if you’re after CBD you can get 20% off with the code HC20

*Some products featured are PR products – in those cases I ~ have already
repurchased and as always, all opinions are my own.
A bunch of goodies!

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