How to practice wellness and self care! + GIVEAWAY

Hello you lovely people! Today’s post is all about Summer wellness – things you should be doing to celebrate and love yourself. It’s amazing how many people statistically really find fault in themselves – their body, traits and various aspects. Studies have shown that this leads to a worsened quality of life and it’s just heartbreaking. There is genuinely SO much power in practicing self love, wellness, and manifesting. It can absolutely change your whole mindset around, and I want to talk to you about that today.

I’m also sharing a giveaway today, where you can win a thoughts and feelings journal, girl power postcard, candle, pen, and Feather and Down pillow spray. So many gorgeous goodies here – and there will be two winners getting the same prize. The giveaway ends on Sunday the 13th at midnight, and the winner will be drawn and contacted a few days afterwards.

Tips for self care:

First up, talk to yourself. Make some time every morning and evening to look in the mirror and appreciate something about yourself. It’s amazing that the more you do this, the more you will see in yourself. Keep it truthful and start small if you need to, but make some time to appreciate a part of you – inside and out, mix it up.

Take time to not do anything. Don’t try and tick anything off your to-do list, but just take some me-time with no distractions. Whether that’s reading a book, having a long bath, doing a puzzle or playing a game. Heck, just lounging around or having a nap. Make some time where you’re literally not allowed to think about anything else. It’ll get easier and easier!

Eat well, drink enough water, and make some time to exercise. The most simple and needed things to sustain us right? Make sure you get enough of each group. Write it in your notes and track it if needed, but fuel yourself with the goods!

Write down your dreams, goals, and hopes. Take some time to separate what gets you down and hash these out too. Have a look at what you can change and adapt, and what is out of your control. Make an action plan for the things you can change, and then let go of the things you can’t affect. There’s plenty of better things to focus on, and the more you actively try the easier it’ll get.

Make time to spend physically time with the people you love. Message them often and remember to let the people you care about know how important they are to you. Pick them some flowers and share your favourite memories or pictures with them.

Try something new – yoga, meditation, walks in the rain. Try something notoriously relaxing, there’s often some solid reasons behind the hype of these things! There are also so many videos across YouTube full of meditation videos, soothing seaside sounds etc. Something for everyone!

Spend some time getting outside and taking in the fresh air. If you’re holed up for long even just sitting by an open window is sure to do you good. Breath deep, refresh, and let everything slow around you. You got this.

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