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Hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about some free resources you can enjoy over lockdown 2.0. How are you all feeling about this one? I feel like there was even *dare I say it* a touch of excitement over the first time – a factor of the unknown and being able to spend more time at home with family, and just stop for a while. This time round, we know what to expect and really there’s not a heap to be excited about – especially as the days draw in and a lot of us would normally be spending this time with loved ones. Whilst it’s going to be trying for a lot us, we really are all in together – I’m always here on social media DMs if you want to talk! (@emmasivess) With Christmas peeking around the corner and a lot of us on a budget, I thought I would pool together a whole bunch of free resources online right now – to help keep you busy and entertained through this lockdown! Let me know if you have any to add down in the comments below. Let’s get into it!

I’ve filmed a cheeky video round of up of these points here:

1 – Amazon Prime 30 day free trial

If you’re not currently subscribed to Amazon Prime, you can get a free 30 day trial – it costs £7.99 a month after, but you can cancel before being rebilled if needed. If you have already used this you can sign up with a new email (and that is a joke for legal purposes hahaha, but you know, seed planted.) There are loads of perks including free kindle books and prime video. Prime video has some of the best movies to watch and have recently made finding films ever easier with a “free to me” section. This keeps coming and going on my account but when it’s there, it has all the prime included, free movies and series in one place. Why not binge a new series? They have Lost, Desperate Housewives, the Walking Dead and whole bunch of addiction inducing watches. There is also a load of prime originals which are brilliant – I recently finished Little Fires Everywhere (in like a day) and it changed. my. world.

2 – Ancestry 14 day free trial

Ancestry are a genealogy company, where you can find out all about our family’s history and family tree. If you have some spare time this month it could be a great way to fill up some hours – how interesting! I bet there’s so much we don’t know about own family trees so it’d be really worth while. After the free trial it costs £10.99 a month, but as with the other trials, you can cancel before your first billing to have it totally free.

3 – Now TV 7 day free trial

Now TV are being pals and offering a weeks free trial to: sky cinema, entertainment, hay U and kids channels, alongside other smaller combos if you’re just after a couple. Whilst this isn’t the longest trial of them all, it’s a great way to spend up a week binging on different films and series. Just cancel or change your subscription preferences before the time is up to avoid being billed. Now TV is usually the first to go for me when I’m trying to save money, but I ALWAYS come back to it! (Currently subscribed again!) They usually have the best selection of seasonal films also – around Halloween and Christmas time especially.

4 – Spotify premium month’s free trial

There’s nothing like music for me when I’m feeling a bit crappy. I was a little late to the party with Spotify and have only been subscribed for a year or so now, but I really can’t imagine music without it now! Everything ad-free in one place, without buying all the new releases. (I AM OLD AREN’T I.) They also have a huge range of podcasts to fill up the time – which I always listen to when cleaning and doing physical chores. You can get premium for a month free, and it costs £9.99 a month after. (They also have plenty of different plans for students and families – I use the family plan and Jack and my family all have their own accounts on it, as it’s only £14.99 a month and that way we can all enjoy it!) On a podcast front, YouTube have some epic podcasts in all different genres, there’s literally hundreds of thousands of hours of so. much. goodness.

5 – Live comedy – free events

Have a look at sites like Eventbrite and type in live comedy – there are sooo many free events you can stream from your home. Make a night of it, grab a drink and some snacks and relax.

6 – Free craft/fair events

Also on Eventbribe and more, there are so many crafting resources and tutorials online. Whilst you can always have a look at blogs and YouTube for cheap/free designs and tutorials, event nights can be a fun way to pool everything in one and give you a whole host of inspo. There are also Christmas craft fairs online now which is a lovely way to see what is out there and support small businesses where possible.

7 – Free photo prints

Download the free prints app on your phone for up to 85 free prints a month. (I believe that’s their magic number!) You do pay a few pounds for shipping here but it’s a fab deal, and you can spend an evening scrapbooking the loveliest memories. Apps like Lalalab also let you print straight from your Instagram feed, and you can choose the polaroid style with optional writing on the bottom.

8 – Free switch and PC games

If you have a switch, or really any online device, there are a bunch of free games for you to enjoy! The app store is filled with so many goodies including the most nostalgic options. You could play super mario 35, tetris, fight games, racing games, brain teasing games and so much more. I go through stages of being completely addicted to games and then not playing any for a while – but I bloody love a blast from the past!

9 – Free printables

Just have a google of free printable quizes, adult (or child!) colouring, sudoku and so much more. You could also print some biscuit stencils and use them to cut out from the dough. If you have a printer this is a fab way to have some physical things to do – stick a film on and unwind my brothers.

10 – Manifest

Learn the law of attraction and manifestation! I’m really curious by this and cannot say I’m a pro by any means, by it’s really peaked my curiosity lately and I think it’s a such a good thing to focus on mentally. Essentially, (I am copying a bunch of this over haha!) the law of attraction means that whatever you focus your energy and attention on, will come back to you – you attract more of the same. The more positive things you allow yourself to feel, the more will come. I appreciate this sounds a bit hippie-licious, but there are so many people that fully stand by this! To be honest with you, I think whatever the outcome, having a fresh outlook of positivity and being grateful is so important and will only do you good. There are different ways to do this, but you should speak the positive affirmations daily – what you’re grateful for, what you want etc, and also write them down. There are journals to do this in online, or again free printables.

11 – Shaw Academy free 4 week courses

There are a few different course companies available for free online, and one I keep seeing time and time again is Shaw Academy. They offer a massive array of skill building courses – ones that can help with work and others that are just for fun and a great way to spend time. Some have over a million people enrolled! Some examples are: photography, graphic design, coding, interior design, digital marketing, creative writing, blogging, photoshop, business skills, I mean the list is really endless! If we’re going to be locked up for a month anyway and you have some free time on your hands, it could be a shout and a half to get some skills out of it!

12 – Visit a museum! (For free online!)

What a random one hahaha. I LOVE IT! So many museums are offering free virtual tours this year, thanks to the lockdowns. The list includes the British Museum in London, the national museum of modern and contemporary art in Seoul, Van Gogh’s Museum in Amsterdam, and more and more and more! Lots of attractions also have learning and educational resources on their sites, such as the Eden Project.

Let me know if you have anything to add to this list, and stay tuned to see more lockdown tips and Christmas goodness on the horizon!

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