Holiday Village Gulo Gulo Lapland Review

Hello fellow Explorersaurs, snow lovers and Christmas fanatics. Woohoo! Today’s post is a review of Holiday Village Gulo Gulo in Lapland – a holiday complex that I have previously stayed in, and already booked to return. A winter wonderland. A haven for the senses. A whale of a time.

If you’re interested in booking a holiday to Lapland, or already have and are building out your plans, check out the Lapland posts here on Explorersaur! I’ve also got an ultimate bucket list post full of things you should absolutely do on your holiday here. Check it out and let me know if you would add anything yourself!

Okay – let’s chat Gulo Gulo!

We originally found this holiday company through Secret Escapes, but you can also book directly through the website and on some booking platforms, here is a list so you can price compare:

The complex features a collection of cabins – semi detached that can either create one giant super-cabin, or have a locked door between to separate for smaller parties. (This is what we have used.) Each cabin has a number and an animal – such as the polar bear, owl, or wolverine. The complex has a couple of small shops over the road – and there is an underpass to get here safely. This spot also makes a GREAT sledding zone! With the shops, there is a cafe that you get free breakfast at, and the Ranua Zoo, and excursion booking hub.

Here is a map of Holiday Village Gulo Gulo:

As you can see, all the cabins are on the other side of the road. This keeps them totally separate from the tours that come to the zoos, which makes them extra special and secluded. It also means you don’t get people walking on the snow near your cabin, so it’ll always be untouched perfection! Gulo Gulo also offer igloos and other accommodations, which you can check out on their website. The cabins are the cheapest and called “apartments,” but they’re honestly everything you can ever need and more. And also, the most spacious!


Excursions you can do right on your doorstep include snow mobiling, husky sled tours (which you actually get to steer yourself – way different to others offered in Lapland!) Northern Lights hunting tours and more. We personally booked an Aurora snow mobile tour (we didn’t see them but the whole tour was still so very worth it!) and the Husky tour. Both of which I can’t recommend enough! They are pricey and to my memory cost around £100 each, but the memory really will last a lifetime. If you had to choose one, I would consider whether you’d like the animal experience or to drive a sexy new vehicle!

Check out our Lapland bucket list post with lots of ideas of activities!

What is the Cabin like itself?

The cabin is set over two floors – one of which being partially open with a balcony. This means the main living space is double-storey height, which honestly gives the best vibes ever! Upstairs, there is a closed off bedroom with two single beds, a bathroom, and three further single beds on the balcony.

The living space is the real deal. It has a big corner sofa, a door to the outside balcony, and two cosy arm chairs. There is also a TV, log burner, and an open plan kitchen-diner. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to self-cater your whole stay. If you choose to hire a car, it’s well worth stocking up for your whole time here and having a gorgeous array of snacks to keep you going!

Also downstairs is another bedroom with two more single beds, a bathroom, sauna, and cupboard space. The beds themselves are all fine, they are comfy but it would be nice to have at least one double bed throughout. You can always push them together, but we all know the pain of that mattress dip right!? Overall it’s absolutely entirely worth it though, such a magical trip!

Holiday Village Gulo Gulo prices:

Costs for Gulo Gulo Holiday Village varies massively depending on when you go, how many people you go with and more. Surprisingly, (I guess for linen costs? It’s not comparative though!) the more people who stay here, the pricier your trip – rather than one flat cost. This means you’ll really get the best deal staying here as a couple, and you get the benefit of having all this space to yourself.

On average, it averages anywhere from £100 a night to around £200 for a cabin, but prices seem to change fairly regularly so check with the links I left you at the start of this post. Whilst this is not the cheapest way to visit Finland – and you can check out our Finland page to find this out – it is a BRILLIANT price compared to alternatives in the region. Worth every single penny if you ask me.

Tips to prepare:

There’s a few tips we had to include in our Holiday Village Gulo Gulo review. Firstly, you will be able to hire out full body suits that will keep you warm and toasty when the weather is icy outside. Even if you don’t plan on wearing these every night, you should pick up an outfit from the check-in cabin so they’re there when you need them. No matter how warm you think your clothes are, I bet you will need them!

On that note – pack lots of things you can re-wear! Take clothes changes for all your under layers and thermals, but you can definitely re-wear the same cosy ass jumpers and extra layers. There’s no need to pack super heavy when you’ll need to be layering anyway. IF anything does get too snowy, the cabins have a drying cupboard where you can hang your clothes. They’ll be warm and dry pretty instantly!

When it comes to snow boots you should get the lovely tall ones. The snow is so beautifully deep here in Lapland that short boots will soon fill your shoes with snow – and then water, not fun! You can hire shoes with your outfit (all for free), but I loved having my gorgeous personal show shoes.

As the kitchens are so well equipped, I personally recommend packing most of your own food. If you drive a car you can get to a supermarket very closeby. If you choose not to drive, there are shuttles that can take you there for a small fee. I think a well stocked kitchen will all the cosy snacks and great meal staples is well deserved on a Christmas Winter wonderland break.

I also recommend bringing a laptop or iPad if you can fit it. This way you’ll be able to get Netflix and all the best Christmas films at your fingertips. The TV is a great addition to the cabin but there wasn’t really any channels we could watch personally. If you want to be extra prepared you could pack an HDMI to hook up your laptop to the TV.

Other hotels you can consider:

For cheap hotel bookings you can also look at Airbnb. These usually won’t be a part of a complex so you’ll have to travel to activities, but you’ll save a giant amount of money! You can choose to stay in Rovaniemi city centre, which has great transport links to lots of excursions. (You won’t need to hire a car and will have great restaurants at your fingertips.) I personally think you miss out on the proper Winter Wonderland experience, so would miss this.

Other beautiful hotels include these treehouses, igloos, and Santas Village. All of these are considerably more expensive mid you, but if money isn’t an object they are all fabulous. I recommend Gulo Gulo for a mix of great price, magical scenery, and lots to do. Whatever you choose I hope you have the best holiday ever ever! Do you have anything to add to our Holiday Village Gulo Gulo review? Get in touch and let us know!

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