How much does a holiday to Disney World Florida cost?

Oh hello Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about a breakdown in costs for a holiday to Walt Disney World. How much does it really cost? I’m going to show you the breakdown for both a family of four, and a couples holiday, for two weeks in the good old land of Orlando. I’m also going to factor in tickets to the Disney parks and Universal. (No sea world, we don’t like sea world here. Booo sea world.) Okay, let’s get into the costs!


First up, flights. Flights to the USA are usually expensive as crap, and usually one of the biggest costs associated with a Florida holiday. I ALWAYS ALWAYS use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights. It’s really one of the biggest budget holiday hacks! Head over to the website and log in your information. Choose the airport you need to leave from (I usually just choose any London airport,) and then type Orlando (MCO) in the “to” option. To find the best prices, choose the cheapest month option from depart and return sections. Add in your travelling part and then choose search flights!


Currently, one of the cheapest months to travel is November 2021. (Obviously this would be dependent on travel rules at the time – lots of places do offer refunds for Covid-cancelled holidays, but for the purpose of this post I’ll be using this month.)

The best dates for flights look to currently be the 1st – 15th of November – for a full two weeks in November. The price per person is £387.

This means for two adults travelling, flights would be a total cost of £774

For a family of four, flights will cost a total of £1,548

You can visit the Skyscanner website here.

See my post all about finding the cheapest possible holidays here.


The next biggest cost will be hotel prices. There are a few options people like to explore when going on a holiday to Disney – which are hotels, Disney-own hotels, and villas. I have stayed in all three of these now and there are definitely up and downsides to every option. My overall favourite (that I would especially recommend to families) is staying in a villa. It is usually a huge amount cheaper than Disney own hotels, and often enabled you access to your very own private pool and facilities. It’s also a huge amount more spacious which is great for families, and also means you get to make most of your meals and save a HUGE amount of money here. It does also really require you to hire a car though, so up and downsides for sure. Whilst this is absolutely my top preference, here is a price breakdown of each:

  • Hotel – £560 (plus) for a decent hotel, for two weeks. (= £40 a night for both two, or four people.)
    I’ve taken this price from a hotel we actually stayed in a couple of years ago. It was definitely a budget option and didn’t offer the craziest design or anything – it was a little tired. BUT it was perfectly clean, and had lots of amenities like pools and a lake nearby – which was lovely to take a bottle of wine to. It was also super close to the Disney parks and offered free parking. Ubers are also super easy to pick up here. You can of course always spend more money for a nicer hotel, but this is a good, budget yet clean and good option. (Here is a link to the cheapo hotel we stayed in!)
  • Disney owned hotel (Budget, all star movies option) – £2,016 (= £144 a night for both two, or four people.)
    Okay so this is where we cry. The idea of staying in a Disney hotel is really truly special. They also have some incredible options with the most beautiful theming, and you’ll almost never be closer to the parks. They also offer free buses/skyliner transport to the parks from the hotel, so you don’t necessarily need a car. With that being said, if you do choose to bring a car this will now cost you a whopping extra $20 per night – ouch. They do often have deals where you can a few nights free, but this will definitely still end up being the priciest hotel option for you. You can stay in a budget hotel all the way up to their crazy resort villas – the prices go up and up depending on what you are willing to pay.
  • Villa – £980 (+) (=£70 a night for both two, or four people.)
    This price reflects the cheaper average Airbnb price of a villa in a driveable distance to all the Disney parks. A lot of the villas in this price range do also include private pools – how cool is that! This is the one stay where you can get your very own private pool which is especially cool considering it’s not even the most expensive option – by a long shot. A car would be hugely beneficial when getting a villa, but you have to factor in the parking costs at the parks if you use this here; see below. This also enables you to cook a bunch of your own breakfasts, park snacks and dinners which can save you literally hundreds over your holiday. More money to spend on Disney pins, that’s what I say!!

Here are some pictures of all the hotels I stayed in over working in Disney in 2019. I’ll have a blog post up all about the accommodation options and upsides in Orlando soon.

Read about my time working in Disneyworld Florida here.


There are actually sooo many epic theme parks to visit across your time in Florida – way more than you probably even knew about. I still haven’t been to them all, and I have a growing list of places I need to visit! But for the sake of this post, I’ll be showing the prices for Disney and Universal combined park passes.

Two-week park pass for two adults, to use across all Disney and Universal parks (unlimited) : £1378

Two-week park pass for a family of four, to use across all Disney and Universal parks (unlimited) : £2700

Prices quoted from Orlando Attractions Tickets, the cheapest website. The usual website I use however is Attractions Tickets Direct. (Currently about £20 more per person, but I’ve had personal great experiences with them. Not to say OAT isn’t great itself! Both options also offer the free memory maker – unlimited pictures taken by the photographers over the Disney parks.

As a side note – please don’t go to Sea World. They’re incredibly unethical and have a really sad track record with cruelty to animals. There are plenty more kinder companies you can spend your money in in Orlando, and have an even better time. Let’s have feel-good fun holidays without contributing to other’s sadness.

Hiring a car

On a whole bunch of holiday destinations I recommend hiring a car. Really in most places where you’re not going to be in a central city the entire time, it’s often really worth it for ease. (And also often saving some money.) In order to see how much a holiday in Disney World Florida costs, we have to consider the price of this.

The newly added downsides to car hire from Disney and other theme parks, is you now pay a hefty amount on parking. (Greedy if you ask me!) Usually around $20 per day, and at the Disney hotels themselves you’ll pay this per night. (Yikes!) Sometimes it can be worth jumping in an Uber as this will be a little cheaper both ways and you’ll be dropped straight at the park gates.

Cheapest, automatic four seater: £300

Bigger, 5 seater spacious car: £450 (+)

Parking, petrol, tolls and miscellaneous: £300

Prices from the car comparison website Travel Supermarket.


Food is another area that completely varies – but it is entirely possible to crack this under a budget. The thing is, if it comes down to eating on a budget yet enjoying the best holiday EVER, than hells yes I will eat on a budget. Who wouldn’t?! There are also tons of cheap restaurants to eat in, and a Walmart around most corners where you can get some cheap food.

As a Disney tip – never buy water EVER! It’s just throwing your water in the bin. Go to quick service restaurants and get your water for free. (Iced water too, that isn’t the Dasani crap that has ADDED SALT to make you drink more, yikes.) Always drink for free where you can.

So, assuming you will eat out around 7 times over your time here, buy a bunch of meals and drinks from Walmart and go to a couple of snack bars/fast food places on your days out, I’d account for approximately.

  • £1000 for a couple for two weeks
  • £2500 for a family of four for two weeks

Remember, you can do this more cheaply if you’re on a strict budget, and also way more expensive if you’d like to factor more money into delicious food. This one is so dependent and is totally up to you and your position.

Read about where we recommend eating in Orlando here.

Shopping / extra entertainment

You’ll definitely be buying some souvenirs on a holiday to Florida – it’s pretty hard not to! This section is a little hard to quantify as really, all you need is food and park tickets to get you by. Parks let you bring in your own food and coolers (just no loose ice), so if you’re on a super tight budget you can bring your own food along for the days and save money. You can also get free water in every theme park at various quick service food stations.

Whilst this may therefore cost you almost nothing, it makes sense to factor in some spending money so you can pick up a gift or memento to keep forever. For me personally, I like to have a solid $50 (ish to spend on extras each day.) If we average this across groups, that would be:

  • $1400 (£992) for a couple, for two weeks
  • $2800 (£1984) for a family of four, for two weeks

Overall spend

You can obviously factor in more money for extras or to suit your budget, but for the sake of an overall budget option, are final figures are:

£5300 for a couple, total cost for two weeks in Orlando

£10,000 for a family of four, two weeks in Orlando

I hope you found value in this post!! Thank you for reading.

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