All the Events and Celebrations You Can Enjoy This Summer

Oh hey Explorersaurs! Today’s post is all about the events and celebrations you can enjoy this Summer! After a long turbulent couple of years I think we all just feel a bit foggy. All the days blur, we get some hope and then some crappy news rolls around the corner. Sound familiar? With all the rubbish going on I wanted to share some events and celebrations you can look forward to and celebrate! There are so many fun days that aren’t hugely well known but are well worth making a little effort to spread joy. Let’s get into all the events and celebrations you can enjoy this summer!

July Events

  • National Picnic Month – yep, you heard me. According to Awareness Days, July is home to picnics, and I like it a lot. As soon as we get some sunshine we should all make time to have a bloody good picnic in the garden, on the beach, or in a park. Raid M&S or call some friends and ask everyone to bring a shareable dish.
  • “Talk to Us” campaign month. Samaritans have launched a campaign to help us all become better listeners for people in need. I think in times like this especially, this is so very important. Take some time to learn about improving yourself here. You should also take a step back to listen to yourself, we all need mental health days sometimes and appreciating this and looking after yourself can make a huge impact on your mood and wellbeing.
  • National Barbecue Week. July the 15th-18th. A week full of delicious grub? Can I get a heck yes! If you don’t have a barbecue you can get a disposable version for a couple of pounds. Get all your stuff at the ready and when the sun pokes it’s pretty little out of the clouds, enjoy!
  • National Doughnut Week. July the 10th-18th. I mean.. Need I say more? Let’s hit up some Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ and appreciate doughnut week with a good film. If you’re up North, Doe Doughnuts is genuinely the most delicious doughnut company I have ever ever tried! (They deliver too.)
  • National Simplicity Day. July the 12th. Turn off your phone, TVs and distractions. Enjoy some good food, read a book, go for a walk, get back to basics.
  • National Daquiri Day. July the 19th. Hoooow amazing, a day we didn’t know we needed, but we bloody did! You can get frozen daquiris from Aldi for 80p each – heads up!
  • Love Parks Week. July the 23rd – Aug 1st. Embrace your local park, visit a national trust property, enjoy the great outdoors!
  • National Milk Chocolate Day. July the 28th. Do it do it do it!! Check out my Vegan Brownie or Ultimate Triple Chocolate Cookie Recipe to get creative with yours!
  • World Friendship Day. July the 30th. Grab a bestie and have a friend date – cocktails, cinema, food, have fun!
  • July is also home to a plastic free commitment from millions of people across the world. Sustainability should be something we all actively try and improve upon. Make a log of where you can make some changes to your lifestyle or how to buy products that come with less waste. It’s actually so fulfilling knowing you’re doing your bit and being less wasteful.

August Events

  • Playday. August the 4th. This day is all about the importance of play and creativity in kiddos. Even if you don’t have kids in your life I feel like this is a fab day for us all to hatch our creative sides! Book in a trip to Legoland or whip out the board games and invite your family round. My favourite ever game is the Throw Throw Burrito game, can’t recommend it enough for all the bants! Labyrinth, Scrawl, Codenames, and Carcassonne are also well worth a try for fellow game lovers!
  • International Cat Day. August the 8th. The best day of all days. Snuggle that furbaby and make this day all about them!
  • Afternoon Tea Week. August the 9th – 15th. Book one in or make your own and invite round family or friends.
  • World Humanitarian Day. August the 19th. A day to celebrate those who support others, whether in work or other parts of life. Take a step further and donate a bunch of food to your local food bank, or donate to a charity.
  • National Dog Day. August the 26th. If you’re more of a dog person today’s your day!
  • National Toasted Marshmallow Day. August the 30th. How RANDOM hahah I love it!! If you have a fire pit make a night of making smores and telling stories.

Do you celebrate anything else in Summer? I absolutely LOVE an event and really believe the more the merrier! Traditions between your family can be extra special too, so make your own or choose a couple and commit to them each year. I love sharing all the things we can celebrate here on Explorersaur so check back for more goodness!!

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