Where to look for UK holidays – the best unique stays

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about where to look for the best UK holidays. Places you can look to find weird, wonderful, and unique stays. Given the pattern we’ve seen so far with lockdown holidays, it looks likely that we’ll be looking at UK getaways before we get those airport feels. So in honour and preparation of this, I’m going to talk through all the best places you can look to find unique breaks in the UK! Let’s get into it.

You can read my UK posts here – including places we’ve stayed, day breaks, discounts and adventures!

Airbnb – You can use my referral to get £50 off your booking here

Airbnb is always one of the first places we look at for UK breaks. They have spots all over the country and are so simple to use during Covid. They’ve added tons of new cleaning procedures, and hosts up to these standards clearly list it on their place information. What’s really useful for our current times is the map feature. If the rules state we can travel within the UK, up to an hour away (for example,) you can look at this radius on the map and see all the locations available to you in this area.

It’s also a perfect way to find some UK breaks out away from cities – beautiful quirky places that mean you don’t have to cross paths with other people. Whether that’s a forest, a remote seaside location or something crazy-unique like a windmill! We stayed in a BEAUTIFUL gypsy-style cabin with a wood fired hot tub for Jack’s birthday last year, and it was magical. You can read about this and all the Airbnb safety precautions here. We also stayed in this gorgeous cabin with a hot tub the year before – obsessed!

Sleeps 12

Sleeps 12 is the place to look when you need something BOUJIE baby!! Essentially, they are mansions (mainly) located around the UK, that generally sleep 12 people. With Covid rules, they offered discounts last year where they could not be used at full capacity, which made it a great deal to stay somewhere insane for a decent price. Me and my family stayed in a Surrey mansion in honour of my sister’s 21st birthday last year, and I can’t recommend it enough. Lots of them offer huge indoor pools, hot tubs, games rooms and beautiful decor.

Read about our Surrey break here (including video tour!), how we found the stay and the precautions we saw. See the Sleeps 12 site here.

Secret Escapes – Get £15 off a booking here

Another site worth looking at is Secret Escapes – they have offers on holidays all around the world, including a great variety in the UK. Given all the Covid dramas, they’re all almost all fully refundable and clearly state so on their listings. Lots of these places are beautifully unique like castles, manor houses, yachts and boutique places.

See the Secret Escapes site here.


Whilst Expedia isn’t the top of my list for UK breaks usually, it is such a fabulous booking site. I’ve always had good experiences with their customer services and you can book lots of lovely excursions through the site. Along with this, you can collect nectar points on bookings, and Expedia have their own points system – which is super generous and has enabled me lots of discounts in the past! You can also search by the map to ensure you’re in an area you’re allowed to travel within.

See the Expedia site here.

Forest Holidays

The last one I’m going to talk about today is Forest Holidays – which I am a HUGE advocate for. You can see our Forest Holidays overview here, along with all the information about Covid precautions; they’re just brilliant and super safe. If you follow their social media accounts, they often post last minute cabins breaks with giant discounts. (Which is a good way to save some cashola!)

Situated in forests around the UK, Forest Holidays have little settlements full of cabins – all with gorgeous hot tubs and beautiful woodland walks. They also have lots of activities like forest trails, bike hires, archery, target shooting and more. I would go time and time again!

I’m going to add a video of our Forest Holiday cabin tour to the end of this post , and you can head over to our blog post on Forest Holiday here.

The UK really does have a huge amount to offer, some beautiful countrysides, seascapes, forests and mountains. So many places that – Covid allowing – you can easily keep a distance from people and drive door to door. Whilst I literally CANNOT wait to get back on a plane and explore somewhere new, I’m excited to see more of the beautiful UK the second we’re allowed to be out and about! Do you have any places to add?

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