Amazon work from home buys – Win a £150 Amazon voucher!

Hello wonderful humans! Today’s post is a round-up of some absolute GEMS you can order from Amazon to smash work from home life. Must have work from home buys from the pals at Amazon. PLUS, you can win a £150 Amazon voucher (or the equivalent in your country,) later down the post. Over the last year and a half I’ve been working from home. I most likely will as long as possible at this stage as it really is my favourite place to work! A better work-life balance for sure. Lots of companies are coming round to the idea of employees working at home – at least partially – on a permanent basis now. Gone are the fears that employees will be doing sweet F all sat at home. Praise the lord!

My must have Amazon work from home buys

Okay, there are a few things in different areas I’m going to chat with you about today. Ranging from furniture to positivity-spreaders and inspiration. All good things FO SHOWA.

  • Desk speaker | £157 high-end version (bloody beautiful!) | £30 budget version | Or you could try a Google Nest or Alexa speaker. It’s really bloody handy to be able to voice control your work music and ask questions. I personally need to work with background noise. Anyone else?!
  • A decent office chair | £89 – Click Here | More options | Back when work from home life hit us in the face like a brick wall, I purchased an office chair on Amazon. (The first link – Amazon’s choice.) This is genuinely SUCH a bloody comfy chair and amaaazing value for money. Office chairs swivel so you can naturally shuffle around easily (subconsciously half the time!) to keep your back and body is good, comfy alignment. I’m sure most of us home-workers have suffered the work from home back since 2020!! A decent office chair is like a decent bad – a fantastic investment.
  • Working Hard Hardly Working | £10 – Click Here | This book is written by boss-babe Grace Beverley. She runs two fitness companies and has a gorgeous prominent social media collection. After starting companies through University, working an office job and experiencing serious millennial burnout, Grace has written up some words of genius all about a work life balance, how to be productive and successful whilst making time for the most important things. When you’re in a different environment or if you just feel like this is something you need to hear, I can’t recommend this enough!!
  • Foot rest/massager for your desk | £20 for a footrest | £46 for a foot massager | Another practical purchase! This is a fab investment for your physical set up and can really make a difference to your working day. Being able to subliminally focus on more than just the work at hand – like an epic foot massage – can make such a difference to your mood and output. I also make sure I have my fluffiest pair of slippers on hand!
  • Desk décor – Check out: £7 Calendar | £15 boujie-ass Desk Lamp | £15 Set of 3 plants | £12 desk clock
  • Coffee mug warmer | £25 Click Here | Never let your coffee go cold – a necessity!! On this note, I use my nutri-bullet to blend up coffee, caramel and ice for a Frappuccino style drink when it’s warm or I want a treat! Check out my recipe for an at-home Frappuccino here!
  • Mini fridge | £130 Smeg style | £40 budget version | £84 Russell Hobbs | I haven’t yet made this move but it’s on my bloody list – how fricken cool to have your own mini fridge stocked with some cans and snacks, serious legend vibes.

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All entries are optional so you can do as many or as little as you like. They range from social media follows across different platforms to playing some YouTube videos. Good luck!! Have a read of my other work and lifestyle posts here on the blog!

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