Green travel list – how much it costs to visit each country!

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is about the green travel list – and how much it costs to visit each country this summer! The government recently released the “green list.” This is essentially a list of the countries we will able to travel to. Some of which require a vaccine passport and some a negative Covid test. Today we’re going to look at the requirements to enter each country and then run down how much it will cost to visit each option. Let’s get into it!

Countries on the Green List:

  • Portugal – open to people who have had a negative recent Covid test, have had the virus and so have antibodies, or have had both vaccine doses.
  • Gibraltar – no tests or vaccinations necessary.
  • Israel – only open to people who have had both vaccination jabs.
  • Australia – “severely restricted”
  • New Zealand – “severely restricted”
  • Singapore – “severely restricted”
  • Brunei – “severely restricted”
  • Iceland – open to people who have had a negative recent Covid test, have had the virus and so have antibodies, or have had both vaccine doses. You must also take a Covid test upon entering Iceland, but you do not have to quarantine.
  • The Faroe Islands – Currently TBC, it looks like you may have to take a test upon arrival.
  • (And some small islands that are British overseas territories)

Note – this information is taken from a few reputable sources online but could change, always double check before booking.

Additional Rules:

The government have announced that even from the green list, travellers will need to take a covid test to return back home to the UK. (This can be a lateral flow or PCR test.) You will also need to fill a passenger locator form online, and take a private PCR test on or before day two of arriving back in England. Check out those links for more information there.

Costs for each country

Lets get into how much it costs to visit each country this Summer. I am using Skyscanner to find good flights, and finding some lovely hotels via Expedia. All prices are based off staying for a week around July, for two travellers sharing a room.


Total price: £552

Flights to Faro and Lisbon £51 each for a return – £102 for two travellers only taking hand luggage. A lovely central Lisbon hotel will set you back around £450 for a week – although for the very best hotels you’ll be looking double this. (I say go cheaper and save that money for vino!) On top of this, you will need at least £200ish spending money each, to enjoy excursions and buy food/transport. For the sake of comparing the holiday prices in each place I’m going to leave out spending money, but you can do a quick Google asking how much spending money you will need for specifics.

Best sights in Portugal: There are loads of stunning national parks dotted around Portugal. One that has come up time and time again in my research is Peneda-Geres National Park – which has the most beautiful lake and mountains, and is home to the town of Geres. There are tons of old towns donned in terracotta and cream buildings, full of history. You should also visit a castle, try all the wine, and explore the mosaic streets of Lisbon.


Total Price: £916

Flights will cost £83 each minimum in Summer – so £166 for two travellers with hand luggage. My search showed up significantly less options for hotels here, but you can stay at a gorgeous looking place for around £750. Gibraltar is said to be pretty pricey, so you’ll be looking at bringing a little more spending money here.

Thing to see in Gibraltar: Europa Point (pictured above) is often cited as one of the best things to see in Gibraltar. It has a 19th century lighthouse, chapel, mosque and stunning views. Gibraltar is also home to a whole bunch of apes that are wild to the area. They are absolutely beautiful and a hike in the area would be perfect.


Total price: £902

Flights will cost around £76 each here – £152 for two people with hand luggage. Some of the most BEAUTIFUL hotels here will cost around £750, and they really look worth every penny.

Things to see in Israel: Israel is another place I haven’t done a huge amount of research into – I guess there’s been a lot of places above in my bucket list. Looking at my research it looks like a bunch of the excursions on offer are similar to those we found in Morocco – and we had such an epic time there. There are deserts, forests, beaches and tons of history.


Total price: £1870

So obviously with Australia we’re going to spending a bunch more money going to Australia. I’m not yet sure of the exact restrictions to visit here, but it’s looking likely we will have to quarantine and jump through a few more hoops. I don’t blame them, Aussies have handled everything far better than us! Flights will cost £660 each (they look like they keep rising too.) For two people this makes £1320. When you’re out here you’ll likely have way more options to have fun as things are less capped in Oz. Hotels are looking better on price here and will cost around £550 for a week in a lovely hotel in Sydney.

Things to see in Australia: I think the list could (and should) go on and on and on here. Australia is just stunning and there’s sooo much on my bucket list here. Snorkel, see the beaches, hike a rainforest, visit a sea life sanctuary, and see all the animals – crocodiles to Koalas to Kangaroos!

New Zealand

Total price: £4656

The cheapest flights I found at the time of searching cost £1028 each – with such a long haul flight it’s not all too much of a surprise. Likewise with Australia, NZ have handled the pandemic particularly well, so you’re likely to see more restrictions and barriers to entry, but when you’re there it’ll be a breath of fresh air! You can easily get a hotel for £600 for a week in most of the main places here. When you’re paying so much on flights I do think it’s worth going away as long as possible, as when you’re out there it’s not much more expensive than a standard holiday. For that surge in flight price you may as well have the bloody time of your life on a big, non-rushed holiday.

Things to see in the land of the kiwis: I’ve met some amazing people from NZ, the more I hear about it, the more I need to visit. As with Oz, lots of the best things to do are absolutely zeons away from each other across the country. Go wine tasting, visit all the natural beauty with Geysers, mud pools and volcanic craters, visit sets from Lord of the Rings, hike glaciers, visit national parks. Have the best time really, the bloody best time.


Total price: £1450

Flights here will cost £375 each – £750 total for two. Singapore is a big old long-haul from London so this is actually seriously well priced!! Obviously the holiday is still restriction-allowing and will take some more research. There doesn’t seem to be black and white simple info from lots of these places and some aspects are still in the air. It’s always worth doing your research before parting with your money, and if it at all possible adding protection to your booking. A hotel will cost £700 (and upwards).

Things to see in Singapore: This was my grandads favourite place. As I write this I’m still yet to go, but by god I cannot wait! Visit the Avatar gardens up in the sky, infinity pools over the most insane views you can imagine, art parks, temples, and stunning mash-ups of culture, modern vibes, and traditions.


Total cost: £1558

I can’t pretend to know much about Brunei. Like at all! But my pal skyscanner is telling me this will cost about £529 each on flights, from London in Summer. Hotels can be incredibly cheap here if you’re on a tight budget, but the loveliest hotels will cost about £500.

Things to see in Brunei: This has been a full Google fest for me and I have to say, there is significantly less information available than the other countries on this list!! Brunei is home to national parks, plenty of mosques in the most stunning buildings, and theme parks.


Total cost: £782

Whilst Iceland is stunning year-round, I would recommend visiting this beautiful country in the winter. It’s my favourite in the world and I saw the Northern Lights BEAM here, which is one of my favourite ever memories. Still, in Summer there is so much to explore (no Northern lights chances though!), and if you were weighing up your options I would always say yes to Iceland!! Flights in summer will cost £91 each – £182 total. There are some stunning hotels around here, and they’ll set you back £600 and up in Summer for a week.

Things to do in Iceland: My FAVEOURITE country of all, ever ever. This beautiful place is home to everything naturally beautiful – glaciers, national parks, geothermal naturally heated hot springs, ice caves, black sand beaches, delicious food and stunning countryscapes. You need to go in your life, this has to be top of the bucket list! Check out my Iceland section here to recommend everything I recommend doing!

Also see my thoughts on what you should do in Iceland here.

The Faroe Islands

Total cost: £970

Flights will cost approximately £160 each, £320 total. I haven’t done much research on the Faroe Islands before today but it looks like you will generally arrive in Sorvagur. Hotels (that look cute AF) will cost £650.

Things to do in the Faroe Islands: The Faroe Islands lie in the North Atlantic Ocean, between Iceland and the Shetland Islands. There are 17 inhabited islands, and flights want you to land in Sorvagur, Vagar. Really, you’re here to hike, see waterfalls and the most beautiful scenery. They’re super small islands so I’m not totally sure what barriers will be in place of if they’ll let visitors explore everything, but they definitely look stunning and worth a visit!

I hope you found some use in my little run down! Out of the list I’d LOVE to revisit Iceland, Portugal, and discover Singapore!

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