All the best bath bomb brands! (Because LUSH upped their prices x a million)

Hello beauts! Today’s post is all about some lovely, cruelty free bath bomb and bath product companies. I used to be ENTIRELY obsessed with LUSH and to be honest, they have a few products that really are second to none and a peg better than the rest. I’ve been lucky enough to go a LUSH event a few years back, and have had a couple of friends work there over the years so got to make the most of a cheeky discount. Generally though, I just cannot justify spending £5 plus on a bath bomb! Way back in the beginning, I’m sure most prices were a couple of pounds for a bath bomb, and it just keeps growing and growing.

With this, I’ve been slowly and surely branching out to some cheaper companies, and some smaller independent businesses for my bath bomb fix. There are a few places I’ve bought from repeatedly now, so I’d love to share them with you and spread the luxury bath joyfulness, without a whopping price tag. Ultimate relaxation shouldn’t cost a bomb! (Mwahaha.) First up, for the bath time goalaroonies, I would absolutely recommend investing in a bath tray. I bought mine on Amazon, and there are some great bath bomb trays here and here. They’re great for the gram, but also propping up a candle, a drink, and some snacks!

If you’re all about the bath bomb goodness, be sure to check out the other beauty products I’ve been loving at the moment!

Pretty Suds

First up, I am OBSESSED with Pretty Suds – I’ve been following their business journey right from the start. I originally found them when they sold pokemon bath bombs (I meeean, yes please!), where the bomb melts away to hatch a cheeky pokemon figure. They’ve since come up with some products that have completely taken off and been copied by even bigger brands. They’ve also had a deal with Boots, so you may have seen their products hit the high street which is always amazing. Still totally family-run and a real testament to what hard work and a lot of determination can achieve.

One of my favourite things to buy here is the “imperfect mystery box.” This includes a selection of all their products that didn’t quite make the cut to be sold at full price – mishapen or a little off-colour to the normal. They’re still 10 out of 10 in gorgeousness and come at a hefty discount to buying full price. I am also here for the fact they’re not wasting any products by selling these off. I’m also obsessed with the sugar skull bombs, and the scent of the rhubarb and custard, and strawberry milkshake bombs. Good enough to eat!!

Price per bath bomb are around £2.95-£3.95 here, and they are really decent sizes, have the BEST fizz and the most beautiful scents.

Shop Pretty Suds here.

Mallows Beauty

Mallows Beauty is the new kid on the block for me – an absolute girl-boss run company from the loveliest soul!! Products from Mallows all have the most body positive mantras – love your body! The social media @mallowsbeauty also shares the real shiz. Real bodies, real skin problems, and it’s such a breath of fresh air. They’re growing thick and fast and are well worth supporting. Prices are a little more here, but starting from a small company does often give you smaller margins, and for the fact they’re full of natural goodness for your skin makes it totally justifiable. (They also have some epic sales!)

Bath bombs are just under a fiver here and smell like an absolute mermaid fest, but really the face masks are the star of the show for me on this one.

You can shop the Mallows Beauty range here.

Bomb Cosmetics

You’ve probably heard of Bomb Cosmetics already as they’re another big old company. A lot of their products are absolutely mental – featuring sloths, unicorns, narwhals and all the rainbow vibes. Whilst they’re another big company, they are also vegan, cruelty free, and really well priced. Bath bombs here cost upwards of £2.99 – for well sized beauties. You can also shop a lot of their products on amazon and their website when they have a surplus or older stock, for an absolute steal!

The bath bombs are my favourites, but I have to say their bath melts and candles are also super special!

Shop Bomb Cosmetics here.

Little Fizz Bomb

I recently saw this company mentioned on YouTube (just before Christmas actually) and absolutely had to place an order – they have the best themed products and all my Christmas beauties KILLED ME. I bought a whole heap, but that Grinch one gives me too much joy! I also ordered one of their shower fluff which is essentially a whippy-moussey shower gel, that smells like. a. dream.

Bath bombs start at £3, you’ll find the cutest themes ever here(!), and the shower fluffs cost £5.50 – totally worth it!

Shop the Little Fizz Bomb here.

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