What events are happening in February? How to celebrate!

Oh hey Explorersaurs! With so much negativity, uncertainty and all those same dramas coming back time and time again, I wanted to write today’s post about all the things we can look forward to in February. There are lots of events coming up – some amazing – some silly – and you should hear all about them. I’ve written some posts about ideas to do for these events, so be sure to check them out! Here is a list of all the events happening in February, to give you ideas on how to make the month brighter and better.

So far in February we have already had Yorkshire pudding day (the 7th) – who knew this was a thing!? Hahaha. I will absolutely be whipping up a roast in honour of this passed day. But what next?

National Pizza Day – 9th of February

I meeeeeeaaaan. The day we didn’t know we needed until it became a thing. National pizza day has officially been dubbed as the 9th of February, and is of course, essentially a time for pizza companies to cash in. Am I complaining? No sir! I enjoy a pizza more than I care to tell you – there’s a reason my Instagram bio has Pizza Connoisseur proudly written in hahaha! (Come say hi @emmasivess here.) Best believe I’ll be making the most of the pizza deals!

Valentines Day – 14th of February

I know Valentines can be seen as an odd one – some people hate the thought of spending money to show love just one day a year. Whilst this is totally valid, I think it’s a GREAT excuse to eat a f-ton of chocolate and spend some quality time playing games and necking back a couple of vinos. I’ve written lots of ideas on how to spend Valentines day! Read my ultimate list here packed full of ideas on how to spend the day during lockdown. You can read my post on how to spend Valentines day alone here. Think, the loveliest cosiest day full of self care!

The 14th is also home to National Book Giving Day! A bit of a weird one, but why not send a special story to a loved one to cheer them up. Feel good for everyone involved. I’ve endeavored to read more this year and have so far been enjoying Rich Dad Poor Dad – a great book to learn about money and budgeting, and the mystery novel, the Guest List.

Pancake Day – 16th of February

Food is always the way to celebrate in my books! Who, and I mean WHO doesn’t love pancake day! What a time to be alive. I go through phases of craving crepes, and then big fat American pancakes. What is your preference? I am totally vegan for my first pancake day this year, so I’ll be trying some vegan recipes. I’ll keep you updated on the best ones, but I think I’ll be using Holly’s recipes from the Little Blog of Vegan. Now these badboys are tried and tested winners across the ole interwebs.

Black History Month – USA and Canada

Whilst this one isn’t in the UK especially, we can all benefit from spending some time educating ourselves on black history and areas we can help. Along with this, there are lots of great things to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus and streaming services all squished into cheeky playlists for us. There are also lots of wonderful black owned businesses to support that we can especially highlight now moving forward. My gorgeous Instagram friend, Shannon often shares ways you can help, input, learn and shop black owned businesses – you can see her account here.

Random Acts of Kindness Day – 17th of February

This is such a lovely one and something I think we should all get on board with! Whether it’s baking some cookies for a loved one, giving a card to an old peoples’ home, donating money or calling up your nan to ask about her day. I’ve listed a few acts of kindness at the end of my Valentines, sharing the love post here.

International pet day – 20th of February

It’s been a little while since my last pet, my dear old Smudge passed away. I can safely say that with most great pet owners, we spoil our pets a HUGE amount every single day. However, why not make an extra special crazy day all about them, taking your dog to her favourite park, getting in some cat milk or whatever else they love.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day – 26th of February

Any excuse to get immersed in Disney! I’ll be taking this day as one to binge watch all my Disney favourites. (So absolutely Tangled, Ratatouille and Moana will be making their way in!)

Other notable events include national storytelling week, Chinese New Year, and national tortellini day (hahaha here for this.) February the 16th is also home to the “Do a grouch a favour day” which to be honest gives me all the vibes and I LOVE.

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