How to spend Valentines day alone!

Hey Explorersaurs! I recently posted a hefty old list all about the best ways to spend Valentines over lockdown – you can read that post here. This post has ideas that are well suited to friends, family, partners or even spending the day alone. Due to lockdown being a bit of a goonie and stopping all the normality we would normally get, I wanted to write up a post especially about the best ways to spend Valentines day alone. After the lockdown rolled out just before Christmas and stopped a lot of our plans, it’s been a bit of a crappy time (to say the least!) for so many of us.

Being alone over specific seasons and holidays can be even harder than the other blur of the dreary days, but actually there are so many things you can still do to make this occasion a positive and have some real TLC. I recently ran (am running!) a PR campaign with a job for a company to help share the love this Valentines day – whether that’s spreading smiles to neighbours with decorations and acts of kindness, spending time with loves ones or baking for friends. It’s really planted the need for positivity at the forefront of my mind, and I want to share some of that with you today.

How to have the perfect Valentines Day alone!!

Let’s get into some of the ways you can have the perfect Valentines Day alone, during these crazy-mad times. It’s important when looking after yourself in times like this, to have the ultimate selfish day of relaxing and fun. Anything that would be your ideal way to unwind, add in!!

Have a long indulgent soak in the bath!

(Or the perfect steamy shower alternative!) Set your laptop or phone safely on a side table, and stick on some feel good videos or music. Grab a bath bomb, bubble bath, candles and some delicious shower gel. Unwind! Don’t think of anything you have to do – no errands allowed, no to-do list, just an hour or so to really truly let go, submerged in all the lovely bubbles. I recently wrote a bath bomb post featuring all the best budget bath bombs – true luxury without spending a huge chunk of cashola.

Wear your favourite PJs

After the ultimate bath, whip out your favourite comfies. The best undies, the best loungewear, whatever you fancy. Grab a blanket and lounge about in your epic self-care attire!

Enjoy some great food

Order in your favourite takeaway, or buy in the ingredients to make your favourite meal! This is the ultimate self-care day, so there’s no expense spared. Get the dessert, add the sides, whatever you need you get! I’ve recently been OBSESSED with Really Happy Chicken – a vegan chicken shop in Brighton that do the best desserts and vegan mac and cheese a girl could ask for. A pizza is never amiss too – honestly, let’s just get them all mwahahaha.

Watch feel food films

Stick on your favourite genre and binge away! There are so many epic series and films being added to streaming services all the time! If you saw a film advertised a while ago and never got round to it, now is the time to watch it! Most films can be rented on Amazon for a few pounds, and ticking something off your list is a great way to spend the day!

I have a list on how to get free trials and resources for lots of streaming sites here on the blog – check it out if you’re after something new!

Go for a long walk

Walk to your local park or around your area, take in the fresh air and get moving. There’s something so satisfying getting out and about, and it also makes the return home even more relaxing. But hey, if you’re having the best home day feel free to skip this one – whatever you’d prefer.

Schedule in a call with friends or family

Mutually beneficial! There are so many people that would love to hear your voice for a while. Do you have a friend who is also spending the day alone? Perhaps you’re away from your partner and would like to catch up with them, or would love to chat with your mum for an hour or so. Whoever it may be, set a time and have a good old natter.

Play games

If you have a games device, whip it out and enjoy some time playing on your old favourites – or invest in a cheeky new one! I’ve been addicted to Animal Crossing for about a year (LOL) and would love to spend some hours playing away, thinking of nothing else! Writing this, I’m also thinking on my old PSP that I want to whip out and play the Sims castaway on – now THAT’S a game that could do with a revamp and re-release on the switch!

Bullet journal, make your dream lists and manifest

I have been obsessed with my bullet journal from Papier this whole year so far. Bullet journals are such a great way to plan out your days, self-care, goals, movie bucket lists. Really, anything you can think of, they’re great for – oh so satisfying! Check out my Pinterest board here full of ideas that you can use to make your bullet journal.

You can check out the Papier range of bullet journals here, or check out these cheaper options on Amazon, here, here, and here.

Here are some numbers and resources you can use or share if you’re ever feeling lonely. You may feel it’s not the biggest issue looking at things other people are facing right now, but all of our struggles are so very real, and you shouldn’t feel like pushing your feelings to the side at the idea that someone else has it worse. If you ever need help, you can firstly ALWAYS reach out to me (@emmasivess on social media, I love getting messages from online friends!) and you can always use these resources – they really are here for everyone.

  • Samaritans – Samaritans have both a phone call and text option to chat with someone, and are completely free. If you’re feeling down or lonely, or going through any hardship they will be there. As someone who has personally used this service before in my life I can wholeheartedly say they are brilliant, and worth checking out if you feel it would help.
  • Let’s talk loneliness – This is a campaign that has received funding from the government to help spread resources to those in need. They have lots of advice, resources and a podcast to go through.
  • Campaign to end loneliness and – Offer help for older people who are struggling alone. I know my readers are generally out of this demographic, but i think it’s a really handy one to keep in mind if you ever feel it would help someone else.
  • There are also lots of lovely Facebook and online groups for specific areas, personalities and needs that you can join to chat with likeminded people in a less formal setting.

It’s also soo good for the soul to help share the love to other people, here are some ideas to do this:

Decorate your doorway or windows – spread smiles to all your neighbours and passers by by adding some little touches to your home. You can get a bunch of window stickers on Amazon and Etsy (or make your own!), add bunting, ornaments, and whatever else you may think of. You might even start a trend on the road where people start decorating their own, but at the very list you’ll be sure to know you’ve made some peoples’ days a little brighter.

Bakes brownies or cookies for a loved one – pop them in the post or drop them on their doorways. I have a recipe for the best (super easy!) cookies you can ever make here.

Both for you and them, set up a (regular) call with loved ones. A time once every week or two to just catch up on all the films you’ve watched, what everyone had for dinner – is it just me that asks this in every conversation!? – and any updates. Talking is always a great idea, and can help the people you care for more than you could sometimes know.

Make cards for loved ones or old peoples homes. We all love getting post that aren’t bills, right? Make a lovely little card or letter for people you’re thinking about in life, or even to an old peoples’ home. Lots of old peoples’ homes accept cards from the public to brighten up their residents days. You can always contact the ones near you and see if there is anyone in particular they think would love to get some post.

Donate – if at all possible, helping causes close to your heart is such a lovely thing to do. I donate regularly to the charity Spana – who look after animals abroad and educate people in different countries how to properly care for their animals. After an eye-opening trip to Morocco in terms of the animals, this charity holds such a special place in my heart and is so worth donating to. Whatever the charity, they appreciate donations now even more than ever! You can also always shop at to make sure a % of your sale goes to a charity, at no extra cost to you. There are also apps you can use whilst your phone is charging that show a stream of ads (you obviously don’t have to pay attention!) and the revenue from this is donated to charity – just have a Google.

Above all else, I hope you have a lovely day, however you choose to spend it. I’m always here if you want a chat, and remember there are tons of resources you can use. Sending so much love and strength to you, always!

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