March Events – What special days are happening in March?

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Earlier in February I wrote up a post of everything worth celebrating in the ole land of the Feb. Today’s post is a similar strain, looking at the special days and events happening in March. With everything else in the world still so up and down, it can be bring a whole bunch of joy having things to look forward to. Whether that’s a day full of pasta (yes this is a thing,) an excuse for an extra lie in or the actual day of happiness, March has you covered. Let’s get excited and let’s talk about all the days worth celebrating this month!

Just as a cheeky disclaimer, this is not an extensive list of everything going on in March, just a selection of brilliant things to look forward to. Who knew March was such a jam-packed month, I have a whole new appreciation. Catch up on the events of February here, and make sure you keep an eye for all the events coming up in future months.

National Bed Month

I mean who knew this was a thing!? I loved finding this one out! The whole of March is dedicated to the thing I love the most in this world.. Sleep! How wonderful haha. We’re likely to see some promo on the importance of good sleep, and some great deals on beds, mattresses and pillows – so perhaps now is the time to jazz up you’re bed, if it’s in need!

Fairtrade fortnight – Until March 7th

Already underway, this March event is running until the 7th. Run by the Fairtrade association, the aim is to promote the importance and need of Fairtrade – which is such a worthy cause. Traders, growers and workers across the world deserve to be paid appropriately, and this should be something we all endeavour to support.

British pie week – Until March 7th

What. An. Event!! We have a WHOLE week dedicated to pies, how brilliant, what utter mastermind came up with this. There are random days like this dotted around the year to celebrate the most random food, and you best believe I’ll be eating some pie to celebrate. What’s your favourite flavour? I think you just can’t go wrong with a cheeky slice of apple.

National cereal day – March 7th

Okay so this event is technically for the US, but to be real, if I know people are celebrating something somewhere, I will be on board as often as I can. Hello US pals, we are here to join you, in celebration of cereal! I know it’s not top of everyone’s list, but I just think a bowl of delicious cereal can be seriously underrated and needs more credit. Grab some flavoured milk, cereal, add some extra toppings like fruit or marshmallows and make it a day to remember!

Mother’s day – March 14th

UK Mother’s day will show her beautiful face again this month. Show that special lady how much you care! I’m hoping we will be able to do everything as normal but at the time of writing this am not too sure how it’ll pan out. If you can’t meet in person, set up a slot for you (and your siblings) to zoom in, all order some food in and enjoy a meal and catch up together. Amazon can be a true buddy to get presents gift wrapped and delivered, and a lot of the lovely Etsy sellers will do this all for you if needed!

St Patrick’s day – March 17th

St Patrick’s day has slowly been celebrated across the world – and not just by the Irish! It now stands as a celebration as Irish culture, and a great excuse to dress up green and drink a LOT. (Hello I have arrived, what a day.)

Red Nose day & World Sleep day March 19th

So I don’t know if one of these days didn’t get the memo as they don’t really compliment each other (like the below!) but March the 19th brings us Red Nose day AND World Sleep day. Red nose day usually has a whole bunch of fundraising events, shows and programs in a bid to end child poverty. There’s lots to get involved with and a mighty cause. (So although sleeping through the day might not be the main aim…) World sleep day also falls on the same day. I think, when you’ve donated and taken part a good old nap will be very well deserved. Always remembering the importance of good sleep and allowing yourself the time to relax, unwind and self care is always a good idea.

Spring Equinox – the FIRST day of Spring!
National ravioli day & International day of happiness – March 20th

WHAT A DAY MARCH the 20th is. All the best March events rolled in one I say! First day of spring? Check! National ravioli day? Check! International day of happiness? Check! I think the best way to spend this day is write off absolutely all chores and life necessities, enjoy a GIANT bowl of ravioli (a vegan spinach and ricotta is my shiz!), and just do the things that make you happy. Whether that’s binging a series, going for a lovely walk or watching the sunset, and looking forward to longer days and brighter things to come!

International day of forests – March 21st

What a random day.. I love it! This international day of forests aims to raise awareness of sustainable management, and development of forests, their inhabitants and the planet. Such a worthy cause and something we should take some time out for to educate ourselves on, learn about and appreciate! There are lots of changes we can make to be more sustainable in life – I’m on my journey, but one of my first and easiest steps was switching out every day products to kind sustainable versions. Read that post here!

International waffle day – March 25th

Another brilliant food day that we didn’t know we needed – but did! We’re lucky enough to have loads of waffle places near us that also do epic vegan versions, but have also tried out hand at making our own! You can check out some really well-priced waffle makers here.

Wear a hat day – March 26th

I mean, as the absolute lowest rung of hat wearers known to man, (I mean seriously, they make me look RIDICULOUS!) I love the fact there’s a day especially for hats. Get your best, your craziest, your comfiest hat, and shine my friend.

World theatre day – March 27th

And finally, world theatre day! I absolutely love a theatre trip and I’m so gutted about the effects on them due Covid. Whether or not we will be able to go back to our favourite shows, we could absolutely whip out the film versions. Nothing better than Les Mis, come at me Anne Hathaway!

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