New rules date ideas! Summer 2021 + GIVEAWAY!

Hello lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer date ideas now we have a set of new Covid rules. Obv being safe is still an absolute priority and so lots of us are going to hold off international travel and some more risky activities. Walk before you can run of all I reckon! With that being said, the new rules open up lots more possibilities of us that we couldn’t do previous, so let’s chat about some of these date ideas!

I also have TWO giveaways to share with you today – featuring some EPIC products. Scroll to the end to enter these, absolutely epic prizes to be had I reckon!

If you’re planning to travel now the new rules are open, check out my post all about the Green Travel List, and how much travelling to each country will cost you!

Explore a woodland / book a woodland cabin break!

Get away exploring a woods near you – or better yet, book a stay in a woods nearby. This is SUCH a gorgeous way to spend a weekend, lazing in a hot tub, relaxing with a bottle of wine – and soaking in the sunshine on the deck if you’re lucky in the Summer! I’ve written about cabin stays here on the blog a few times – you could say I’m an expert! I would recommend checking out Airbnb and Forest Holidays for the best forest breaks out there. This is a great way to experience those holiday vibes, without worrying about busy airports or spreading the lurgs abroad.

Visit a Drive-in Cinema!

We always love a cinema date night – there aint nothing better than popping the popcorn with a great film in front. We’ve recently experienced a drive in cinema at a location in Crawley, not too far from Brighton. (Read about our thoughts here!) Since visiting, I’ve seen drive in cinemas popping up all over the country. Have a little Google and find one near you. They work out a little pricier than a trip to the cinema, but honestly it’s such a novelty and experience that it’s absolutely worth it! You can even order food to your car, which is always a good time!

International food night

Have a night trying food around the world! Whether you go to a restaurant or whip up some grub in your kitchen, try something new. I’ve recently been trying (gives me life) different toast recipes from around the world. Everyone eats their toast differently and to be honest it’s a bloody good time – cracks me up!! Keep an eye out for a video and blog about all of these recipes soon!

Visit a new City

Find somewhere you’ve never been before, maybe never even heard of, and pack up your car and get going! We’re making a mission this year to visit every City in England. I think it’s still a little early for us to travel internationally given all the crazy news at the moment, but we’re excited to start exploring new places closer to home again.

Couples Challenge!

Do a couples challenge! Who can eat the most Bertie Botts every flavour beans? Or you could drive to a toy store and have a £10 limit to get each other something random – how about the best Funko? Rate your choices for each other!

Enjoy the newly opened businesses

Go to a beer garden, enjoy a restaurant, visit a boutique store and get something special. It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to live our best lives like this. Most places will still have good rules in place to keep everyone safe, and as long as we take precautions we should definitely experience these things we’ve been missing so much!

Garden summer set up

Chuck a blanket down, whip your laptop out and stick on a film. This date night absolutely requires (it’s the law – I don’t make them!) ALL the snacks. Even better, if you have a fire pit, get it going and toast some marshmallows at the same time.

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