Best Vegan Food In Brighton

Hey Explorersaurs! Today we’re talking about all the best Vegan food in Brighton – yaaaay! Brighton is in the top 5 cities for Vegans in the UK and after living here for 5 years, I can fully say there are some incredible options to suit everyone. I’ve tried some of my favourite food in the whole world here, and absolutely love sharing the foodie knowledge. Let’s get into it!

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Vegans Noms

Vegan Noms is a (beautifully branded) fully Vegan fast food place here in Brighton. You can buy it on Deliveroo and in Brighton near the Pavilion. The mac and cheese is delicious, the hot dogs are big and juicy enough to fill you for the days, and the desserts are next level. All I can say is buy it, try it, live your best life!

Vegan Noms is located at the Worlds End pub, 60 London Road. Check out the website here.

Really Happy Chicken

Really Happy Chicken is absolutely one of my all time favourite restaurants. I feel like if I ever have a good reason to move away, Really Happy Chicken will pull me back to Brighton! I would miss it toooo much. It’s fully vegan and has LOADS of wraps, burgers, sides, mac and cheeses and deliciousness. Their chicken alternative is seitan based so it’s not overly stringy (which some vegan chicken is,) and I much prefer it. It’s not the closest match to chicken, and that’s the way I like it. (Creeps me out if it’s too similar personally.) With that being said it’s so worth a try whatever your preference, the flavour combos and range here is second to none. I love you RHC.

Really Happy Chicken is located at 46 West Street, just round the corner from Churchill Square. Super central and so worth a visit! (We get this on Deliveroo more than I will admit!) Check out the website here.

Purezza Pizza

I’m actually so sad I didn’t try this place sooner. I’ve lived in Brighton for 5 years and only just discovered it, this is not acceptable. Don’t be like me!! All vegan pizza goodness. The dough is sooo soft and fresh, and you can get a range of vegetable and meat alternative toppings. You can also buy cheezey stuffed doughballs (all veeeeegalicious) and by god they are insane. I dream about these now.

Purezza is based in Hove – 68 Western Road. Check out their website here.

Happy Maki

Happy Maki is based nearish the pier in Brighton, and serves all Vegan rice and seaweed-wraps. If you’re a sushi-esque kinda pal, this will be a great one for you to try out. My sister is absolutely obsessed with this place and has to buy the Chicken-tofu-dupe every time she comes down.

Happy Maki is based in Pool Valley Road – not far from the pier. (It’s also right near Boho Gelato which sell amazing vegan ice cream!) Check out the website here.

Oowee Vegan

Ahh Oowee, you make my belly and heart full. That’s a bloody success if you ask me! Another fantastic mac and cheese, although admittedly a very small “side” size portion. You can get a bunch of loaded crisscut fries here with Vegan chick*n alternative, sauces, and different coatings. The garlic butter fries are my fave so far!

Oowee Vegan is located centrally by Churchill square – in the Western pub. Check out the website here.

The Rockwater

This place isn’t the best in the world for vegan food, but they have a good amount of options – which are all SO tasty. The main reason this has to make it onto the list is the setting. It is genuinely beautiful. You can stroll up and sit on the beach decking, where you order food via the waiters or app. The vegan pizza was soo yummy! If you prebook you can go and eat in the building and oh-my, it is WONDERFUL.

Check out my post all about the Rockwater here.

More places to try:

  • Humpit Hummus for healthy salad bowls with incredible homemade falafel, houmous, shakshuka, and pure deliciousness.
  • Athenian (plant based.) You can get some stunning Greek wraps, gyros, and salad boxes for a great price here. It’s not fully vegan but they’ve definitely worked on mastering their vegan options.
  • Boho Gelato is an ice cream shop with two central locations. They make amazing unique flavours that are always changing, and they always have 3-4 (sometimes more!) vegan options to choose from. Great to grab a cone and take to the beach. (Or a pot if you’re a pal like me hahaha.)
  • Foodilic is another great healthy option to try out.
  • Pho sells thai food – and is a chain you can find in a few places across the UK. But by god it’s AMAZING, the noodles, rice and spring rolls are all a ten out of ten and hit the spot perfectly.

I hope you enjoyed this round up of the best vegan food in Brighton! Enjoy discovering incredible food my friends!!

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