Lapland Travel Tips for the Best Holiday

Hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about some travel tips you can action on your holiday to Lapland – to make the most out of the BEST holiday ever. Lapland quickly became one of my favourite places in the WHOLE world. I can’t wait to share all the gorgeousness with you! You can check out our YouTube to see everything we got to up to here. Otherwise, let’s get into our Lapland Travel Tips!

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Let’s get into our Lapland Travel Tips to make the most out of your holiday

  • Make the most of your sunlight hours! In Winter (the Christmas vibes of Lapland of course,) you will only see around 4 hours of sunlight a day. Sometimes less depending on when you visit! There are certain excursions you should do in the day – such as Husky sled riding where you’ll get the best possible experience. Check out our Lapland bucket list for more on that. Have a think about everything you want to do, and everything you want to squeeze into daylight hours.
  • Consider whether you need a car. Depending on your goals this could go either way. If you’re not here in Lapland for long you may prefer to get coach transfers and stay local most of the time. (All the best things we did were literally on the property we stayed on.) The roads are also SUPER icy, so make sure this is something you are comfortable with, and that you check out road safety tips prior to travelling. On the other hand, hiring a car can let you see much more of Lapland, save money buying your own food and checking out excursions from lots of different holiday sites.
  • Do your research wherever animals are involved. Different cultures across the world treat animals differently. They also rank species differently – for examples reindeers are often killed and mistreated here in Lapland. Make sure you research each excursion including animals and avoid anything unkind. Travelling kind is so so important.
  • Consider needed maps and WiFi – you won’t always have great signal here in Lapland, so have your travel plans pinned down prior to arriving. (Whilst this is always a good tip, Lapland is especially remote and SUPER cold to wait around in Winter, so take extra care here!)
  • Choose food wisely when trying to save costs. Some hotels offer full and half-board, which can help you save a chunk of money. Eating out here can be very expensive, so if you plan on going out for food in the city of Rovaniemi have a Google beforehand. We preferred staying in a self-catered cabin and making a couple of supermarket stops to stock up. Whilst their supermarkets are still much pricier than most others in Europe, this will save a ton of money compared to eating out. They also do have some veggie and vegan supermarket food options.
  • Layer your thermals! Lapland is going to be a chilly chilly chappy, which can make you feel like you need to pack your entire wardrobe. (Heck it’s tempting!) But really the best and most efficient way to pack here is to bring a change of under-thermals and then layer up the rest of the days. Most hotels will also offer you a giant thick winter onesie and winter boots to wear outside. I would still pack your best comfiest winter boots and then use your space to pack layers, and…
  • Pack an iPad or laptop for the Christmas film experience! See what sort of options your accommodation has. Lots have TVs but no access to Christmas films or many English channels. Whilst you’re in the most picturesque winter wonderland, binging Christmas films is a necessity! Netflix lets you download some films and you can access most streaming services.
  • Bring a tripod and portable charger. You will be taking all the pictures imaginable here, trust me! If you’re out Northern Lights hunting, a tripod will be your friend (so you don’t have to stand with your hands in the same position for zeons!)

My top buys for Lapland

Bring comfy snow boots! I bought these from Mountain Warehouse. Check out lots with one day delivery here!

This or this phone tripod will up everyones holiday snappage!

Fashion statement or not (I’m sat in the HERE for this category,) ear warmers, wooly hats and changes of waterproof gloves are a top tier need!

Be sure to pack a portable charger, rucksack, and devices to watch your Christmas films.

If you’re using a camera, bring lots of memory sticks. If you’re using your phone, subscribe to Google Drive or a photo cloud platform so you don’t run out of memory.

Get in touch to let me know if you have anything to add to our Lapland travel tips!

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