What to do this Valentines day – another in lockdown

Hey Explorersaurs! What a year it’s been so far. It’s been said (a lot,) but January absolutely did have 1789283378383 days, approximately. I’m sooo glad February has finally come around, and I hope this will slowly be the start of better and brighter things on the horizon. I’m already planning on creating a little palette sofa in the garden; well.. Getting Jack on that! And hoping for better things to come.

February is going to bring us pancake day, national pizza day (yes this is a thing – February the 9th, log in down!), and Valentines day. There are also lots of mental health awareness milestones this month which is always lovely to see and something we should spend time talking about, reaching out to loved ones and spending some extra time focusing on.

I’ve been thinking of different ways to celebrate Valentines day this time round, whilst we’re still on a total lockdown we’re obviously restricted, but there are still tons of special things we can do to have a memorable time and show our loved ones we care – whether that’s with a partner, family, housemates, or even the ultimate relaxation day to have all on your own! Here are some ideas on how you can spend this lockdown Valentines day, having an absolute whale of a time!

Those epic Valentines PJs say “my present better woof!” They are from Chelsea Peers.

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1 – Create a home picnic

So a theme throughout this post will absolutely be food! I just feel like Valentines (any celebration really!) calls for a hoard of delicious grub. There are two ways to take this – either whip a blanket out (indoors or out, but I’m betting indoors will be the location this month!) and lay out an array of complete deliciousness!

You can also get yourself a little tray each (we used some lovely slabs – which are actually place mats,) and pile high with all the food you fancy. As I’m now completely Vegan, I got myself loads of picky food like olives, vegan cheese, dips, breads and crisps, and Jack had some of the dairy counterparts. Sitting and chatting away, add in some wine and music and you’ve got a lovely, special little celebration.

2 – Go all out with a games night, casino who!?

Whip out the games cupboard and set up a games night – make a casino at home! Something that is often useful to make it feel a little more special is take it to a new place – whether that’s the dining room table, or chucking pillows all over the floor. Sometimes a change of scenery helps it feel even more special. You could also invest in a grown-up kinda game (I mean I’m here for the board games most of the time!) like a dart board or poker set.

Maybe it’s time to invest in something new and fun! Here are some games we have been loving!

  • Throw throw burrito – this is a card collecting game mixed in with dodgeball and it is absolutely incredible!
  • Obama Llama – this is a creative matching meets charades and rhyming game that is generally best with a group of people, but you can definitely change the rules around to fit the two of you. So many laughs.
  • Labyrinth – this one is a strategic board game where all the pieces are moved around, and you have to find your way around to collect your items.
  • Switch games – if you have a Switch or Wii, whip out the Mario Kart or Mario Party, pour a glass and get battling!

3 – Create the ultimate valentines hamper

Hampers are such a good way to start a day – you don’t even to include a whole bunch of newness in here, you could fill up your hamper with your favourite movie, favourite drinks, snacks, games, whatever you want really! I think setting everything out together in a gorgeous box is such a lovely way to hash out a day. This hamper is full of decorations and craft goodness to have a creative day crafting!

4 – Have a fort-based movie night

Oh I LOVE me a movie night! Rent a movie or power through Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime or Now TV to find something that has been on the cards for a while, and make a night of it! I feel like most of us have a list of films we’ve said “oooh we have to see that!” when advertised, and never got round to. Tick off something from that growing list and add some fairy lights, snacks (candy kittens and homemade cookies HELLO), and bundle in blankets. You could go a step further and create a sheet/pillow fort to watch in a totally zen setting.

Check out my cookie recipe here – it is totally vegan and honestly the best thing you will ever grace your mouth with! I make these at least one a month, religiously!

Check out my free resources for lockdown guide here, to see all the free trials you can get for streaming services to watch something new this month – for freeee!

5 – Go for a cheeky sunset/sunrise walk

Stick on ya walking boots and explore somewhere new. We’re super lucky to have a forest, lots of walks and fields near us in Brighton, but a quick Google and you can find some beautiful routes in most places! Have a look at what’s nearby and go and see something new. Lots of coffee shops are still open for takeaways, so you can always pick up a warming drink and chat away on your wanders.

6 – Create a cocktail making masterclass, ooh, so classy!

If you’re a drinky couple (we love a good boozey night!) have a cocktail evening. You can watch a masterclass for free on YouTube, or have a Google for some delicious recipe. I love looking at the creations from @itslittlelauren on Instagram – she has some brilliant frozen creations and is currently pregnant, so has lots of alcohol free options too. We’re always partial to something fruity, and just recently discovered you can blend up some frozen peaches of fruit to whizz into your drink for the best alcoholic slushie – what a time to be alive.

7 – Hatch out a themed night!

Okay so I LOVE me a theme and am totally in my element when planning something completely random full of crazy food, drinks, and games. We’ve had lots of themed parties in the past, just as a couple, with family, and with friends. Some of my favourites include the Harry Potter afternoon tea I created, featuring delicious butterbeer sorting hat cupcakes (they have coloured icing inside so you see what house you belong to when you cut into them,) chocolate frogs, fake pumpkin juice, bertie bots and more. I also loved our prison party, where we had to dress up is prison uniforms and played an interactive board game with the pieces laid out along the floor, and our Pokemon night.

You can also have a themed night a little more simply, for example an Italian night where you make or order some pizza, drink Italian wine and listen to Italian music. Anything that suits your taste really – make a theme of it and it’ll be a cracker of a time!

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